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RC Lighting is a premium commercial LED panel lights manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce only the best LED panel lights for your commercial buildings and workspaces. 

Never experience flickering lights and inefficient fluorescent lighting ever again! LED light uses less power, provides the proper amount of lighting throughout areas, and is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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Commercial Panel Lights
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LED Panel Lights New Designs

We make our LED panel lights in our very own factory and design with you in mind. 

Our LED panel light designs will give your space a professional look while efficiently providing the illumination you need. Because our lights make use of the latest in LED technology, light is evenly distributed across the surface without glare. So, you can work optimally without visual disruptions. 

Better still, it’s available in four sleek variations that go with just about anything. Get yours today and let’s enhance your space to its full potential.

Ceiling Panel LED Lights Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Don’t just minimize your utility bills, get the best prices and deals on wholesale buys when you avail of our services! Our factory prices are the lowest out there, get a quote now!

Our LED bulbs are energy-efficient; lose less energy and use less electricity. These bulbs can help you save up to 90% on energy costs! 

On top of all that, nothing can match the cost-efficiency of LED bulbs with their longevity and durability. Less maintenance, less worry! Don’t miss out, contact us now to know more.

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LED Panel Lights Customized to Your Specifications

We’re one of the leading lighting manufacturers in China for a reason: we can deliver any lighting need you have. With our own factory and a team of highly-skilled staff boasting years of expertise under their belt, we’re fully equipped to meet any lighting design ideas you want – no matter how specific!

Even better, we’re flexible working with any vision, scale, execution, and budget. Whatever you need, we can provide tailor-fit lighting solutions that fit like a glove.

Why Choose RC Lighting?

We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of lights in China specializing in commercial and industrial lighting. We provide top lighting solutions and economical and environment-friendly services at the best price.


Our minimum order quantity is low so you don’t have to worry about buying in huge quantities every time.

Fast Delivery

Your time is precious to us. Buy an LED panel today and we’ll install your lights in a flash!

Lower Price

Save up on more than just your energy costs. We offer low rates and the best deals that will suit you and your business perfectly.


Our products are curated and crafted in our very own factory. We are ISO 9001 certified Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer in China.

Customer Service

Still have questions? Or maybe you have follow-up inquiries even after the sale? We got you. Our customer service is always available to answer your queries!

5 Year Warranty

We’ll guarantee you get your money’s worth. So, we have your back with a manufacturer’s warranty on all our lights for up to 5 years.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Need more convincing? How about you take a look at what our customers think:

“We have bought 10,000 LED panel lights from RC Lighting, and they delivered the products exactly as specified and within the given time. We are happy with the quality of the product and services provided by them.”
Bernard Gelinas
Lighting Distributor
"We are happy with the design of our panel lights that we bought from RC Lighting. They have helped us create a modern and elegant environment in our office corridors. We highly recommend you to try them if you want to buy led downlights for your home or business."
Ryan Cory
Home Owner
"We are delighted with the quality, price, and service of RC Lighting. They have a great selection of panel lights for every need. Their prices are competitive, and we appreciated that they gave us a custom quote so quickly. We will use them again."
Will Penton
Lighting Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help! Here are answers to questions we get asked the most about commercial Panel LED lighting.

What is an LED panel light?

The LED panel light is a type of lighting fixture designed to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. It has been widely used for some time now, but these new types have only recently come onto the market due in part to their sleek look and innovative features – like remote control options!

What are LED panels used for?

The sleek, slim profile of LED panels makes them an attractive option for replacing existing fluorescent lights. They require less space than traditional styles and have a more even illumination which is better for reading or working on your computer at night without any lighting distractions from hunter monsters underlit by cheap fluorescents!

Which is better panel light or downlight?

This entirely depends on what your space needs. Panel lights are best for commercial and industrial use, with them being used to illuminating open spaces in large buildings evenly. On the other hand, downlights are mainly used for home lighting — in line with the concept of home design styles.

How does LED panel lighting compare to traditional fluorescent lights?

LED light panels have an estimated lifespan of 100,000 hours. LED bulbs last approximately 12 times longer than compact fluorescent lighting. 

LEDs also have less lumen depreciation — which means that the quality of light will diminish over time but will never suddenly fail to work like other bulbs.

In what sizes are the LED ceiling panels available?

Our standard panels come in 600×1200, 300×1200 and 300×600.

With our strong customization capabilities, rest assured that we can custom-made panels in any size for you! Ask for a quote now!

Are LED panel lights dimmable?

Yes, LEDs can include smart technology so you can control brightness and timed usage.

What is the difference between an LED Troffer and a LED Panel?

The biggest difference is its profile. LED troffers are thicker and are usually center-basket so they’re usually installed in deep ceilings. On the other hand, LED panels are very thin — making them ideal for shallow ceiling applications.

How do you install LED light panels?

LED light panels can be installed in 3 ways. First, you suspended them through the ceiling. You can replace a ceiling plate or a built-in fluorescent fixture 1 on 1 with an LED panel. Remove the fixture from the ceiling, place the LED panel and connect it to the mains. 

Second, through construction. You can install an LED panel on a flat surface (ceiling or wall) using a mounting frame—lastly, a suspension. You can place them using a suspension set consisting of a kit with cables to hang on the ceiling.

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