What Are The Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting and How To Choose?

Outdoor LED lighting has a ton of benefits. Not only is it perfect aesthetically, but it also brings with it additional benefits that enhance your outdoor space. This article is all about the benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting.

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The Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

Lighting has the uncanny ability to set the mood. Using specific lights can allow you to create a beautiful and spellbinding atmosphere. Outdoor LED lighting is a great way to add character to your outdoor space.

An added bonus of outdoor lighting is the additional hours it adds to your outdoor time. A late-night barbeque set with twinkling LED bulbs can easily add to the lively and festive environment.

Similarly, an outdoor party can benefit well with intricately styled LEDs shimmering over the guest’s head and creating a jolly and cheerful space.

What Are Outdoor LED Lights?

Outdoor LED lights are LED lights specifically designed to illuminate the outdoors. Now, you may be wondering why LEDs? Why not HPS lights?

The answer is simple. LEDs are one of the most technologically advanced lights in the market! Innovation is regularly happening upon them, and they are designed to prove extra beneficial to all users.

Admittedly, they may cost a tiny bit more than other lighting types. Still, given their benefits, durability, and lifespan, they are sure to prove cost-friendly in the long run!

Hence, if you choose outdoor LED lighting for your needs, you are guaranteed multiple benefits that you can not enjoy if you select another lighting type.

Outdoor lighting usually includes outdoor landscape lighting, outdoor facade lighting, parking lot lighting, etc.

Outdoor LED Lights
Outdoor LED Lights

Advantages Of Outdoor LED Lighting

Myriads of benefits make outdoor LED lighting one of the best choices for your outdoor space. Each of these benefits is reinforced with detailed facts; hence you are assured that they are, in fact, the truth. Some crucial advantages of these lights are as follows:

1. Durability

LED lights are known for their durability. Even tiny bulbs are super durable and can withstand the onslaught of nature. These lights do not have fragile glass or filament components hence are also shock resistant!

They are entirely immune to sudden vibrations; hence you don’t have to be worried about a sudden jolt shattering the bulb. Plus, this type of light is also best suited for industrial use and domestic use since durability dramatically reduces the overall costs of lighting maintenance.

Outdoor LED lighting is also designed to be utterly resistant to rain and hail. Natural climate changes have absolutely zero effect on the LED’s workings. Plus, they are also resistant to water and can function well in the rain as well!

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Outdoor LED lights are designed in such a way to need as little maintenance as possible. This proves highly beneficial as you need only have a professional check them up monthly or once in two months. You probably won’t ever suffer a defective LED light due to its high quality.

Low maintenance is a godsend for extensive areas such as warehouses that have high ceilings. Regular maintenance of such sites would require additional materials to reach the lights themselves. Hence LED high bay lights are an excellent choice for such situations.

Long hours wasted in maintenance can be avoided. Outdoor wall washer lights also need to be constantly working, and it is not affordable for them to be cut off for a night or two. LEDs and low maintenance aid them in being in tip-top condition!

3. Environment Friendly

LEDs are known for their ‘green’ and organic quality. It is a well-known fact that LEDs do not affect the environment negatively. Unlike other lights which contain toxic materials like mercury, LEDs are made with non-toxic materials.

Their manufacturing process is highly detailed. Every aspect of the LED is checked before it is released to the market. LEDs do not get hot even at high temperatures. Hence you can be assured to never expect an outdoor LED bulb to burst.

Suppose you are using outdoor LED lights to decorate the outdoor area of your business. In that case, you are sure to be well-received by environmentalists. Plus, this added benefit can prove highly beneficial for your business and promotions plans.

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outdoor lighting

4. Long Life-Span

LEDs are known for their long life spans. On average, an LED can run for decades and provide the same brightness as when manufactured. LED has a mean 25,000-hour lifespan which is highly sustainable.

Outdoor lights are required to be switched on an entire night or whenever it is dark; hence a long lifespan is required to ensure that there is no danger of a light running out of power and blemishing the overall lighting of the landscape.

Each light plays into the appeal of a landscape, and even one faulty one can ruin the entire look. A long lifespan ensures that you receive quality lighting for a long time!

5. Security and Well-lit Vision

Outdoor LED lighting is essential as it lights up the outdoor area and, in turn, provides you with a layer of security. If your house or building has a well-lit outdoor space, intruders are easily spottable.

Any CCTV cameras will also benefit from the light as the video becomes more evident. Moreover, the light outside can prove very beneficial for people walking out as they can see where they are going.

Adding small outdoor lights on signs and addresses can also ease navigation in the dark and reduce the number of people getting lost at the night.

Outdoor lights also enforce a warm and welcoming environment for guests visiting your house or building. Studies show that the ‘dark’ is psychologically connected to fear. Hence people are hesitant to go to dark places.

But with outdoor lights illuminating your house or building, you are assured that any guest will surely be pleased and welcome!

6. Beautiful Aesthetics

Outdoor LED lights can be used to highlight your outdoor landscape gorgeously. No matter how beautiful your outdoor area looks, the landscape cannot shine at its best at night without proper lighting.

