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Outdoor LED Driver

RC Lighting is the distributor of Mean Well, HEP Group, MOSO for Outdoor LED Driver. We also use these branded 12V and 24V LED drivers for our outdoor lighting products and fixtures. Get unbeatable prices, Low MOQ and Fast Delivery. Ask for wholesale price now!

Outdoor LED Driver Brands

At RC Lightning, you will find a great range of Outdoor LED Drivers essential to protect LEDs from voltage or current fluctuations. We cater to both voltage and current LED Drivers to meet your specific requirements and application.

mean well outdoor led driver

Mean Well Outdoor LED Driver

MEAN WELL provides various kinds of LED drivers. These drivers are equipped with 0-10V dimming, DALI dimming, or PWM style output dimming functions.  Engineered with the latest LED technology, it offers the exceptional capability to withstand humidity and high temperatures. The entire series is housed in an aluminum case full potted with heat-conducting silicone thanks to its state-of-the-art design. It’s 93% efficient between -55C to 70C. Get competitive wholesale rates now!

HEP Group Outdoor LED Driver

HEP Group Outdoor LED Driver

RC Lightning is a specialized distributor of HEP Group Outdoor LED Drivers who are exclusively made in Taiwan. These offer DC Output with a constant current of 2100-4200 mA with an average service life of 50,000 h. Works efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°C – +85°C. Typical output LF current ripple ±5%. It comes with automatic overheat regulation and overload protection. HEP Group Outdoor LED Drivers are perfect for exterior lightings, like Commercial Signage/Billboards. Enquire for bulk rates today!

moso outdoor led driver

MOSO Outdoor LED Driver

Moso brings a range of Outdoor LED drivers according to usages like Road Lighting, Rail Lighting, Signage, and Industrial Use. The LED driver innovatively integrates the functions of constant power, 0-10V/PWM dimming, and time control. It offers a wide range of load adaptability and is customized through a micro-infrared controller and a visual programming interface.  It’s programmable and meets the requirements of intelligence and energy saving. Perfect for multiple outdoor applications. Order today at wholesale rates!

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hep led driver

Outdoor LED Driver Applications

LED drivers (sometimes called LED power supplies) are similar to fluorescent lamp ballasts or low-voltage bulb transformers in that they give LEDs the electricity they need to function and perform at their best.

  • Petroleum Plant or Mine Shaft Facility
  • Road and Rail Lightings  
  • Decorative Lightning/Outdoor Signage Billboard
  • Outdoor Telecommunication Equipment Powering
  • Garden Light
  • Wall washer

Leading Outdoor LED Driver Distributor and Supplier in China

RC Lightings is China’s top distributor of Outdoor LED Drivers. From current to voltage drivers – we cater to various brands like Mean Well, Moso, and HEP that can be applied to multiple exterior use applications. We make sure you, as a consumer, are 100% satisfied with your every purchase.

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A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose RC Lighting?

RC Lightings has provided visionary solutions for top architects and light designers for more than thirty years now. Our lights can be found on flagship buildings all around the world. We are known all across the globe for our innovative lighting products, unparalleled quality, and peak performance.

Customer-Centric; We offer application-specific solutions through bespoke products that fully fit the needs of our customers. You always come first!

Technology Leader; RC Lighting solutions are created using cutting-edge technology and are built to satisfy future demands. 

Distribution Power: We have a comprehensive line of high-efficiency drivers in stock for your LEDs, such as HEP, Moso, and Mean Well. Some of the world’s largest fixture manufacturers choose them because they are global power supply companies and leading adapter producers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

For a quote, contact our customer service department, which is available 24/7. You can drop us a message through our website and mention the kind of Outdoor LED Driver you require and for what purpose. Provide us your BOQ and specs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

You can order as few as one unit of whichever product you like. We deliver the product in accordance with your specifications.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Yes, we offer you samples beforehand to test out and be satisfied before purchase. Sample time ranges from 3 to 7 days, depending on the item.

What Is The Turnaround Time On My Order?

An Outdoor LED Driver order takes 7-10 business days to complete, excluding transit time, which can take anywhere from 7 to 15 days, depending on your location.

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How To Buy Outdoor LED Driver - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

When you decide to purchase LEDs, then you need to also consider the LED driver for them. An LED driver is essential for powering up your LEDs and ensuring that they receive the recommended amount of power. Since all LEDs require a driver, you should always get the best one per your LEDs requirements.

Our experts have compiled an easy-to-follow buyer’s guide for you to follow when purchasing outdoor LED drivers.

