HEP Group LED Driver

HEP Group LED Driver

RC Lighting is one of the HEP group LED driver distributors in China. HEP Group is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of LED drivers. They always produce high-quality indoor and outdoor constant current LED drivers, and 12V 24V constant voltage LED drivers. We are offer HEP LED drivers at a competitive price. Ask for a wholesale price now!

Featured HEP Group LED Drivers

RC Lighting is committed to giving you only the best light fixtures. This is why we’ve partnered with HEP Group to supply high-quality LED drivers that’ll make your LED lights work safely and efficiently.

hep indoor constant current led driver

HEP Indoor Constant Current LED Driver

HEP Indoor Constant Current LED Driver is responsible for managing the current going into your indoor LED lights. You can choose different wattages and milliampere (mA). It also comes in various styles with low ripple options.

hep indoor constant voltage led driver

HEP Indoor Constant Voltage LED Driver

HEP Indoor Constant Voltage LED Driver helps in managing the voltage that goes to your indoor LED light fixtures. It keeps your lights safe from overheating. You can choose among several styles and voltage preferences.

hep outdoor constant current led driver

HEP Outdoor Constant Current LED Driver

HEP Outdoor Constant Current LED Driver can protect your outdoor LED lights by managing the current that goes through them. The HEP LED driver comes in different milliampere (mA) and wattage. Choose a style that fits your outdoor landscape.

hep outdoor constant voltage led driver

HEP Outdoor Constant Voltage LED Driver

HEP Outdoor Constant Voltage LED Driver keeps sudden surges from damaging your outdoor lights. It also protects it from overheating and keeps it fully functional. Feel free to choose among the different styles and voltage options.

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HEP Group LED drivers are available in different variations. If you don’t find your preferred LED driver from our selections above, we have more styles and functions available.

hep led driver

HEP Group LED Driver Applications

HEP Group LED drivers can keep your lighting system from failure – whether this is indoor or outdoors. You can use this to keep all types of LED lights safe from overheating or consuming too much unnecessary energy.

  • Indoor/Outdoor LED lights
  • Ambient LED lights
  • Decorative LED lights
  • Accent LED lights
  • Emergency lights
  • Street lights

Leading HEP Group LED Driver Distributor and Supplier in China

RC Lighting chose to partner with HEP Group for their LED drivers. We have seen how reliable they can be. You deserve to get only the best products – that means using HEP Group’s LED drivers to keep your lights fully functional and safe from overheating or other potential problems.

led lighting manufacturer

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose RC Lighting?

RC Lighting is committed to be a manufacturer of high-quality LED lights in China. This is why we only partner with the best suppliers. You can trust that every product you get from us is 100% tested and guaranteed to work. So if you get your LED drivers from us, don’t worry. We assure you of its quality.

In Stock With Fast Delivery. We always make sure that our LED drivers are well stocked and ready for delivery. Just give us the quantity you need and we’ll deliver.

Competitive Price. If you’re worried about your limited budget – don’t be. We keep our prices very competitive. You can expect the best value for your money all the time.

Low MOQ. If you have a low order quantity, that’s possible. We only have a very low minimum order quantity. For custom-made orders, you can discuss with our customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find a compilation of the frequently asked questions that we usually get from our clients. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with our customer support.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

You can get in touch with our customer service. They are available 24/7 to receive your questions. Just give them the details of your order and they’ll provide you with a fair quote. Give us your desired specifications like BOQ, size, wattage, style, etc.

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

We have a very low minimum order quantity. You can order one unit and we’ll produce it for you. Let’s discuss your specific requirements.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Yes, you can get a sample of your order so you can evaluate it. Give us 3 to 7 business days to send the sample.

What Is The Turnaround Time On My Order?

The typical turnaround time for our LED lights is 7 to 10 business days. If your location is far, it might take up to 15 business days. For custom and bulk orders, we’ll have to discuss the turnaround time before finalizing your orders.

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How To Buy HEP Group LED Driver - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

As you search for the right LED drivers for your business, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. This can be the case even if you limit your search, such as just to HEP Group’s LED drivers. This guide will teach you more about these lights and how to choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

Table of Contents

What Are LED Drivers?

