Fire Rated LED Downlights

RC Lighting is your most reliable Fire Rated LED Downlights manufacturer and supplier in China. Our decades of experience with contractors, wholesalers, designers and engineers make us the best on the market.

Find a unique variety of fireproof LED downlights in our catalog. You can download it right away!

Our team provides bespoke services in terms of energy efficiency, quality and customizations, fitting your needs.

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fire rated downlights
Fire Rated Downlights
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Hot-Selling LED Fire Rated Downlights

Are you a contractor looking for defect-free, energy-saving LEDs? Or do you need a wide variety of fire-rated downlights in bulk for a hotel or mall?

We fulfill the individual needs of our customers. Think of us as your indispensable LED lights supplier. We find our success in your project’s success.

Our fireproof downlight LEDs will save you from hefty investment costs, electricity, and maintenance bills. Let us provide guaranteed safety for your projects.

Fire Rated Downlights Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Get customized fireproof LED downlights at wholesale prices for your huge gigs and resale business. RC Lighting will finalize the best cost incorporating all your unique customization.

As a contractor, affordable and energy-efficient LEDs mean your clients will be more than satisfied. This is what we strive for.

We have successfully helped 1000s of construction, commercial and industrial projects save money. It’s never too late to revamp your business using our expertise.

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high quality led downlight 3

Fire Rated LED Downlights Customized to Your Specifications

All projects should exhibit uniqueness. Therefore, we customize different LED fire rated downlights fitting your architecture’s shadows, highlights, and dimensions.

Our designers will thoroughly discuss your project. We will then head to our drawing board and create the best lighting solution according to your given BOQ.

Let us customize the shapes, sizes, colors, lumens, wattages, beam angles and much more. RC Lighting has a track record of boosting many designer and architectural businesses. You can be next!

Why Choose RC Lighting?

We put our clients first, which is why our policies include providing free samples, a 5-years warranty with every product, and replacement of LEDs. We keep in touch with our clients and guide them from start to finish.


Due to the manufacturing flexibility, our minimum order quantity is as low as ‘1 unit’!


Fast Delivery

Expect your bulk order to be finished within 7-15 days. 

Lower Price

Our affordable, low-priced downlights set us apart. Ask for a quote today and find out yourself!


We provide bespoke OEM/ODM services to our dear customers.

Customer Service

Have a question? Call, email, or leave a text to our 24/7 online customer representatives.

5 Year Warranty

RC Lighting provides a 5-year warranty with every LED lighting fixture. 

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Our happy customers have a lot to say about our efficient services.

“I’ve been a commercial building contractor for 5 years and there is no supplier like RC Lighting. Their lights are super bright, easy to install and energy-efficient. The quality speaks for itself. My customers are happy with the cost-effectiveness and durability of fireproof downlights.”
Kimberly Poe
Lighting Designer
“We used RC Lighting’s fireproof LEDs in our gas pump projects and so far, we have faced 0 problems. The lights are spectacular in terms of brightness and efficiency. We have saved the gas pump owners huge electricity bills. RC Lighting will get a call from us again soon.”
Ramiro Ferreira
Lighting Designer
“Our company has finally found the LED distributor we’ve been looking for, for years. This friendly team has helped us bring our dream architectural design to life by curating THE best lighting aesthetics for our restaurants. We are extremely happy with the design. Thank you!”
John Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for buying fire-rated LED downlights? Check out our comprehensive FAQ guide to clear any queries related to fire-rated LEDs. RC Lighting is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Contact us today!

What is a fire rated LED downlight?

Fire-rated LED downlights to improve the fire integrity of the ceiling by preventing the spread of flames through the ceiling holes and acting as a barrier between the heated region and non-heated space above the ceiling.

Do I need fire rated downlights in a kitchen?

Of course! Kitchens are more susceptible to fire and smoke hazards than other rooms due to the frequent ignition of flames for cooking purposes. If you’re using recessed LED downlights in your kitchens, always check if your downlights are fire-rated. Better safe than sorry! Find more kitchen lighting ideas here.

Are fire rated downlights suitable for bathrooms?

Yes! All the rooms in your home should have fire rate recessed downlights to prevent any fatal incident from taking place. 

Fire-rated downlights are not a hefty purchase and will reward you greatly by keeping you and your family safe. The flames and gas spread very fast through holes, gaps, and cracks in the walls. Fire rated LED downlights help stop the spread of fire to other rooms and ceilings.

What is the difference between fire rated and fire retardant?

  • Fire rated means the product can resist the spread of fire for a standard time period. Fire rated LEDs are tested and certified to have a rating of 30, 60,90, and 120 minutes. For example, a 30-minute fire-rated LED can resist fire for 30 min max. before collapsing.
  • Fire retardant is the name of the material that can halt or reduce flames. It can potentially decrease the advance of fire.

Can you cover fire rated downlights with insulation?

No, fire rated LED downlights need space around them to dissipate the internal heat generated.

However, insulation products such as ‘Loft Lids’ provide enough space (at least 3 inches) around the LEDs for heat dissipation. Loft lids are fixed using silicone adhesive to create an airtight fitting around the downlight, thus preventing heat loss in the rooms in winters.

Can LED downlights cause fires?

No, LED downlights do not produce enough heat inside them to cause a fire. Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs do not light up by heating the filament inside. Instead, the heat generated in LEDs is dissipated thus, never posing a risk of fire.

Do I need fire rated downlights upstairs?

Yes, it is best practice to use fire-rated downlights in every room and area of the house. Fire-rated downlights prevent the spread of gas, smoke, and fire to ceilings and other house rooms. You need to install such LEDs wherever you cut a hole for their installation.

How do I know if my downlights are fire rated?

If you remove a downlight and find a metal box fixed behind the LED, such lights are fire rated.

The metal box helps prevent the spread of fire to the space/loft in the ceiling. There are holes in the box for heat dissipation. In case of fires, the intumescent pads inside the box swell to block the holes, which stops heat from advancing.

What is the difference between Class A and Class C fire rating?

Class A rated LEDs have the highest effectiveness against fires. The effectiveness decreases with class B, class C, and class D.

Class A rated LEDs can resist severe fires, whereas Class C caters to medium-level fires.

The ratings are as follows (Small numbers indicate a high fire-resistive property):

  • Class A: 0-25
  • Class B: 26-75
  • Class C: 76-200
  • Class D: 201-500

Do you offer dimmable fire-rated led downlights?

Yes! RC Lighting offers all types of fire-rated LED downlights including dimmable LED downlights, recessed downlights, commercial downlights, etc. Contact us today to select the one best for your projects.

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