15 Creative Hallway Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Home’s Entrance

Want to know how to light up your hallway? This article will show you 15 creative hallway lighting ideas to illuminate your home's entrance. Let's get started!

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Your hallway can be dark, short, and obstructed by natural light. And to be honest, incorporating hallway lighting in this cramped space can change the whole layout of your home – in a good way. The hall is frequently overlooked when decorating, but it’s important to have it right because it is the first thing your guests see when they come into your home.

Putting in perfect lighting will brighten the space and enhance the mood and add interest to the overall environment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hallway lighting ideas you can use to create a space that doesn’t only look good but is functional as well.

hallway lighting ideas
hallway lighting ideas

Types of Different Hallways

Different hallways require different types of hallway lighting. Although the list pretty much narrows down to your personal choice and requirements, you should be aware of some hallway lighting ideas for various types of hallways.

Victorian Style Hallways

As the name suggests, Victorian-style hallways should be lit to give a vibe of the Victorian era. Although modern hallway lights might look great in other types of hallways, they will look out of place in your Victorian-style home. Therefore, pendant lights and chandeliers will be your best bet. In addition, retro wall lights will also suit your Victorian hallways.

Modern/Contemporary Hallways

This type of hallway falls under the minimalist category. With minimalism, you want to ensure that everything is well highlighted and serves a purpose without overdoing anything. Try not to clutter your hallway and only put necessary items and lights.

You can install spot lighting or downlights into the ceilings that will remain practically hidden while providing enough light to illuminate your hallway. If you want to make your hallway space a bit sleeker, you can also add a piece of modern artwork.

Dark Hallways

Hallways with no natural light or windows will require extra lighting to make the space lively and bright. For this purpose, layered lighting would work great and offer the best chance at creating a breathable hallway without the use of natural lighting.

Narrow Hallways

For narrow hallways, you need to use the lights carefully because overdoing it can ruin the whole look of your hallway. You have to use the space as economically as possible; hence, use lights that take minimal space yet look great. Therefore, chandeliers and large pendant lights will not work in this case.

Downlights will be suitable for narrow hallways as they are built into the ceiling and do not require space. Yes, you can use wall lamps, but if I were you, I would rather use two mirrors to reflect the light from downlights because wall lamps may take up unnecessary space.

Low Ceiling Hallways

You are only left with a few options when you have a hallway with a low ceiling. You cannot use pendants and chandeliers because they will hang too low and may even get in the way – so, a big NO!

I would again highly recommend going for downlights for low ceiling hallways because they take up minimal space in the ceiling. Wall lamps are another option, but that depends on your taste.

You can also fit strip lights around the top of the walls of your hallway; this will help add an extra layer of luminosity. Also, your hallway will feel bigger and open.

15 Hallway Lighting Ideas

In this post, I have pulled together 15 creative hallway lighting ideas that will make the best out of your hallway – regardless of its size and shape.

Natural Lighting All the Way

natural lighting
Natural Lighting Image Credit: Home Talk

Before we go into various kinds of artificial hallway lighting, let’s first talk about the greatest of all options – natural lighting. If you are building a new home or extending it to create a new hallway, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go for natural lighting.

For this purpose, roof lights play an incredible role in evenly flooding the space with enough light, at least during the day. At night, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sky and stars or even experience the beautiful moonlight, especially when it’s a full moon.

Create a Focal Point with Your Hallway Lights

focal point
Focal Point Image Credit: Pixabay

Hallway lighting should be all about catching the eye of your guests because it is the first place inside your home that your guests will see. As there is little to no room for furniture in most hallways, the space can be rather drab. In this case, interesting lighting fixtures can add drama, create a focal point, and set the tone right for the rest of your home’s layout.

For example, you can add an oversized pendant to add a decorative piece in your hallway without compromising the space.

Group Singular Lights to Add an Element of Interest

Hallway Lighting
Image Credit: Mineheart

This hallway lighting idea is for those who want to add a touch of industrial look to their hallways without compromising style. This classic Edison light bulb design trio cascading down from the hallway’s ceiling is the best alternative option if you feel like a glass chandelier design is too royal.

You can position these singular lights at the end of your hallway, and they will together draw the guests’ eyes down the space, making the hall look bigger.

Also, don’t forget to light up any landing areas, so there’s no unwelcoming dark area in your hallway.

A Console Table and Lamp to Add Character

Console Table and Lamp
Image Credit: John Day

If you have a narrow hallway, a console table will be an ideal accessory as it won’t take up too much space and look classy. The best thing about a console table is that you can place a table lamp along with your favorite indoor plant or other things like keys, photo frames, etc. On the other hand, if you have a large hall, a bureau or a desk can do justice to the space.

Putting a console table in the hallway can open up many opportunities for you to showcase your internal artistic skills. You can hang a mirror over the console table and place beautiful scones on either side of the mirror – the options are endless.

Moreover, adding a lamp to the table will offer a lovely, soft light to your guests and portray a cozy vibe of your home.

Use a Statement Light to Make a Statement

5Statement Light
Image Credit: Chairish

As they say, “first impression is the last impression,” – and in this case, your hallway will be the first impression of your home. So, be smart and make an impactful statement using statement ceiling lights.

Wall Lighting to Light up Specific Dark Zones

Wall Lighting
Image Credit: Davey Lighting

If you are blessed with a bigger hallway, this hallway lighting idea will suit you best. Wall lighting works great in illuminating specific zones, such as a console table or a coat storage unit. In addition, wall lighting can help create a statement look if you don’t have a high ceiling for pendant lighting or a chandelier.