Before learning how to choose from HEP Group’s LED drivers, make sure you understand what LED drivers are. LED drivers are responsible for “driving” the power to LED lights. You can think of these drivers as a system that manages the electrical current and serves as a buffer for protection.

If you install an LED light system but do not include LED drivers, you are setting the system up for failure. Without a driver, your LED will likely overheat, and it can even get damaged.


Why Choose HEP Group’s LED Drivers?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for HEP Group’s LED drivers. You get all the advantages of using LED lights and the benefits of getting products from a reliable company like HEP Group.

LED Benefits

As mentioned, installing an LED driver is essential if you want to keep your LED lights fully functional without overheating or other potential issues. Using LEDs instead of halogen, fluorescent, or other types of lights will bring you plenty of benefits.


LED lights are energy-efficient. This reduces the impact that you have on the planet. It also saves you money on every single electric bill.


Compared to other types of lights, LEDs last longer. This reduces the cost per year that you use the light. It also reduces the number of lights and components that end up in landfills. On top of that, you will save time and the hassle of choosing a new light, as you won’t need to go through the search process frequently.

Reduced Maintenance

Not only do LED lights last longer than other types of lighting, but they also require less maintenance during that time. This can save both time and money, as you can focus on other tasks or won’t have to hire someone to maintain the lights.

Don’t Overheat

When talking about the importance of LED drivers, a key feature is they help prevent LEDs from overheating by controlling the circuit. This is an important benefit of LEDs, especially since most other lights are prone to getting very hot, especially with extended use.

The lack of overheating is important from several standpoints. It keeps you and others safe, as you are less likely to burn yourself by touching the light accidentally. It also prevents the lights from overheating the room.

What About the HEP Group?

In addition to the benefits of LED lights, choosing HEP Group’s LED drivers means that you get to take advantage of lights from a reputable company. The company has been in business for nearly two decades. It focuses on manufacturing innovative lights that save energy and are environmentally friendly. The company primarily focuses on lights for commercial and industrial purposes. HEP Group has customers in more than 50 countries, which demonstrates the quality of its products.

Additionally, all HEP lights and drivers are engineered to meet extremely high standards. There are numerous certifications, and you will find the latest technologies incorporated into the drivers and other lights.


A Closer Look at HEP Group’s LED Drivers

To make an informed decision as to which LED driver from the HEP Group is right for your requirements, you need a better understanding of the various driver options. The following should give you all the essential information for each product:

Constant Current LED Driver

These drivers are ideal for commercial lighting or lighting in offices. There are dozens of these drivers to choose from, with varying levels of watts and mA. There are also various styles available, including options with low ripple.

Constant Voltage LED Driver

Consider these drivers for lighting furniture or providing indirect lighting. You will have more than a dozen options, so you can choose the voltage and overall style you prefer.

Dimmable CC LED Driver

This type of LED driver is ideal for hotel lobbies, museums, cinemas, or ambient lighting.  These drivers deliver more control as they can be dimmed. They offer the same benefits and general use a constant current driver.

Dimmable CV LED Driver

Consider these drivers for ambient lighting or decorative lighting. As the name implies, these build on constant voltage drivers, adding the ability to dim the light.

Dimmable Fluorescent ECG

Consider this type of driver to illuminate conference rooms or areas of your house. They are for fluorescent lights.

Electronic Transformer

This type of driver is beneficial for accent lighting and decorative lighting.

Emergency Lighting Units

Install these LED drivers to control backup lighting in hospitals, offices, hotels, public areas, and more. There are options for constant current LEDs as well as options for fluorescent lights.

Fluorescent ECG

This type of driver is great for commercial or office lighting. Note that it is not an LED driver; it is for fluorescent lights.


These light drivers are great for street lighting and lighting up shop windows or warehouses. Note that these are for HIDs, not LEDs.

In-track LED Drivers

In-track LED drivers are ideal for commercial lighting as well as hotel lobbies, museums, and cinemas. You can easily fit these drivers inside the light track, allowing for easier installation.

Outdoor CC LED Driver

These drivers are great for wall washers or garden lights. Outdoor CC LED drivers are designed to be safe to use outside and deliver constant current.

