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Outdoor Commercial LED Post Top Street Lights

RC Lighting is an exterior commercial LED post-top street lights manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce high-quality modern exterior post-top lights in many sizes and designs that fit your needs. Besides a wide choice of standard items, we can also make custom manufactured LED post lights for your specific lighting needs.

Hot Selling Modern LED Post Top Lights

You’ll find LED post lights in many styles that can blend in with your property. These lights last longer than traditional incandescent lights, plus they use a fraction of the energy.

modern commercial led post lights

25W Outdoor Commercial LED Post Lights

RC Lighting 25W outdoor commercial LED post lights feature a modern style with a rectangular glass shield surrounding the bulb. The design produces a contemporary look, while the light moves well out from the base. These bulbs are ideal for parking lots, gardens, dining areas, and other large spots that need light. We can help you customize your lights based on whatever needs you hold, so contact us today to learn more.

outdoor post lights

20W Landscape Driveway LED Post Lights

RC Lighting 20W landscape driveway LED post lights feature an easy look that produces a pleasant light that keeps the road illuminated without blinding the driver. You can use these driveway lights for your parking lot or any other paved road around your property. All our lights come with a five-year warranty. Call us to see how we can help with your lighting and manufacturing needs.

commercial post lights

15W Residential Low Voltage LED Post Lights

RC Lighting 15W residential low voltage LED post lights work if you’re looking for something a little less intense. These lights produce a gentle amount of brightness, plus it features a classic suburban look on the outside. These lights are great for entry points, signs, and other spots near your property. We can work with orders of all sizes, so ask us for help today!

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Contact us to learn more about what we at RC Lighting have to offer for your space. From underwater and fountain lights to linear lighting and landscape bulbs, we have solutions for your commercial property.

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LED Post Lights Applications

Our outdoor lights can work in any business environment. Any part of your property could make for a good site for these lights.

  • Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Public Parks
  • Landscapes
  • Outdoor Dining Areas
  • etc.

Outdoor Commercial LED Post Lights Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Our team can design and build whatever LED post lights you demand. We manufacture our lights in a dust-free ISO-compliant factory. We use a strict production process with the best-quality ingredients, plus we ensure all our lights are up to IP68 waterproof.

led lighting manufacturer

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose RC Lighting?

RC Lighting has been manufacturing top-rated LED lights for more than ten years. We produce appealing lights that blend in with any property. Our products feature the best quality materials, plus we can create unique designs based on your demands. All our products will also help you save on energy bills.

Customizable Lights. We can produce lights based on your ideal wattage, brightness level, angle of projection, and other factors of value. Let us know what you want from your lights, and we’ll find a solution.

Full Customer Service. We’re available by email and phone to answer whatever questions you have about your lights. You can also contact us through Whatsapp or Wechat if you prefer.

Five-Year Warranty. We guarantee the quality and functionality of our lights. We can repair or replace your lights for free if anything happens to them within five years of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a service as excellent as ours, you might have questions about what we have to offer. You can trust us with whatever project you wish to manage. Here are a few answers to some of our most common questions surrounding our commercial post lights.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

Contact our customer service department for a free no-obligation quote. Let us know what you need out of your light sizes, wattages, and other factors, plus how many lights you wish to order. We’ll provide a quote based on what you need the most.

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

You can request only one unit if you wish. We can handle small orders for when you need to test something, or you need to replace one item.

What Is The Turnaround Time On My Order?

It takes about 9-15 days to produce your lights. It then takes about 5-25 days to ship your order to your property, although the timing will vary by location. You may require a few extra days for a bulk or custom order.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Samples are available for your use to help you see if a particular post light is right for you. You can get a sample in about three to seven days.

Can You Make Customized LED Post Lights?

We can adjust your LED light wattage, beam angle, color temperature, and other features. Our customer service team can help you review what works best for your business.

What Is Your Warranty For LED Post Lights?

We provide a five-year warranty on all our lights. We test all lights to ensure they work before sending them out to your property.

Request a Quote

Contact us at RC Lighting today if you have further questions on our outdoor commercial LED post lights.

How To Buy LED Post Lights - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

LED post lights are a stylish way to light up nearly any outdoor space. They can come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to easily find an option that complements the landscape.

Table of Contents

What Are LED Post Lights?

LED post lights are LED lights that sit on the top of a post. You can also think of them as the light affixed on top of a light post. They are used on residential and commercial properties and community areas and are incredibly versatile.