Table of Contents

What are Outdoor LED Drivers?

An LED driver is, in simple words, a power supply for the LEDs; they are similar to a transformer. The only difference is that the LED driver works on LEDs, and the transformer is for low-voltage bulbs.

LEDs require a low voltage power to function, so if you provide them with a high-power voltage, you’ll only end up frying the entire fixture, adding to your costs. LED drivers are highly optimized and specialized pieces of equipment made specifically to provide the correct Voltage to LED fixtures.

Outdoor LED drivers are designed with the primary intention of use in the outdoors. They are thus durable and shock-resistant. Many are also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any rain shower spoiling them!

The ideal Voltage required by an LED is a mere 12 to 24 volts, but ideally speaking, most areas tend to have a higher power supply ranging up to 277 volts. Connecting your LEDs to this increased power is the best way to damage them. A proper LED driver is recommended in all cases.

· Internal Driver Vs. External Driver

Every LED has a driver; some contain an internal driver while others require an external one. Without a proper LED driver, an LED cannot function. Light bulbs commonly used in the household have internal drivers. The entire bulb needs to be replaced; there are no separate components in internal drivers.

An external driver is commonly used for large-scale lightings. From being used in stadium lights to warehouses to even street lights! Outdoor LED drivers are incredibly versatile and can be used anywhere! Also, a nifty thing about external drivers is that if they are faulty, you only need to replace the driver, not the entire LED fixture.


Which Outdoor LED Driver Do You Want?

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing LED drivers is what type of driver do you want? There are three types of drivers: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, and a hybrid of both. Now comes the main question, which one is the best suitable for your requirement?

It depends on the LED you use. All LEDs come with a datasheet that holds the information needed to determine which driver would work best with them.

· Constant Current

Constant Current LED drivers, also known as CC drivers, can deliver continuous Current to an electronic circuit with variable Voltage. These drivers are the go-to for almost all LEDs. CC drivers also tend to be versatile as they can be used for singular bulbs and long fixtures.

You can also apply a CC driver to your LEDs in a series circuit. This way, you can power up a long chain of LEDs without any complicated circuits. Note that the risk of using a series circuit is that if one bulb proves faulty, the entire circuit can be compromised.

Constant Current drivers can be used for multiple lighting schemes such as in-office lighting, highlighting lights, LED sign lights, flashy entertainment lights, and retail shop lighting.

· Constant Voltage

Constant Voltage LED drivers, or CV drivers for short, have a set voltage that they supply to the circuit. They act like literal power supplies. In contrast to CC drivers, CV drivers are best used in a parallel circuit. This way, you can run multiple LEDs simultaneously and escape the issue of one faulty LED shutting down the entire circuit.

One issue this brings up is that the circuit becomes very complicated. Still, you escape the danger of a total blackout. You also don’t need to take apart the entire circuit to find the faulty bulb with a parallel circuit.

LED strips are an excellent choice to use in a parallel circuit powered up by CV drivers. You must make sure that the overall voltage output of the CV drivers meets the requirement posed by all the LEDs in the circuit.

CV drivers are best suited for outdoor street lighting, architectural lighting, and even light engines. In truth, outdoor LED drivers are primarily constant voltages and are best suited for large-scale lighting.

· Constant Current and Constant Voltage

Now that you know what CC and CV drivers are, let’s talk about the best of both worlds: A hybrid outdoor LED driver with CC and CV! These drivers have a feature of switching between the two modes as per the situation’s requirement. Applications that require a versatile and flexible power input are best suited with this hybrid driver.

These drivers ideally are on CV mode for normal operations. Still, if the output current crosses the set limit of Current, then they will switch to CC.

In the end, the type of driver is based on the type of LED you have. At RC Lighting, we distribute multiple branded LED drivers with our LEDs. All the drivers we provide have different functions available. We also recommend which one is best suitable for which LED.


Essential Factors to Ask Yourself about Buying Outdoor LED Drivers

When it comes to purchasing Outdoor LED drivers, experts recommend that keep the following factors in mind to properly scope out the type of LED drivers you want:

  • The type of LEDs that are required
  • The number of LEDs required
  • Inspect the recommended driving Current for the LEDs of your choice
  • Constant Current or Constant Voltage?
  • The type of power you want to use; can be AC, DC, even batteries.
  • Consider the space limitations
  • Total costs
  • Performance and efficiency required
  • The main objective of the LED drivers
  • Any requirement of additional features

You need to have complete knowledge about the factors mentioned above. When you purchase the Outdoor LED drivers, you have the criteria in mind for it.

