Surface Mounted Downlights

RC Lighting is one of the leading surface-mounted LED downlights manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Surface-mounted lights are great for those who do not want to deal with cutting holes for recessed lighting. Easy to install and maintain. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

We also produce recessed downlights, dimmable downlights, and adjustable downlights for our customers.

surface mounted downlights
outdoor surface mounted downlights
Outdoor Surface Mounted Downlights
round surface mounted downlights
Round Surface Mounted Downlights
exterior surface mounted downlights
Exterior Surface Mounted Downlights
square surface mounted downlights
Square Surface Mounted Downlights
ip65 surface mounted downlights
IP65 Surface Mounted Downlights
slim surface mounted downlights
Slim Surface Mounted Downlights
round downlights
Round Outdoor LED Downlights
surface mounted downlights
Ceiling Surface Mounted Downlights
surface mounted downlights
Surface Mounted Downlights

Hot-Selling Surface Mounted LED Downlights

A great way to make your home or business more inviting! These lights will provide the perfect amount of light and warmth. Add some extra ambiance with these contemporary design fixtures and a modern look.

They provide years of maintenance-free illumination for interior and outdoor use in residential & commercial applications. The surface mounts to a universal junction box, providing excellent, dependable performance at a competitive price while saving time changing bulbs.

Find the perfect fit of Surface Mounted LED Downlights for your next project right here! Just send us your specifications, and we’d be happy to help.

Surface Mounted Downlights

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

The Surface Mounted LED Downlight comes in practical designs and stylish features, ensuring they can be installed virtually anywhere. Shop at RC Lighting for this versatile product and browse our selection of several innovative and cost-effective styles.

Enjoy lasting performance when buying bulk quantities at an affordable wholesale price per light, hassle-free fulfillment, and accessible worldwide shipping. Order now while stock lasts!

wholesale surface mounted downlights
outdoor led surface mounted downlights
LED Tunable White Downlights

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Do you need a custom-built light for your home or business? Our team of qualified professionals can help. Choose from our selection, and we’ll build it just how you like!

There are many options available at all different color temperatures from different modern designs, cool or warm light intensity, providing soothing lighting for any space in demand. Just drop us a message to discuss your ideas, and together, we’ll come up with something that will make you proud.

Why Choose RC Lighting?

RC Lighting has been manufacturing top-rated LED lights for more than ten years. We produce appealing lights that blend in with any property by using the best quality materials and providing you with unique designs to meet your demands!


We at RC Lighting are flexible and will meet your diverse needs. Feel free to order as much as you prefer.

Fast Delivery

We offer fast delivery, which takes 7-10 business days to complete, Custom and bulk orders may take a few extra days.

Lower Price

Our LED fixtures are designed to handle any lighting application and save you time and energy costs in installation.


RC Lighting has an end-to-end manufacturing model that can take your concepts from idea through production with high-level product quality guaranteed.

Customer Service

We take pride in our customer service and technical support. The best part about working with us, contact us for any questions you may have.

5 Year Warranty

The exceptional 5-year warranty makes buying a product from this company investment in your future.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Don’t take our word for it! Hear it directly from the users and their experience.

I cannot recommend this company enough! I have bought several lighting products from them, and everything has been of the highest quality. Their customer service is second to none as well!
Jenny Banks
I browsed around many supplier websites but didn't find what I was looking for. Or people didn't understand my specification well. Until I found RC Lighting, they had just what I wanted for Surface Mounted Downlights! The folks at the company were accommodating and understanding about my custom requirements- plus their prices were better than any other suppliers.
Matthew Doe
Interior Designer
I was asking around for trusted LED light suppliers and a friend luckily mentioned RC Lighting. I immediately jumped on the call with them. They helped me solve my many lighting issues and were super professional in guiding me to pick what's best fit my client's kitchen. A 10/10 experience! 100% recommended.
Sarah McLellan
Lighting Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding surface-mounted downlights. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

What are surface mounted downlights?

Surface-mounted downlights are downlights installed at the surface of the ceiling. They don’t need cutting holes in the ceiling. In contrast, flush mount downlights are flat and flush with the ceiling.

Is flush mount the same as surface mount?

No, these are two different types of Surface Mounted Downlights. A flush-mounted means’ flush against ceiling’, and surface mount refers to one which sticks out slightly from above surfaces such as wood panels.

Is surface mounted downlight dimmable?

Yes, we can provide dimmable surface-mounted downlights according to your requirements. Do let us know the detailed specs you need, and we can get back to you!

Do you offer low voltage surface-mounted downlights?

Yes, We can offer both line voltage and low voltage LED downlights. Just send us your requirements, and we will get back to you with detailed information. You can also download our catalog to have a check.

Do you offer adjustable surface mounted downlights?

Yes, we can provide adjustable surface-mounted downlights for you. Please send us an inquiry to get an instant quote now.

What is the difference between recessed and surface mounted?

Recessed and surface mounted lighting products have many of the same elements, but there’s one key difference: recessed lights are housed within a cavity of some kind, while surface-mounted units don’t require any framing

How to install surface mounted downlight?

These lights are easy to install as they mount to most junction boxes (including pancake boxes). Alternatively, you can install these by mounting them in recessed housing – as easy as 1-2-3!

Are surface-mounted downlights suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, we can offer IP65 waterproof outdoor LED downlights. IP65 rated lights are perfect if you can use them in wet rooms or outside.

Are surface mounted downlights suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, both surface-mounted and recessed downlights can be used for the bathroom, but because the bathroom is a wet place. So please make sure they are waterproof IP65 rated downlights.

Do you have COB surface-mounted downlights?

Yes, lots of our downlights are made with COB. Usually, COB downlights are brighter, consume less power, and produce higher-quality beams. More details on COB downlights are here.

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