Benefits of Installing LED Post Lights

  • Variety – The sheer variety of LED post lights are available is a significant advantage, as this makes it easy to find one that fits your requirements. You can choose varying post heights, styles, and materials and then have similar options for the lights themselves.
  • Versatile –Post lights are also versatile enough to be used anywhere. You can put them along pathways, by driveways, in parking lots, along with commercial buildings, in parks, and nearly anywhere else.
  • Curb Appeal –Installing post lights on any property is a simple yet effective way to increase curb appeal. The lights let you highlight the beauty of your landscape all night in addition to during the day.
  • Security –As with any other type of outdoor lighting, LED post lights to help keep your property secure by deterring would-be criminals. The chance of crime decreases in well-lit areas, thanks to the higher risk of getting caught.
  • Deter Animals –Not only does a well-lit area deter criminals, but it can also keep many animals off of your property, as they tend to stay away from light.
  • Safety –Post lights are commonly used to make sure that a space is well-lit at night. This, in turn, prevents people from tripping and falling over obstacles that would be impossible to see in the dark.
  • Use a Space at Night –Thanks to the illumination they provide, post lights let you use space at night in addition to during the day as they make up for the lack of sunlight.
  • LED Efficiency –By choosing LED post lights over other types of post lights, you get to take advantage of the efficiency associated with LED lights. This comes in the form of financial savings on your electric bill.
  • LED Durability –LED lights are also known for their durability, so you can expect your post lights to last for a long time and require less maintenance during that time.
  • LEDs Run Cool –Compared to other types of lights, LEDs operate at cooler temperatures. As a result, you don’t have to worry as much about them potentially overheating.


What Are Different Types of LED Post Lights?

  • Single-head post lights
  • Multi-head post lights
  • Hanging post lights
  • Pier mount post lights
  • Full post lights
  • Separate lantern head, post, pier mount base, and base


Where Are LED Post Lights Used?

You can find LED post lights used nearly anywhere, including residential, commercial, and public properties. In parks, they illuminate the parking lots, pathways, playgrounds, and fields. At homes, they illuminate the landscape, driveway, sidewalk, or outdoor seating areas. Commercial properties use them in a combination of these areas, including outdoor seating at restaurants and in parking lots.


How to Choose LED Post Lights

1. Controls and Photocells

You will want to start by thinking about how you want to control the LED post lights. Do you want to turn them on and off manually? Do you want them set to a timer? Do you prefer a light with photocell sensors that turn on and off automatically based on light levels? Any of these options are available.

2. Find the Perfect Style

As mentioned, post lights come in a vast array of colors, sizes, materials, and designs. You will have to consider which of the available designs is right for you and your space. You likely want to choose something that fits the rest of your décor.

This is also when you will choose from the various types of post lights mentioned above.

3. Consider Placement

Think about where you will put the post light as you decide which one you want. For example, if you want the light to go close to a front door, it should complement the style of the door.

Or, if the light is going to be close to the edge of the property, you may want a shorter post instead of a longer one, so it doesn’t annoy neighbors.

Generally, you will want to choose a shorter post if you plan on placing it in a garden and a taller one if you want to place the light by a walkway or driveway, but this is your decision.

4. Material

You will want to consider the materials you want for your lights. The most common options for the post include copper, wood, and aluminum. If you opt for wood, you should make sure it is painted and sealed, as this protects it from the elements.

5. Weatherproofing

Because your LED post lights will be outside, you need to make sure you choose weatherproof lights. They should be able to resist weather conditions, debris, and dust.

6. Installation

You may also want to consider the difficulty of the installation process for the light, including whether you can do it yourself.


How to Install LED Post Lights

1. Plan the wiring.

Before installing the LED post light, make sure that you know how you will wire it. Figure out which outlet you will connect with and ensure you know how many conduits you will need. From there, you can run the plastic conduit, preferably burying it.

2. Prepare by digging.

You can now prepare the area you plan to install the light by digging a hole to anchor the post and a trench to bury the wire connecting it to the power source. The hole for the post should be about 18 or 24 inches deep and about 6 inches across. You can put gravel in the bottom six inches.

3. Take care of the wiring.

Connect the conduit, so the wiring connects your lamp and power source. You will need to use elbows to move the conduit and connect the pieces with PVC cement.

4. Install the conduit and post.

Place your conduit pipe (that contains the wiring) in the trench and fill it with soil.

Pour the concrete mix in the hole for the post before inserting the post into position, making sure to pull the wires through. Ensure everything is level and let it sit for four hours or more.

5. Finish wiring.

Now you can finish up the wiring. Turn off the power source, and then use wire strippers and wire nuts to connect the wiring. This part may require a professional.



LED post lights are a convenient way to illuminate nearly any space. You can find a selection of styles at RC Lighting, along with a friendly team to help you select the perfect option for your needs.

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