What is Anti-glare Light and How to Reduce Light Glare?

Learn about the impact of glare from LED lights and how anti-glare lights can reduce eye strain. Find out how to choose the right light source.

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LED lighting can sometimes cause glare and reduce visibility. But this can be reduced and significantly improved by choosing the right light. This article discusses the anti-glare lights and the steps that can be taken to minimize this unwanted effect.

Light glare is one of the most common problems with any type of light, but it can be particularly troublesome for those who suffer from certain eye conditions. Anti-glare light solutions reduce the glare you see by blocking out unwanted reflections and reducing the intensity of the light source itself.

Light glare is one of the most common problems with any type of light

This article will discuss how to Diminish glare on your eyes and why anti-glare lights benefit people with eye conditions. (This publication details the harmful effects of glares on your eyes)

What Is Anti-Glare Light?

Anti-glare light is designed for people who are sensitive to bright lights. It provides gentle lighting that makes it easier for your eyes to adjust and concentrate on reading or something else. The anti-glare allows you to see things clearly without hurting your eyes because of the intense light on a screen.

This light is perfect for people who spend a lot of time indoors and do not get enough exposure to bright sunlight. You can use it while reading, studying, or even watching TV in your room at night when there are no sources of natural light such as windows available. This way, you will reduce the strain on your eyes caused by looking at the bright screen for prolonged periods.

Anti-Glare LED Lights

Anti-glare lights are used to reduce the glare of light. With these lights, you can reduce light overhead and other sources that cause excess light in a room or vehicle. This is important as too much lighting has been shown to affect your eyes and reduce nighttime visibility.

Anti-Glare LED Lights

Lately, there has been an increase in the use of LED light bulbs. This can be attributed to the plethora of benefits offered by LED. However, the unidirectional light from LED fixtures has increased the incidence of glare.

The use of no-glare lights is highly recommended both indoors and outdoors. Their use ensures a holistically enabling environment, increases human productivity, and prevents accidents.

It must be noted that anti-reflective and anti-glare are not interchangeable terms.

How to Measure the LED Glare?

When choosing an LED, you can measure its glare properties through the UGR (Unified Glare Rating). This rating describes how much an LED will produce glare and which number is best suited for the respective application.

According to the European Standard’ BS EN 12464: 2002‘, The following ranges of UGR can be applied to specific applications;

  • UGR<19 is best for office-based work such as reading, writing, and meetings.

  • UGR<16 is best suited for technical drawing and warehouse applications.

  • UGR>30 will produce the highest levels of glares.

Note that UGR measures the relative difference between the brightness of a light fitting and its surrounding area. Therefore, this unit works only for indoor lighting.

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Tips for Reducing Light Glare

The anti-glare light fixtures eliminate the occurrence of glare and thus prevent the strain and fatigue experienced by the eyes. Therefore, glare-free lights should be used in all big and small spaces to Diminish glare.

LED lights produce much more glare than what we’re used to from filament bulbs and halogen lights. The strong contrast between bright light and darkness hurts their eyes.

Following are some tips to help reduce glare.

1. Replace Your Lights with Anti-Glare Lighting Products

The first step toward reducing glare from lighting sources is replacing it with the newest anti-glare LED lights. The old incandescent and halogen bulbs produce high levels of visible light, which can cause severe problems for people with certain vision conditions.

Replacing light bulbs in your home or workplace with anti-glare LED lighting products Diminishes the glare you experience and can reduce symptoms for those who suffer from eye problems such as myopia, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.

2. Installing Filters

The idea of purchasing and installing only glare-free lights is valid, but it is also essential to make the existing LED lighting fixtures glare-free. This can be achieved by inserting a filter over the present fixture. The installed filter disperses the otherwise unidirectional and angled light.

  • What is an Anti-Glare Filter?

These filters reduce up to 90% of visible lighting. For example, they have been proven effective in reducing the intensity of interior lights by 50%. This is important for people who want to protect their eyes from harmful radiation emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Furthermore, this filter can reduce about 80% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause skin damage, sunburns, and cataracts. With its anti-reflective effect, these screens also help users see their screen clearly under bright natural or artificial lighting conditions such as sunlight or office cubicles where fluorescent bulbs are used.

