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downlights types

What Are the Different Types of Downlights?

Downlights are the next step in lighting evolution. You see it everywhere, from houses to offices and even conference rooms. They’re good for interior design and business as they aren’t going out of style any time soon. But these downlights come in various options, and it can be unclear to choose the right one. Here we’ve gone into detail about types of downlights that will help you make better decisions. 

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parking lot lights

Parking Lot Lights: The Definitive Guide

This article will give you a detailed background about your parking lot lights. For business owners, this is an important part of operations. Especially since parking lot lights give your customers and their cars much-needed security, we will talk about the most basic functions of parking lot lights to different types of light. The article will also tackle maintenance tips and how professional light installers can give you peace of mind regarding lights in your parking lot.

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architectural lighting

What Is Architectural Lighting?

Architectural lighting is pivotal for any business these days. However, it takes expertise and knowledge to nail it and stand apart from the crowd. Architectural lighting is a complex blend of art, architecture, and engineering.

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Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Lighting: The Definitive Guide

Lighting fixtures are the main reason for energy consumption in warehouses without refrigeration. Every warehouse has unique lighting, so it is important to know about the most energy-efficient options, LED light fixtures, and the ideal fluorescent lights.

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warehouse tri proof light 01

What is Tri-Proof Light and How to Choose? The Definitive Buyers Guide

LED tri-proof lights are a new and exciting contender in the safety lighting industry and you might be considering them for your business. But there is a slight problem here, Tri-proof is just a catchy marketing term and can vary from vendor to vendor. Since the term lacks a proper legal definition, confusion can arise while selecting a tri-proof light fixture. Hence the need for this handy little guide.

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firefighter safety

Intrinsically Safe Lighting: The Definitive Buyers Guide

Lighting is a necessary part of any workspace and one that is the most susceptible to damage. Traces of volatile chemicals, dust, and debris can cause major damage to light fixtures, resulting in potential fires or explosions.

Luckily the solution to this widespread problem is the use of Intrinsically Safe Lighting. These light fixtures have become a standard part of workplace safety from their inception.

To understand intrinsic safety and its importance to modern LED lighting continue reading below.

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vapor proof light

Vapor Proof Light: The Definitive Buyers Guide

Vapor-proof lights are categorically the best lighting solution for wet and humid environments. But choosing a vapor-proof lighting fixture requires navigating a complex maze of technical terms and standards.

To make the process of buying vapor-proof lights, we wrote this definitive buyer guide. Keep reading for an in-depth breakdown of the definition, importance, and applications of vapor lights.

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led strip lights

LED Strip Lights: The Definitive Buyers Guide

LED strip lighting is a creative tool that allows you to turn an otherwise dull space into a vibrant field. Strip lights are a flexible and versatile solution that can be adapted to almost any application. However, navigating all the options for LED strip lights and their benefits can be very confusing. So to make things easier, here is a one-stop guide to buying LED strip lights.

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importance of lighting in hotels

Importance of Lighting in Hotels

For guests, a hotel should be a home away from home. A place that is nice, comfortable, and convenient. In a brief moment, guests can surmise the hospitality of a place just by looking at its lighting. Good lighting creates a pleasant, welcoming environment, while poor lighting indicates low quality.

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hotel lighting

10 Types of Lighting in Hotels You Need to Know

Hotel lighting is a complex and nuanced process, something that can drastically change the look and feel of a building. Navigating this field of lighting styles and choosing the right one for your hotel is always a challenging endeavor. But proper knowledge of lighting design can help make the process easier.

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