Outdoor CV LED Driver

These LED drivers are the perfect system for lights in your garden or any other outdoor area. You can use these drivers when you need constant voltage outside and don’t want to worry about the elements damaging your lights or posing an electrocution risk.


How to Choose HEP Group’s LED Drivers

Knowing more about HEP Group’s LED driver products will give you a head start when it comes to choosing your LED driver. However, you will also want to consider some other factors.

Start by Considering the Location and Use

When looking at HEP Group’s LED drivers, the first thing you want to think about is where you will use them. You likely noticed that each of the drivers from HEP Group is ideal for a different location. This makes it easier to choose one that works best for your needs.

For example, if you want an LED driver for ambient lighting, you may consider a dimmable constant current LED driver or a dimmable constant voltage LED driver. If you are looking for lighting for the lobby of a hotel or another business, you may want one of those dimmable CV or CC LED drivers or an in-track LED driver.

Consider Whether It Will Be Outside (and If So, Check the IP Rating)

While you should always keep your planned location in mind as you choose the driver, this is particularly important if you want to place it outside. In that case, always go with an outdoor driver. These will be rated to work outside and have additional protection like waterproofing.

The IP rating is a great way to tell whether a particular driver is good for outdoor use. Always opt for IP65 or higher if it may be exposed to dust or water. Go with IP67 or IP68 if you need it to be watertight.

Constant Voltage or Constant Current

As you look through HEP Group’s LED driver lineup options, you will notice that most choices are either constant voltage or constant current. Many people need a bit more information before they can choose between these two types.

Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant current LED drivers have a range of voltages that you can use for your output. The current output will have a fixed value in mA.

If you want to use a constant current LED, you will need a specific supply of current. You can see the rating in mA or A in the driver’s description. Essentially, the driver will vary the voltage on the electronic circuit. This keeps the current constant in the system.


Constant current drivers are best if you are using a high-powered LED. They will help prevent you from going over the maximum current for the LED. They also tend to make it easier to control applications. Example uses include:

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Constant voltage LED drivers to work with one DC (direct current) output voltage. Most will be 12VDC or 24VDC, although there are exceptions.

You will need to look at the product description for these LED drivers to see the required input voltage.


Constant voltage drivers are suitable for arrays or LEDs that you know take a specific voltage. The constant voltage tends to be more familiar to installation and design engineers. The systems can also be more affordable, particularly if you have a larger-scale system. Example use cases include:

Of course, if you aren’t sure whether you want a constant current or constant voltage LED driver, our team is happy to help you decide.

Consider Dimming Feature

Think about how you will use the lights attached to the driver. Specifically, consider whether you want to dim them to adjust the brightness or intensity of the light. If you do, there are several great LED drivers from the HEP Group available.

If you don’t think you need a dimmable light, that doesn’t automatically mean you should rule it out. You may change your mind in the future, and it never hurts to get a driver with additional functionality. That said, you may decide you don’t want to sacrifice your budget or other features for dimming when it isn’t essential.

Check Output Current

No matter the type of HEP Group’s LED driver you choose, you want to confirm that your LED’s output current (measured in mA) is appropriate. You need to check the datasheet for your LED light and see the value listed in either mA or A, with 1000 mA (milliamps) equaling one A (amp).

Sometimes, your driver will have multiple output current values. These can appear as a list of potential values in stepped ones or as a range. In the case of a list, make sure your LED’s requirement is on the list. In the case of a range, make sure it falls within the range.

Check Output Power

Next, confirm that the output power (measured in watts, W) is compatible with your chosen LED lights. You want the driver’s output power to be higher than your LED’s. This increases safety. It also extends the life span of your LEDs.

Check Output Voltage

Don’t forget to check the output voltage (measured in V or volts) as well. If you have a constant current, make sure your driver’s output voltage is higher than the output required by the LEDs. If you have a constant voltage, it should be the same as the LED’s voltage.

Remember that you need to add their voltage requirements together if you have more than one LED in a system.

Consider Life Expectancy

You may not realize it, but many drivers will feature an expected life expectancy. This is listed in MTBF (mean time before failure) and measured in thousands of hours.



No matter how you plan to use your HEP Group’s LED driver, you will have numerous options at your disposal. This helps ensure that you will find one that fits your requirements. If you need any help choosing an LED driver or more information, contact our team.

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