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LED Outdoor Wall Lights Manufacturer in China

RC Lighting is a known manufacturer of LED outdoor wall lights. Whatever specifications you may have, we can work with you. We specialize in creating low voltage, and modern-looking LED wall lights that can illuminate the exterior of your property. You can expect Ip65 waterproof lights that are perfect for the natural elements outdoors. Learn more about your options.

Hot Selling LED Outdoor Wall Lights

You’ll find a lot of types of LED outdoor wall lights. They come in different styles, sizes, and materials. Feel free to choose among the ones that we’ve already created.

The styles you see are modern looking in shades of black, gray, and white. Our designs promote elegance, sophistication, and simplicity at the same time. From cylindrical to rectangular shapes, you are sure to find the specific style that’ll meet your preferences.

Every single outdoor wall light uses high-quality materials. You’ll get Ip65 waterproof lights that can withstand the outdoor elements. The low voltage modern LED lights we use for these light fixtures are not just durable, but also energy efficient.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the innovative designs that you see. If you have a specific design in mind, we can create it for you. Give us your specifications and we can work it out.

Why Choose Outdoor Wall Lights From RC Lighting?

RC Lighting is the best supplier of LED outdoor wall lights. Why? Because you can expect only the best lighting solutions from us. We’ve worked with various professionals, from architects to facade and landscape artists. Our services go beyond our ability to produce high-quality lighting solutions. You can present your innovative designs and we’ll work on it.

High-quality products. Our outdoor wall lights only use high-grade materials. We are careful in selecting and partnering with the best suppliers. You can ensure that we’ll only produce high quality products.

Wide range of designs. Our designs are modern, sophisticated, and functional. These come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But if you have your own design in mind, we can also work on it.

Professional customer support. You can expect professionalism and expertise from every member of our team. We are ready to guide you throughout the process of creating outdoor wall lights – from start to finish.

Custom-Made Outdoor Wall Lights for Your Specific Needs

You can choose among the innovative designs of our LED outdoor wall lights. But if you have ideas of your own, we accept custom-made lights that’ll meet your specific lighting requirements.

led lighting manufacturer
led outdoor wall lights

LED Outdoor Wall Lights Applications

LED Outdoor Wall Lights won’t just provide illumination. The very design of these wall lights can serve as an accent to the overall structure of a home or commercial space. These light fixtures have different applications.

  • Entryways
  • Pathways and stairways
  • Patios and decks
  • Columns
  • Garden walls

Discounts for Electrician, Contractor or other Trade

Lighting installers and resellers as well as electricians – win more bids! Sign up today. You can enjoy the full benefits that only come from our amazing free partner program. Take advantage of lower prices to customer referrals and free services.

Contractors, Installers, Resellers & Distributors

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★ Priority service in providing free lighting plans – allowing you to give immediate results to your customers.

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More Than Just a LED Outdoor Wall Lights Manufacturer

RC Lighting has a strong and respectable reputation as an outdoor lighting manufacturer. Why? Because you’ll get more than just your order of lights. You’ll get a collection of different professional services.

lighting designs

Lighting Design

We are open and willing to work with you to design the specific lighting effect that you require.

lighting proposal

Lighting Proposal

You can choose from our existing collection of lighting designs and solutions - if you don’t have your own design.

logistics support

Logistics Support

If you need help handling goods from our warehouse to your project location, our logistics support can aid with that.

installation support

Installation Support

We have a capable team of engineers available to assist in the installation of the LED outdoor wall lights in your project place.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our LED outdoor wall lights, you can find a compilation of frequently asked questions below. In case you have questions you can’t answer here, get in touch with our customer service team.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to give you a quote. If you can provide us with specific details like the wattage, size, style, and color temperature preferences, we can give you a fair and accurate quotation for your order.

You are free to order as low as one unit for the product of your choice. We can produce and deliver it for you based on your specific lighting requirements.

Usually, the production of LED outdoor wall lights will take around 7 to 10 business days. If you include the transit time, it’ll take 7 to 15 business days. The actual duration will depend on your location. For custom and bulk orders, let’s discuss the actual turnaround time depending on the specific details of your order.

Yes, you can get samples and we will wait for your evaluation before proceeding with the production of your order. The sample will take 3 to 7 business days - depending on the design of the outdoor wall lights that you’ve chosen.

Yes, we can paint the lights according to your specific requirements. Just tell us your preferred RAL number. You can find our standard paint colors here: https://rclite.com/paint-color-chart/.

We value the quality of every product that we deliver to you. This is why we are confident in giving you a 5-year warranty for all the LED outdoor wall lights that you’ve ordered. You can trust that all light products that you will receive from us are 100% tested before we deliver them to you.

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Download our catalog to check all of our products and data sheet, select the right lights for your projects.