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Residential Bollard Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A project is incomplete without a well-thought-out combination of lighting fixtures that cover all the project spaces aesthetically. Residential bollard lights accentuate all the features such as entrance, pathways, driveway, staircases, gardens, and patios of a residency. This guide will walk you through all the necessary details regarding residential bollard lights.

Table of Contents

What Are Residential Bollard Lights?

Residential bollard lights are the typical type of bollard lights that are short, upright, and manufactured in various sizes and shapes. These bollard lights are used to increase the area’s safety and security and enhance the visual appeal of the landscape. Residential bollards lighting can illuminate the dark hours and help develop a well-lit area generally preferred by the public.

residential bollard lights
residential bollard lights

Benefits Of Installing Residential Bollard Lights.

LED bollards lights are becoming more prevalent in the latest home decorations because of their beauty, safety, cost-effectiveness, and many other benefits.

  • Pleasing appearance

Residential bollard lighting fixtures are designed in a myriad of styles ranging from modern ambiance to traditional styles. Such bollards increase the aesthetics of the building’s exterior manifolds and create a lively atmosphere that all the visitors welcome.

  • Illuminance for safety and security

Residential bollard lights illuminate the critical areas in a residential area to increase security and safety. A high level of illuminance decreases the chances of robbery and burglary. A well-lit staircase and pathways help the public strode safety. It increases the overall value of the area.

  • Comfortable Illuminance

LEDs create a comfortable illuminance that is not too harsh on the public’s eyes or causes night pollution. The lumen to watt ratio for LED makes this option the most viable in the market. LED uses less energy without compromising the output light quality. You can also customize the color temperatures and brightness to better suit your demands.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

LED residential bollard lights are considered highly energy-efficient on the market compared to other types of bulbs that use high wattage, dissipate more heat, and waste energy. LEDs require less maintenance in the long run as such lights are long-lasting and durable. Generally, they can run up to 50000+ hours.

  • Safe fixtures

Low voltage residential bollard lights for gardens are not susceptible to electric shock or fire ignition due to moisture or high temperature. So they are highly safe to be used in home exteriors and parks or playgrounds.

What Are The Different Types Of Residential Bollard Lights?

There are many different types of bollard lights based on shapes, sizes, materials, and designs.

Shapes and Sizes: Residential bollards lights can be cylindrical and squared with different heights and widths. You may also find them in distinct geometrical designs offering a more modern look to the exteriors.

Materials: Residential bollard lights are made of several materials such as stainless steel, die-cast aluminum concrete, and wood. Each material serves a different look that goes well with a specific kind of application. Metallic bollards offer modern and contemporary looks, while wooden and concrete bollards exude a traditional style.

Functionality: There are residential solar bollard lights that use sunlight to light up the LEDs offering a drastic cut on the bills and energy usage. You can also go for smart technological features such as dimming and automatic timing control on the LEDs working.

Where Are Residential Bollards Lights Used?

Residential bollard lights are used in various areas, mainly to light up the pathways, staircases, and driveways to create a safe path for visitors.

High illumination Applications: Residential bollards are a splendid way to create safety in residential areas by placing bollards in patios, lawns, and gardens. Bollard lights high illumination is used in streets, commercial areas where high brightness is required.

For aesthetic purposes: Use LED bollard lights in outdoor lawns, parties, wedding events, universities, schools, entrance pathways of homes and offices, etc.

Climate-challenged regions: LED bollard lights are made of robust weather-resistant materials. They use polymer shields to cover the lighting mechanism, making them safe against humidity and rain. These bollards are used in regions with harsh climates as well and near seas and water bodies.

How To Choose Residential Bollard Lights?

Choosing a residential bollard light requires you to understand some aspects of your project area. The final bollard lights solely depend on the kind of application and your space.

Analyze the area.

The area analysis means you mark the points where bollard lights are needed and calculate the space to measure the number of bollards required. This will ultimately demand the lumens required and spacing of the bollard lights.

Decide on the specifications.

Depending on the application, you have to decide which color temperature would go best with the ambiance you are looking forward to. Find the design from a modern look to a traditional look that will blend well with your application’s requirements. One another way is to analyze the kind of audience that will be visiting g the area.

Materials also play a role, such as stainless steel and aluminum lights are robust. Check the RoHS/CL/UTL certifications and a good IP rating.

Finalize the design.

Make sure you use the correct number of bollard lights that illuminate the whole area smoothly. Too many bollards will look cluttered, and too few will create a dimly lit result. The spacing must be calculated using the standards of the bollard lights.

How To Install Residential Bollard Lights Bollard Lights?

Before anything else, be sure you have your safety gloves, glasses, shoes, and have the required tools.

Step 1: The base

If you are working on the ground, then you first have to prepare a solid foundation.  Dig a hole of approximately 24 inches in depth and 12 inches in diameter.  The depth and diameter may vary depending upon the local code, size of fixture, and area.

Step 2: The wiring

Switch off the electricity source. Connect the main wire to the source and take it to the LED fixture. Low voltage LEDs’ wires do not require to be buried underground, but it’s better if you do so.

You can use the plastic conduits on supply lines that connect the mainline to the fixture. It’s better to contact a professional contractor or electrician for this. A professional will calculate the wattage required by the lights and the suitable transformer for the job.

Step 3: Anchor the Fixture

Now you have the hole for the base, and the wiring is complete. The next step is to place the cement anchors into the hole and pour the cement to settle it and dry to get the solid base.  Use the leveling tool to keep the base horizontal.

Step 4: Light up the bollard Lights

Now place the LED fixture on the base and secure it with screws. Place the LED lamp. Connect the supply leads to the LED driver. The installation is complete. It is always best to contact the local contractor for professional installation adhering to the codes and regulations.  Turn on the lights and enjoy.


Residential bollard lights are an excellent investment and in-demand technology for landscape lighting. These are easy to customize, efficient in performance, exceptional for decoration, and easier to install. It saves a lot of money on maintenance and replacement cost, and this is why these are excellent products for your project. Contact RC lighting today!

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