Commercial LED Downlights

RC Lighting is a leading commercial LED downlights manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We supply supreme quality downlights to our customers.

Commercial LED downlights are an excellent choice for hotels, shopping malls, retail shops, restaurants, etc.

Our extensive catalog covers recessed LED downlights, dimmable downlights, and IP65 outdoor led downlights, etc.

commercial led downlights
commercial recessed downlights
Commercial Downlights
slim LED downlights
Slim LED Downlights
dimmable downlights
Dimmable Downlights
square led downlights
Square LED Downlights

Hot-Selling Commercial Downlights

We are very strict about the production of our products, from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished product, which goes through several stages. We want to make sure that every downlight you receive is a 100% good product without any defects.

  • Material: ADC12 die-cast housing aluminum
  • CCT: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K.
  • CRI90 for single CCT, CRI97 for Dim-to-Warm version
  • IP44/IP54/IP65 waterproof.
  • 100lm/Watt High lumen efficiency.
  • External flicker-free driver.
  • Dimming: Non-dim, triac, 0-10V, DALI.
LED Commercial Downlights

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Price is always an essential factor, especially when you are running a lighting company or purchasing bulk. We work closely with our raw material suppliers to provide more competitive prices to our customers without sacrificing quality.

We also provide branded boxes or stickers for reselling businesses with your logo. Ask for a wholesale price for your projects now!

led commercial downlights
commercial recessed downlights
Commercial LED Downlights

Customized to Your Specifications

We offer a variety of customization options such as light intensity, beam angles, color temperature, LEDs, drivers, power, etc. 

Just send us a BOQ and our expert team will provide you with the best design solutions for your project. That is not all RC Lighting also provides lightning-fast deliveries in just 10 days.

Send us your inquiry and get a instant quote now!

Why Choose RC Lighting?

We have completed thousands of LED downlight projects all over the world. Our high-class facility, expert staff, and engineers provide the best design solutions in no time. Not to mention superb after-sale services and active customer support for our respected customers.


Need a sample? Or your requirement is for one unit only? We have got you covered as RC Lighting provides its services even at low MOQs.

Fast Delivery

Get your order within 7-15 days. Our time-efficient delivery process can ship small and bulk orders alike without delays. Our customers do not have to wait to use our finest product.

Lower Price

We provide high-quality commercial LED recessed downlights at the best prices. Here at RC Lighting, our objective is to provide our customers with customized LED solutions at an affordable price.


With the manufacturing experience of more than a decade, we have established trustworthy reputations among loyal customers worldwide with our OEM/ODM services.

Customer Service

RC Lighting provides interacting customer support for your design solutions and even technical assistance on installation. We are here for you 24/7! Call, text, or email us any time.

5 Year Warranty

Quality is our culture. All of our LED downlights are provided with a 5-year warranty. They are 100% tested before ship to you. Ask for a quote for your projects now!

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Check out what these customers have to say about our products and services.

“RC Lighting provided us with guidance and design solutions that proved to be beneficial for our business. We asked for customization on our LED downlights order and got what we had in mind. Our business got boosted by their superior product. Our team will contact RC Lighting for our future projects.”
Adarsh Dhote
Lighting Designer
“ RC Lighting has a great reputation for LED manufacturing in the market and rightly so. We required commercial LED downlights for our project and the customer support helped us choose the best product. The prices are reasonable too and the luminaire is of top quality. We are looking forward to doing business again.”
Mike Wineberg
“Our experience with buying online has not been good so far. But RC Lighting has restored our faith by providing us with the design solution of our choice and timely delivery in our bulk order. The rates are reasonable even though we asked for a customized LED downlights. 100% satisfied!”
John Doe

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a few common questions asked by our clients regarding LED commercial downlights. Contact our team for more information.

What is commercial LED downlight?

Commercial LED downlights are all-purpose recessed lights mounted on the ceilings to direct the light downwards. Such fixtures are usually embedded in walls/ceilings to provide general lighting in the area.

LED downlights are abundantly found in commercial places like markets, offices, auditoriums, garages, etc. The color temperature, beam angles, brightness can be adjusted to exhibit aesthetic lighting.

How far apart should my downlights be?

The standard criterion for deciding LED downlights spacing is multiplying the ceiling height by between 0.5 and 1.5. That is called the spacing criterion.

Spacing= Spacing criterion (0.5-1.5) x Ceiling height

Expert lighting designers decide the spacing criterion.

In other terms, the spacing of the LED downlight is approximately half of the ceiling height.

If your ceiling height is 16 ft, then ideal fixture spacing will be (16ft/2), i.e., 8 ft. Note that this varies with the brightness, color temperature, aesthetics, and beam angles. You need to install your lights at least 2 ft away from the sidewalls.

Can I get an instant quote for my order?

Yes, contact us by filling out the form down below and we will get back to you in a jiffy! Our customer support is active 24/7 for your assistance.

Can I get samples before placing the order?

Yes, we believe in building a trusting relationship with our customers. Our samples will reach you within 5-7 days after ordering. We will provide you with technical assistance along the way. Request a sample NOW!

How many commercial downlights do I need?

First, determine the total wattage required to illuminate the region by multiplying the room square foot area by 1.5. Then decide the bulb and watts you want to use. Now, finally divide the selected bulb wattage by previously calculated room area.

The resultant number gives a rough idea of the required commercial downlights quantity.

Example: If your garage is 10×10 ft (100 ft2), umb the wattage requirement is 150 W by the rule of thumb by a general rule of thumbatts. Let’s say you select 40 watts bulb. You will require ~4 LED downlights of 40 Watts each to light up your area.

Learn more about how to choose downlights.

Do LED downlights use a lot of electricity?

LED downlights lights can help you cut down 70% of your electricity and maintenance expenses combined.

That’s the best part of LED downlights as they are extremely energy efficient. With high-quality products manufactured by RC Lighting, you can save tons of resources in your commercial projects.

What is the turnaround time on my order?

From placing an order to delivering the product to your doorstep, it takes about 7-15 days. This may vary slightly with customized and bulk orders, but our expert team will be in contact with you all the time.

What is the warranty for your commercial downlights?

RC Lighting provides a 5-year warranty on all its products. Commercial LED downlights have higher daily usage, and our high-quality products are specifically built for this purpose. Our luminaires are IP65 standardized and built to last for 80,000+ hours.

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