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RC Lighting is one of China’s leading manufacturers of LED indoor lighting, we use state-of-the-art technology to design, develop, test, and manufacture the extensive range of products displayed in this catalog.

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Indoor Lighting Specialists at RC Lighting

At RC Lighting, we take pride in offering you value and revenue. Because we’ve been in the industry for a long time. As a professional custom LED lighting manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we understand that a good lighting plan can impact your business’s success aesthetically and financially. What’s better than great lighting ideas that don’t just attract customers? One that gives you savings on utility bills, of course. That’s what our LED retail lighting systems are specifically designed to do: elevate customer experience to keep them coming back, boosts retail sales while consuming less energy. But that’s not all. We’re experts who take pride in what we do, so we make it a point to constantly have our finger on every step of production, from design to distribution. Our light fixtures adhere to strict quality standards and are made only from high-quality materials. So, you know you are equipped with no less than the best to illuminate your retail space.

Different Types of Indoor Lights

Before taking a deep dive into the fixtures you want, it pays to know which type of lighting will do the best job of achieving your desired look for the space. The good news is the basics are simple. 

There are essentially three main lighting types that you need to consider when developing your lighting ideas: 

First up are ambient lights or general lights. They are designed to ensure you enjoy even lighting without glare, so you can function easily. Typically, they can come as any fixture that can light up a whole room.

Then, you’ve got accent lights that are great for highlighting a specific focal point in your room. These are also called “yellow lights” because they are usually installed with warm, dimmable lighting that can add drama to any space.

Lastly, task lights can be used to help you accomplish a specific goal like lighting a restaurant menu or a reading table. It creates a smaller and more functional focal point independent of the room’s ambient lighting.

To really take your space from ordinary to extraordinary, it’s recommended to strategically layer your lights. This will add depth to your space that can leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

How to Choose LED Indoor Lighting

When lighting is done right, it has the potential to enhance your space into a money-saving yet appealing asset that can yield good returns. So, it pays to be strategic. 

Before choosing your indoor lighting, one good practice is to identify the room’s purpose first. This way, you know whether you must begin with ambient or accent lighting. 

Generally speaking, most designers start with general to specific lighting when the space benefits from a more uniform illumination. Layers are added through accent or task lights to create focal points. This process is typically followed when planning lighting ideas for office spaces or restaurants.

On the other hand, if the primary purpose of your space is to showcase multiple focal points, like an art gallery or bar. Then, choosing accent lights first makes more sense. This way, you work around the main features you want to show.

Another thing, going for LED lighting will also benefit you in the long haul. These are energy-efficient and are assets that give excellent returns on investment!

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