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led high bay lights

What Are LED High Bay Lights And Why You Should Use Them?

LED high bay lights are appropriate for indoor areas with high ceilings. It uses LED light bulbs that don’t emit ultraviolet (UV) or mercury to produce light. That makes it safer compared to other light bulbs. It’s economical and easy to maintain – making it the optimal solution for workplaces.

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led wall washer

LED Wall Washer: The Definitive Guide

LED Wall Washers can provide a stunning look to your architectural projects and endeavors. R&C Lighting is not only dedicated to providing the best quality wall washers to illuminate your dreams but also any kind of technical or non-technical help regarding the product.

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light color temperature

What is Color Temperature and How To Choose?

Color temperature is a significant factor when considering buying a LED lights. This post will tell you what color temperature is and how to choose the right color temperature for your lights. Let’s dive right in.

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lumen to watts

Lumen to Watts: The Complete Guide

Lumens and watts are the often-repeated terms used to represent the light output of the lamps. Before buying the correct type of light, you must understand the conversion of lumens to watt, luminous efficacy, comparison of different lighting technologies, and ways of selecting the best light output. This article will be your ultimate guide to the topic.

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led flood lights

What is LED Flood Lights and How to Choose?

One of the most widespread types of lighting used to illuminate large outdoor spaces is LED flood light. In contrast to traditional flood lights, LED flood lights are designed with a higher level of quality that allows LED flood lights to survive in the outdoor environments in which they are installed. And they also provide a bounty of advantages for their users.

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dmx controller

DMX for Outdoor Lighting: The Definitive Guide

This guide is all about DMX for outdoor lighting projects. We will walk you through all the components of a DMX system, wiring and configuration, installation, advantages and disadvantages, limitations, and tips for choosing the best DMX for outdoor lighting. Let’s start!

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outdoor lighting led driver

Outdoor Lighting LED Driver – The Definitive Guide

This is the most complete guide to outdoor lighting led driver. In this guide, we will tell you the types of led driver, and how to choose led driver for your lighting fixtures, and we will also list the top 10 Led driver brands for your reference. Let’s dive right in.

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