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Commercial LED Track Lighting

RC Lighting is a professional commercial led track lighting manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China.

Check out our selection of LED track lighting and track light fixtures that are ideal for the art gallery and retail store lighting applications.

  • Fast Delivery
  • Customizable
  • 5 Year Warranty
Commercial LED Track Lighting
cob track lighting
COB Track Lighting
square track lighting
Square Track Lighting
dimmable track lighting
Dimmable Track Lighting
fire rated tracking light
Fire Rated Track Lights
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Black Track Lighting
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LED Track Lighting

LED Track Lighting Dimmable

Most of our track lights are adjustable dimmable. They can be used as a functional, task, and ambient light depending on your needs.

RC Lighting provides a variety of color temperatures for your space, whether it’s cool and professional, warm and intimate, or something in between.

We do not require a minimum order quantity, so you can buy according to the actual needs of your project, no need to make an additional inventory.

LED Track Lighting

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

If you are running a lighting retailer business or need to buy bulk for your projects. RC Lighting provides you with the best wholesale price. We can also provide you with custom-made product boxes with your brand and logo.

All of our products are provided with a five-year warranty so that you can sell worry-free.

led track lighting
track lighting
Track LED Lighting

Customized to Your Projects

If you are a lighting designer or contractor, you will be handling a wide variety of projects with different requirements.

RC Lighting offers a wide choice of standard tracking lighting fixtures for our customers. And we can also provide custom manufactured lights for your specific lighting needs.

All you need to do is send us your requirements, and we will make your ideas into reality.

Why Choose RC Lighting?

At RC Lighting, we are dedicated to providing you with the most advanced lighting products to satisfy your customers. We control every aspect of our production process, from design to distribution, so you can rely on our knowledge of everything we produce.


No MOQ requirement, you can purchase any quantity you need.

Fast Delivery

All of our standard lighting products can be produced within 7-10 days.

Lower Price

We offer discounts for wholesalers or lighting designers.


OEM/ODM are all available with specialists in RC Lighting.

Customer Service

All your inquiries and questions will be dealt with promptly and professionally

5 Year Warranty

All of our lighting products are provided with a 5-year warranty.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Find out how we help our clients successfully complete their projects

“RC Lighting has proven yet again. This time with their LED track lights. I purchased track lights in bulk quantity, and they reached me in 7 days. The fast service and excellent customer support helped me install the track lights in my retail project in time. The team manufactured customized shapes that go perfectly well with the traditional theme of the shops. Highly satisfied.”
Charlize Goodwin
“We have finally selected our permanent LED lights suppliers. After suffering from losses due to bad lights, no guarantees and heavy bills, we decided to change our supplier and RC Lighting has helped us take our reselling business a notch higher. Our customers are always happy with the lights.”
Nafiz Faruk
Lighting Distributor
“We ordered a sample of RC Lighting’s dimmable and adjustable track lights that reached us within 4 days. Super happy with the light, we quickly ordered the bulk quantity that reached in 10 days. The order was accurately customized according to our needs. Looking for a long-term colab!.”
Randy Porsley
Lighting Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a few FAQs that our customers ask. If your question is not here, contact us today, and we will answer directly.

Are LED track lights dimmable?

Yes, LED track lights are dimmable, which widens their application. Dimmable LED track lights use an internal dimming driver that usually uses the PMW method to dim without flickering or changing the color of the light.

What is the benefits of LED track lights?

LED track lights offer tremendous benefits and can be seen everywhere because of the following reasons:

  1. Best for directional lighting and highlighting features in art galleries, retail, measures, restaurants, malls, and much more.
  2. Track lights are used for accent lighting, grazing, and wall washing.
  3. It can be installed in a narrow space such as hallways or parallel to walls.
  4. Highly adjustable, you can rotate the fixtures for precise angles.
  5. You can change the number of track lights on the rail according to the need. They are easy to mount and remove.
  6. Track lights are easy to install because you don’t need to cut holes and wire every bulb individually, thus saving time and effort.

How far apart are track lights?

Track lights can be positioned anywhere between 6-12 inches on a track. Now, this spacing changes with:

  • Brightness of LED
  • Axle Angles
  • Total number of LED track lights on the track
  • Your application

If you’re still confused, contact us, and we will create a layout for your track lighting project.

How far from wall should track lighting be?

Track lighting distance from wall depends on your application:

Accent Lighting: For accenting, measure the ceiling height from the middle of your target object and multiply by a factor of 0.55. The resultant number should be the optimum distance of track lights from the wall. Note that this rule doesn’t apply everywhere. It changes with your application and requirements.

Wall Washing: Washing effect requires the track light be placed at about 3-4 feet away from the wall. This is the ideal distance in case of ceiling height being 8-11 feet high.

Wall Grazing: Grazing requires task lights to be placed nearer the wall to create shadows and highlight patterns. In this case, the ideal distance from the wall is less than 2 feet.

What are the different kinds of track lighting?

You will find a great variety of track lighting on the market. These are categorized based on the track shape and the fixture shape.

Types of tracks

There are three types of tracks, namely H, J, and L-track.

  • H-Track: These are single circuit tracks having three wires running throughout the tracks.
  • J-Track: J tracks have two wires running through them and the contact tip is 1 inch apart.
  • L-Track: L-type tracks have contact-tip 7/8 inches apart, and 2 wires run through them.

Single circuit tracks mean all the fixtures are connected to the same circuit, and all lights are simultaneously controlled using that switch. Double circuit tracks let you switch on/off a set of lights instead of all the lights.

Types of heads

Heads are the lighting fixtures that are mounted on the tracks. There are many shapes and sizes for heads. Some of the common ones are mentioned below:

  • Round back-head fixtures: These give a stylish and modern look.
  • Cylinder shaped: This is the most commonly found shape in track lights.
  • Step-head: These lights are mostly used in offices.
  • Pin-hole head: Such fixtures have partially opened backside.
  • Gimbal Head: These heads can be rotated 180°.

The shapes of these heads are mainly manufactured to match the aesthetics of various applications.

How many lights can you put on track lighting?

Generally, the tracks of track lights are 2’, 4’, 6’, and 8’ in length. As you increase the length, you can add more track lights. However, the total number depends on the wattage supply in the track circuit. The total wattage of your tracking fixtures must be 20% less than the circuit wattage to avoid overloading and short-circuiting.

In homes, offices, and restaurants, at least 3 to 6 LED fixtures are mounted in a tracking system. This can increase depending on the size of the room and lighting requirements.

Is track lighting bright enough for a kitchen?

Yes, track LED lighting provides the best kind of directional light and brightness for kitchen applications. The adjustability, customization, and ease of installation make track lights an excellent choice for kitchen lighting. View more kitchen lighting ideas.

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