IP65 Outdoor LED Downlights

RC lighting is the leading outdoor LED downlights manufacturer and supplier in China. Our collection includes recessed downlights, dimmable downlights, surface-mounted LED downlights, etc.

Having satisfied many clients since 2013, we have a decade of unmatched experience in LED manufacturing. Contact us today and get an instant quote!

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ip65 led downlights
IP65 LED Downlights
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Adjustable Outdoor Downlights
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Recessed Outdoor Downlights

Hot-Selling Outdoor LED Downlights

Our outdoor LED downlights have benefited many contractors, lighting companies, and wholesalers alike. To ensure that you get the best result, we produce a range of LED outdoor downlights to cover every type.

RC Lighting never compromises on quality standards which makes us the best suppliers. All of our waterproof LED downlights are CE, RoHS, UL/ETL certified. In addition, our dust-free manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 standardized.

Owing to the stringent quality protocols, our lights are guaranteed to run for a lifetime. Moreover, benefit immensely from our superb after-sale services that include warranties, repairs, and technical guidance. Ask for quote today!

LED Outdoor Downlights Wholesale at Competitive Prices

We offer the best prices according to your customizations and quote requests. Join our free partner program and get exciting discounts and factory-level prices on bulk orders. RC Lighting looks forward to reaching the best lighting solution for you.

Choose from our extensive catalog or simply call us and brainstorm the most accurate LED downlights outdoor designs. As the best manufacturers, we like to use high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers.

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Outdoor LED Downlights Customized to Your Specifications

We will help you create accurate illumination for any workspace. Simply send us your requirements, and we will formulate top-class outdoor downlights LED solutions. Our designers will go the extra mile and create the best designs you can choose from if you need assistance.

We provide light customizations in terms of colors, shapes/sizes, wattages, mounting options, beam angles, power, and much more. What’s more? We are willing to send you a complete design idea for your project within 7 days. Ask for a quote now!

Why Choose RC Lighting?

Since its inception, RC Lighting has built a fine reputation all over the world. This is the testament that we provide the highest quality outdoor LED downlights and superb after-sale services to our customers.


Offering as low as one unit to our customers, RC Lighting cares more about establishing trust. Our low MOQ helps customers decide the best downlights for their projects.

Fast Delivery

Wait no longer than 7-15 days for your order to reach your doorstep. Our streamlined delivery process helps us ship the smallest orders to bulk amounts within a specified time.

Lower Price

Find the best prices for LED downlights on the market here! Our goal is to provide superior quality at an affordable cost.


More than 12 years of manufacturing experience has helped us establish superior ODM/OEM services for our customers.

Customer Service

Our customer representatives are online 24/7 to cater to your needs. So, call, message or email us your queries!

5 Year Warranty

Get a 5-year warranty with every product unit and enjoy the perfect illumination without worry.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Read what our previous customers have to say about our services.

“We quickly developed a great partnership with RC Lighting due to their diligence and dedication to high quality. Their team was willing to take our project a notch higher by implementing the most innovative customizations on our outdoor LED downlights. We are more than happy with the outcome!”
Jose Luis
“RC Lighting is truly a reputable brand. From the test sample to the quick shipment and installation guidance, we have never been more satisfied with a service. Their friendly engineers helped us find the best customized outdoor LED downlights and they delivered what they promised in just 10 days!”
Bryan Mccail
Lighting Wholesaler
“It’s natural to be skeptical about buying online, but my experience with RC Lighting has completely changed that perspective. Their super-friendly customer support answered all of my questions and helped me install outdoor downlights with ease. Not to mention the affordability of their LED outdoor downlights! I’ll contact them again.”
Lesa Brownell
Electrical Contractor

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few frequently asked queries by clients below. In case you need more clarification, contact us anytime and our team will guide you.

Can LED downlights be used outside?

Yes, LED outdoor downlights can highlight any outdoor architectural projects and exterior space. Waterproof and IP-rated outdoor downlights can withstand moisture and heavy weather conditions easily.

Is IP44 enough for outdoor light?

IP44 outdoor LED downlights can satisfactorily tackle weather conditions and rains. However, any fixture with a rating less than IP44 must only be used indoors. However, It is best practice to go for an IP65 rating for outdoor uses.

Do you offer adjustable IP65 led downlights?

Yes, check out our downlights catalog to select the lighting for your needs. We manufacture IP65 adjustable LED downlights that can further be customized in terms of inclination angles, light distribution, colors, brightness, power, etc.

What color temperature is best for outdoor lighting?

2500K-4000K is best for outdoor lighting projects. Generally speaking, architectural lighting uses warmer colors (2500K-2700K) and other landscape elements such as trees and sculptures require cooler colors (3000K-4000K). If you want to know about color temperature, please read this article:

What is Color Temperature and How To Choose?

What are the lights that light under the overhang of a house?

LED outdoor downlights are used to light up the overhang of the houses. Downlights come in various shapes, sizes, and brightness to illuminate the exterior of homes in a natural manner.

Do outside lights have to be waterproof?

Yes! Outdoor lights are subjected to extreme weather conditions, moisture, and corrosive elements. You require at least IP44 rated products for outdoor use. We provide IP65 waterproof downlights that easily withstand any weather conditions. Get your quote today!

What is the difference between IP65 and IP44?

In the IP rating classification, the first digit represents protection against foreign debris, and the second digit depicts protection against water.

IP44 rated lights are protected against foreign objects >1 mm (dia.) and water splashes from all sides. Such lamps are not waterproof and cannot withstand heavy pouring. However, you can use them in overhanging roofs.

IP65 means such lights are dust-tight and are protected against pressurized water streams. These are best for outdoor applications.

Do you offer adjustable fire-rated led downlights?

Yes, we offer adjustable fire-rated LED outdoor downlights. Contact us now to get a quote for your requirements.

How many watts should an outside light be?

Outdoor lighting requires 40 watts. However, if you want to light up critical areas such as paths, driveways, and architectural features, you need 40-80 Watts LED bulbs.

How far apart should downlights be?

The best practice is to divide your ceiling height by 2 and space the outdoor LED downlights with the resultant length. However, the spacing can vary with the brightness levels, colors, and project requirements.

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