outdoor led step lights

Outdoor LED Step Lights

RC Lighting is an outdoor LED step lights manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce line voltage and 12V/24V low voltage LED step lights for outdoor use. All of our step lights are provided with a 5-year warranty.

You can choose from our modern designs or make your suggestions. We are open to customizing orders.

Hot Selling Outdoor LED Step Lights

Outdoor LED steps lights can add a different mood to your external space. Apart from that, it will also make the area safer to move in. The path or steps will be visible thanks to the illumination that these lighting solutions can provide.

You can trust that we only use the best IP65 waterproof materials that we source from reputable suppliers. With the right partnerships, we can provide durable, energy-efficient, and reliable outdoor lights fixture.

The LED step lights that we provide have a simple yet modern design. They come in various shapes and sizes, giving you options to choose from – depending on the space that you want to illuminate.

No matter what type of lighting requirement you may have, we have the right design for you. If you can’t find what you need from our existing designs, let’s work on a new one. We are open to custom orders.

Why Choose Outdoor Step Lights From RC Lighting?

RC Lighting is serious about its commitment to provide the best outdoor LED step lights. We have a lot of successful partnerships with architects, landscape artists, and facade experts. All these gave us the expertise and experience that will help you meet your unique lighting requirements.

ISO complaints production process. We have ISO9001 certification. Not only that, our manufacturing system is dust-free and maintains the highest quality in terms of our processes.

Consistent training. Our team of experts goes through rigid training and their knowledge and skills are constantly updated. This allows them to produce the best version of your orders.

High-quality products. You get the best lighting products because we only use high-quality raw materials to make them. This is part of our dedication to providing quality lighting solutions.

Custom-Made LED Step Lights for Your Specific Needs

If you can’t find the specific LED step lights that you want to use for your outdoor project, that’s okay. Give us the specifications that you need or your design preferences. We accept custom-made orders.

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Outdoor LED Step Lights Applications

Our outdoor LED step lights design is flexible enough for different applications. You are free to decide how you want to place it – so it meets the vision that you have in terms of the design of your outdoor space.

  • Concrete stairways
  • Deck steps
  • Pathway
  • Porch steps
  • Landscape steps

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More Than Just an Outdoor LED Step Lights Manufacturer

RC Lighting is the best manufacturer of LED outdoor step lights because we go beyond what youll ever expect. We offer more than just a simple delivery service.

lighting designs

Lighting Design

Can’t choose among the LED step lights we already have? Let’s discuss your ideas and create a new one. We are open to innovative designs.

lighting proposal

Lighting Proposal

If you can’t explain the design that you want, our experts are ready to guide you. Give us the details and we will come up with the best proposals.

logistics support

Logistics Support

Don’t know how to bring the LED step lights to your project location? Our logistics support can step in to help.

installation support

Installation Support

You don’t have to guess and struggle with the installation of your outdoor LED step lights. Our engineers are available to provide their assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below list of frequently asked questions that we receive from clients. If you need any further assistanceour customer support is available 24/7 to help you.

The number of step lights you need to order will depend on the area you want to illuminate. Typically, the spacing should be 3 to 4 feet apart.

Make sure you consider the brightness that you need. If it will light up an area that has heavy traffic at night, you want to make it as bright as possible. That could mean putting more step lights.

Contact our customer support to get the best quote for your outdoor step lights. They are available 24/7. You can also use the form at the bottom of this page to ask for a quote.

Make sure you provide us with the complete details of your project requirements so we can give you a fair quotation. This includes the wattage, color specification, beam angles, etc. If you have budget constraints, we can also help you stick to your budget.

You can order one unit and we'll handle the restPlease give us all the details of your order so that we can accommodate your requirements as best we can.

A typical order of outdoor LED step lights will take 7 to 10 business days to complete. 

Custom and bulk orders will also have a different turnaround times.

The typical distance between outdoor step lights is 3 to 4 feet apart. Make sure you mark the location properly so you can space each light evenly. If you need installation assistance, our engineers can help with this in your project location.

Yes, we provide samples before completing the rest of your order. We will wait for your approval and evaluation before starting the production.

Give us 3 to 5 business days to complete the sample and send it to you.

In case you have specific color preferences for the coating of your lighting fixtures, we can make the paint according to RAL number. Feel free to check out our color chart here: https://rclite.com/paint-color-chart/.

All our light products come with a 5-year warranty. You can expect the same from your LED step lights. Every single light fixture we deliver goes through 100% testing.

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What our clients say

“It’s such a pleasure working with RC Lighting. Everyone I talked to was very professional. They listened to what I needed for my LED step lights and gave me exactly what I asked. I’ll keep working with them on my next project.”

Jim Marks

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Download Catalogue!

Download our catalog to check all of our products and data sheet, select the right lights for your projects.