Tiny bulbs can be used to emphasize certain areas of the outdoors. A centerpiece, like a fountain, can be surrounded by outdoor LED lights to increase the area’s overall appeal.

With a large variety of outdoor LED lights, you can design the landscape of your dreams with outdoor LED lighting. It will show off your style and also increase the overall value of your house or business.

People judge a business and house first by its exterior. A well-lit and gorgeous aesthetic will surely draw them in and cause the value to skyrocket!

7. Operatable in Cold Temperature

In many areas, the outdoors can get pretty frosty. You may be worried that the sudden drop in color temperature may affect your outdoor LED lights. Still, LEDs are not affected by the cold temperature!

In lower temperatures, lights consume a higher voltage power to work correctly. This is the ideal setting for fluorescent lights. LEDs, on the other hand, operate better in lower temperatures. Their overall performance increases as well; hence if you live in a cold country, choose LEDs for all your lighting plans!

This does not mean LEDs perform poorly in high temperatures! LEDs are designed to perform their best at any possible temperature.

8. Instant Switch On

Outdoor LED lights have an instant switch-on feature. Flip their switch, and they’ll illuminate the entire area. This is a great feature, especially for large areas like stadiums. Stadiums require numerous lights, and it will be a big hassle if each takes varying amounts of time to reach maximum brightness.

Lights can take even an entire hour to reach the ideal brightness; this means you will need to have the lights switched on in advance hours before the event to reduce lighting issues.

Compared to this situation, if you use LEDs, you only need to switch them on, and they’ll reach their maximum brightness within seconds! This cuts off the annoying waiting factor and proves more convenient as well!

9. Energy Efficient

Outdoor LED lights are very energy efficient. They use up only 30% of the energy other lights use to power themselves. If you were to replace all the HID lights of your outdoor lighting with LEDs, you would see a drastic difference in energy usage.

This is because outdoor LEDs are designed to provide the best quality without side effects. They are an ideal, smart, long-term investment for any business or house. They will potentially add to their value.

Some outdoor LED lights also have dimming functionality, consuming even lesser energy at a lower setting. This dimming effect can also be used to enhance particular areas of a landscape.

10.  Brighter Light

Did you know an average LED can go up to 10,000 watts? Surprised? Yes, it’s completely true! With so much power at your fingertips, even the tiny LED bulbs can easily meet all your lighting requirements for your outdoor space.

Outdoor LED light especially needs to be of even higher quality and brightness. It is said that enough LEDs can also rival the light of the sun, an exaggeration, no doubt, but their brightness is surely brighter than any average light.

Outdoor LED lights have been highly optimized with the latest technology to ensure they give off the best possible output at all times! Streetlights need to have maximum brightness so that they can illuminate wider areas.

11.  Operates on Low Voltage

LEDs don’t require high power voltage for operations. They can easily suffice with minimal voltage and produce quality light. This is ideal for outdoor areas which have rules on lighting specifications.

Businesses that can pare only minimal resources for voltage can also benefit from using outdoor LEDs to decorate their exterior face.

This benefit of LEDs provides a security measure because high-voltage electric shocks can prove hazardous and even fatal. Compared to that, the low voltage requirement greatly reduces the risk of shock and would not prove hazardous even if it were to happen.

Line Voltage VS. Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: What’s the Difference?

12.  No Heat or UV Emission

LEDs have the uncanny ability to emit zero heat. This plays greatly in their favor as it increases the quality of the bulb in general and prevents any of its fixtures from receiving any additional heat. Plus, it also makes the light ecologically sound.

Since UV rays can prove harmful for lighting up several landscape features, outdoor LED lights are ideal for lighting up such pieces. Other lights reportedly use up at least 90% of the energy as heat, while the tiny 10% is used for the actual production of light. LEDs have no heat; hence, the entire 100% is used for light production.

Plus, you are assured that with no heated-up outdoor lights, there will be no misfortunate explosions that can prove harmful to the surroundings!

How To Choose The Best Outdoor LED Lights?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when out shopping for your outdoor LED lights:

  • Get a professional’s help when choosing the best lighting for your requirements
  • Carefully test the light (Ask for a sample if possible; most manufacturers are happy to provide them)
  • Study the color scheme and color temperature before making decisions (Lights are dependent on the temperature and weather of an area)
  • Plan it out! (An extremely important phase)
  • Make a budget if you plan to decorate a complete building facade (Make it even if you plan on decorating a small space, but a grand project like a building facade will require a proper plan!)
  • Ask questions until you are completely satisfied (Customer service is always available 24/7, so make sure to get all the information you need from them for your ease)
  • LEDs are the best choice when it comes to lighting due to their benefits
  • And lastly, the outdoor space is yours. Choose how you want it to look!


Admit it; you weren’t expecting so many benefits to be affiliated with outdoor LED lighting. Well, now that you know, we bet you are undoubtedly considering purchasing a few beautiful lights to illuminate your outdoors!

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