RC Lighting is the famed distributor of many brands of outdoor LED drivers, including HEP Group, Meal Well, Moso, amongst others. Each of these brands is of extremely high quality and provides diverse options to choose from.

Plus, our experts are ever-present to guide you in your search for the perfect outdoor LED driver for your use!


Things To Consider When Choosing Outdoor LED Driver

We recommend that you be thorough and careful when buying outdoor LED drivers since they will be powering up your LEDs. So, if you optimize your lighting game, you must make sure that the LED driver is of good quality.

Our experts recommend that you consider the following factors when choosing an outdoor LED driver so that you can buy a quality driver for your lighting plans:

Output Power

You need to make sure that you choose an LED driver with the same value as the LED you want to power. We recommend that you get a driver with a slightly more power output as that will elongate its life span by a considerable amount of time.

Furthermore, the power value for LEDs does not consider other external factors. Thus, an outdoor LED driver with a higher power output is best suitable in any situation.

Please make sure that you are not using an extremely high-power output driver as that is very dangerous! Always refer to professional help whenever you are confused about the power requirements.

Output Voltage

This factor depends on the fact if you are using a CV driver or a CC driver. For CV drivers, you need to make sure the driver gives the same output voltage as the LEDs. Note that any additional LED adds to it, so you will need a driver that offers the same output voltage as the combined LEDs!

For CC drivers, you need to get a higher driver than the Voltage required by the LEDs for the best results.

Output Current

For the output current, it is essential for you to always refer to the datasheet of the LEDs. For CC drivers, you need to make sure the values are the same. If you get a driver with a higher current output, you will only decrease the lifespan of your LED.

Getting the recommended value will increase the lifespan and efficiency of the LED. Always stay in the range of the LEDs required currents, and you are good to go. CV drivers don’t have any specific requirements for Current.

IP Rating

IP Rating is the mapping of how water and Dust resistant your LED driver is. An IP rating of IP65 or IP66 is recommended for outdoor LED drivers, as this rating will allow you to be protected from any amount of Dust and water projected at it!

The IP rating is a number. The first digit represents its resistance against solids, and the second digit signifying its resistance against liquids.

The IP Rating numbers mean as follows:




No protection against solids


No protection against liquids


Protection against solids objects greater than 50mm


Protection against tiny drops of water


Protection against solids objects greater than 12.5mm


Protection against tiny drops of water at a 15-degree angle


Protection against solids objects greater than 2.5mm


Protection against a spray of water at a 60-degree angle


Protection against solids objects greater than 1mm


Protection against a spray of water at any degree angle


Protection against Dust


Protection against jets of water at any degree angle


Completely Dust-tight


Protection against strong jets of water




Protection against water submersion at a depth of 1 m




Protection against water submersion at a depth over 1 m


UL Class

There are two UL classes of outdoor LED drivers. UL Class II drivers are designed to specify all the safety standards imposed by UL1310. They are safe to use, and there is no risk of injury when handling them with your hands. They go up to an average temperature, and there is absolutely no risk of them exploding or causing fires.

UL Class II drivers can operate with the following:

  • Up to 60 volts for dry applications and 30 volts for wet applications
  • With a current less than 5 ampere
  • Powerless than 100 watts

UL Class I drivers are designed to provide power much higher than UL Class II drivers. They require safety precautions when it comes to handling them. Their high-power output also proves more efficient than UL Class II drivers. They can supply multiple LED lights with power.

Water Resistance

Your outdoor LED driver must be water-resistant so that you can avoid any short circuits during rain. Also, extra water resistance adds a layer of additional durability to the entire driver in general.


The dimming factor is available in CC and CV drivers, but not all drivers have this feature. We recommend that you survey the datasheet for the driver to check if it is dimmable or not. If there is no mention of dimming, then the driver does not have this feature.

Dimming itself is a complicated topic, and our experts will gladly guide you through it. The specifications for AC and DC dimming are different. You may end up a little confused with all the numbers, but not worry, our helplines are always available 24/7 to help you out!


Why Buy Outdoor LED Driver from RC Lighting?

RC Lighting is affiliated with multiple high-quality brands that manufacture quality LED drivers. These outdoor LED drivers are

RC Lighting distributes LED drivers for several brands, each providing several different features to cater to other preferences. Our professional team of experts also guides you on which LED driver will be the best for you.

With RC Lighting, we have both LED lights and their drivers available for purchase at reasonable prices! With 24/7 customer service and professional insight, you will never regret choosing us.

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