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restaurant lighting

How to Choose Lighting for Restaurants? The Definitive Guide

Have you ever had so much fun dining in a restaurant with your family and friends that you didn’t want to leave? And sometimes, even if the food tastes fantastic, you want to leave the place and breath some fresh air. Studies show that it’s primarily because of restaurant lighting. That’s the extent of the psychological effect lighting has on people. It can make or break your business. 

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bridge lighting

9 Crucial Things You Must Consider When Lighting a Bridge

Have you ever got awestruck by dazzling bridge lighting in celebration of a special holiday? Then you must’ve wondered what goes behind such magical lighting design. Well! It takes a mixture of art, technology, and time-tested strategies to make up superb lighting. 

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salon lighting

How To Choose Salon Lighting? The Definitive Guide

Salons are one of the few commercial businesses that heavily depend on proper lighting. Contrary to popular belief, more is not always better because high-intensity lights can cause eye strain and headaches. If the lighting is too dim, it’ll cause a problem for both stylist and the customer.  So, you might get confused while trying to strike the perfect balance.

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color rendering index 画板 1

What is Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Why is It Important?

Color Rendering Index or CRI is essential to consider before buying a lighting product. It measures how you perceive an object under artificial light sources like LED lights compared to natural daylight.
In this guide, we have discussed what color rendering index-CRI is, how does it work, and most importantly, how can YOU use it to your advantage to get the best product for your place.

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facade lighting

What is Facade Lighting and How to Choose?

Facade lighting is widespread in cities and can significantly improve the ornamental qualities of buildings. This article will tell you what facade lighting is and how to choose facade lighting. Let’s get started.

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office lighting

What Should You Consider When Choosing Office Lighting?

Research proves that office lighting can boost or diminish employees’ motivation to work for a company. Bad lighting can even develop severe migraines and eye disorders in people. In other words, office lighting bears so much importance that it can affect your business and profits in the long run.

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why is landscape lighting so expensive

Why is Landscape Lighting So Expensive?

There is no denying that landscape lighting can add immense curb appeal to any home, but why does it seem to be so expensive? Landscape lighting typically consists of fixtures, wiring, and bulbs, all of which are not cheap. In this blog post, we will explore some reasons why landscape lighting can be so pricey and offer some tips on how to reduce the cost.

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led bollard lights

LED Bollard Lights – The Complete FAQ Guide

Bollard lighting has become an essential illumination feature in landscape applications for improving the area’s security and ambiance. If you want to know which bollard light is best for your project, then you are in the right place! Let us help you understand all its aspects, starting from types to installation process, features, and benefits.

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jewelry stores lighting design

How to Choose Lighting for Jewelry Stores – An Easy-to-Follow Guide

Have you ever looked through a store window and been instantly drawn to the exquisite jewels in the display case? That’s the power of well-thought lighting design. Proper lighting can enhance an ordinary gem into a magical piece of shimmering beauty that needs no other marketing technique to close the sales.

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