This is important for people who want to protect their eyes from harmful radiation emitted

3. Using Diffusers

Diffusers are semi-transparent and translucent glass covers installed over the lenses to reduce light. As a result, the light that passes through these materials has a reduced intensity. You will mainly find these in indoor applications such as classrooms and offices.

4. Installing Dimmers

Glare is the inadvertent result of excessive light entering the eye. So a good idea would be to allow the users to control the light. Installing light dimmers instead of switches is also a great idea.

5. Correct Positioning of Fixtures

Managing glare in the case of indoor lighting is far easier than landscape lighting. Nevertheless, glare from overhead lights is a cause of great concern. In particular, the glare should be managed for outdoor spaces in the design phase.

For instance, any bright light, particularly the streetlamps and facade lighting, may give rise to glare. It occurs due to outdoor illumination in an otherwise dark space.

In such a situation, glare is avoided by installing lights so that they do not directly enter the eye or bounce off the reflective surfaces. A light designer could be of great utility in this case.

6. Choosing Right Color Temperature

LEDs with bluer color temperatures ranging from 3500-6000K cause glare. You can significantly reduce the effect by using warmer color temperatures of <3000K. Warm lights work perfectly for indoor projects. Moreover, you must have noticed how many of the streetlights are warmer in shades.

Warm lights work perfectly for indoor projects.

7. Lens Covers

Different lenses can help control the output flight, making it comfortable. In addition, such lenses are designed to disperse the output light, thus reducing glare evenly.

Examples of lenses are:

  • Prismatic lens

  • Polycarbonate lens

8. Louvers

Such fixtures have parabolic reflectors in a grid pattern inside the lamps. This design helps direct the light downwards or sideways, depending on the angle of the reflectors inside. In addition, the glare is controlled by adjusting the size and shape of the louvers.

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Benefits Of Using LED Anti-Glare Light

Check out some of the essential benefits of anti-glare LEDs.

· Reduces Eye Strain

This light will help reduce eye strain. This is especially beneficial for people who sit in front of computer screens all day long or watch television on a screen at night before bedtime.

· Does Not Create Harsh Shadows

This type of lighting does not create harsh shadows around objects and the like, making it easier to read books and other publications such as magazines and newspapers. When trying to see your work clearly, anti-glare lights become useful; this excludes situations where you need low levels of illumination (i.e., late nights).

· No Emission of Ultraviolet Rays

They do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays into space, making them safe even when used without proper protection from the sun. You can purchase them and use them in your car or office without worrying about UV damage during the day.

Anti-glare lights do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays into spaces, making them safe even when used without proper protection from the sun

· Long Lifespan

Anti-Glare lights also have a long lifespan, so you do not have to spend money on replacing bulbs often. This is especially beneficial for places such as theatres with no windows nearby. It becomes challenging to replace lightbulbs now and then because of a lack of ventilation/accessibility (i.e., closets).

· Increases Productivity

Anti-glare lighting has proven to increase productivity while allowing people enough sleep even when working odd hours. This makes anti-glare lighting an excellent option if you want more than general room illumination but don’t like fluorescent lights.

· Best For Stadiums and Courts

The lighting in stadiums and courts is supposed to be precise because it directly affects the gameplay. The glare can reduce visibility for both the players and the spectators on the field.

Therefore, any glare and discomfort must be reduced by choosing the best brightness of LED stadium lights and the positioning of lighting poles.

anti glare stadiums light

· Aesthetically Pleasing

They look gorgeous! Anti-glare lights make spaces more beautiful and colorful even at low light levels. This allows people to create a certain mood or atmosphere with lighting making it easier for them to enjoy the space around them without having too much concern over eye strain, UV damage, etc.


Anti-glare lights are energy-efficient, reduce glare, & provide true colors while saving you yearly electricity bills. They should be the only bulb type used in homes or work settings for maximum savings effectiveness.

Please note that they may cost slightly more than your average LED bulb to purchase initially but will save you much more over time due to their superior lighting quality and benefits.

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