I mean, what if you have to tie your shoelaces in another room just because your hallway is not illuminated enough?

Welcome your Guests to the Hallway with Step Lights

step lights
step lights

This might be the most underrated idea on this list, but honestly, people tend to underestimate the importance of outdoor lighting. If stairs lead guests to your hallway, you can light them up with step lights and give your guests a warm welcome.

We at R&C Lighting have a wide variety of step lights to choose from – you can easily find the right design according to your choice. Click and know more about step lights now.

Environment Lover? Go for these Lampshades Made from Paper

Image Credit: Nordic House

Sounds kind of weird, right? Well, it’s not! If you are an environmentally-conscious person, this hallway lighting idea is for you. The best thing about these paper-based lampshades is that they are made from wood base and recycled at the end of their lives.

Smoked Glass Lights to Add Art Deco Vibe to Your Hallway

smoked glass lights
Image Credit: Nordlux

Smoked glass dome light, especially this pentagon-shaped dome with a beautiful diamond pattern, is guaranteed to bring glamor to your hallway. In addition to looking chic, this ceiling light will provide a unique light effect and give art-deco vibes.

Low-Level Lighting

Low-Level Lighting
Low-Level Lighting

Low-level lighting isn’t just for style but also doubles as safety night lights for guests and family. You can install these lights on the ground or at the bottom of the walls.

R&C Lighting has got plenty of recessed in-ground lights to choose from. They aren’t just robust and made of the best materials but can also help enhance the look of your hallway.

Smart Lighting System

Smart Lighting
Image Credit: INNR

Love the concept of smart homes? You can incorporate a smart lighting system in your hallway and control the lights using your smartphone. Although smart lights are like regular lights, they have an edge of being controlled intelligently. You can turn on all the hallway lights before entering your home, so you don’t have to fumble in the dark.

Also, you can set an automatic timer using the mobile app, so the lights automatically turn off when you leave home for the office and turn on when you come back. In addition, smart lights can also work great as a burglary deterrent.

Vintage Vibes with Lantern Lights

lantern lights
Image Credit: 4 Modern Home

Lantern lighting is an excellent hallway lighting idea that will look cool in hallways with high ceilings. The vintage vibes that can be achieved with these lantern lights are crazy! In my opinion, a person who loves the touch of vintage in a modern home setup will love this hallway lighting idea.

Use Accent Lighting to Add an Intriguing Touch

accent lighting
accent lighting

Accent lighting is an excellent hallway lighting idea for narrow spaces. It doesn’t just add interest and beautify the not-so-exciting space in your hallway but also contributes to the overall lighting ambiance. Accent lighting should be installed in both ends of the hallway to draw the eyes from one end to the other.

In addition, accent lighting and spotlights can be used to highlight your artwork, for example, digital paintings, handicraft, oil paintings, etc.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Prettiest of them All?

Image Credit: Ercol

So, you have installed large pendant lights to light up your hallway but want to enhance the look a bit more? Cleverly placing a large mirror can do the trick! It will reflect the light, making the space look brighter.

You can pair this large mirror on the hallway wall with your favorite indoor plants – be it pot plants or the hanging varieties – both can work wonders. If you want hanging plants, make sure to hang them with a long chain, cable, or string for a better look.

Have Windowless Hallways? Imitate the Daylight Effect

Windowless Hallways
Image Credits: Detail Lighting

Don’t worry if you don’t have windows in your hallways – you can still easily imitate the natural light effect with artificial lighting. For that, you need to use a simple two-fold design method. First, use recessed lights or hidden lights and make sure the source isn’t visible from your hallway. For this purpose, dropped ceiling panel sounds like a perfect idea.

People might prefer warm lights in the cool light vs. warm light debate, but the former creates the daylight effect and enhances your hallway’s vibe.

FAQs about Hallway Lighting

Do you still have some questions in mind related to hallway lighting? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about these lights:

Where Should I Place the Hallway Lights?

If you have a long hallway, place ceiling lights in both ends – this will draw the guest’s eye from one end to another, making the hallway look bigger. Also, if you have a console table in the hallway or artwork hung on the walls, you can highlight both using lights.

Don’t forget that hallway is also a functional space, so introduce task lighting or use brighter bulbs at specific zones where needed.

How Low Should a Hallway Light Hang?

According to Ben Marshall, an interior designer, just keep its base 7 feet from the floor, whatever type of lighting you select. However, if your hallway’s ceiling is low, you might need to reconsider the height of the pendant or chandelier and choose the one that doesn’t fall too low.

How Can I Make My Hallway Look Brighter?

For a brighter feel in your hallway, go for neutral tones on the walls, so the hall appears fresh. In addition, you can put up large mirrors to reflect the light and give the illusion of more space. To set the mood for the rest of your home, you can also opt for a pair of matching lamps to create symmetry and balance. And yes, only use bright colors and bold patterns.

Hallway Lighting Can Make or Break the First Impression

I hope you like these hallway lighting ideas! Before choosing lights for your hallway, you should understand and keep in mind that it is the first place your guests will see when they enter your home. Therefore, it should look the best to make your guests’ mood right and win their hearts with the first impression.

Not all the lights are made for all the hallways – you should only go for those that can complement your hallway and make it look attractive.

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