How to Illuminate a Church with LED Lighting?

Lighting is an essential part of any sort of decoration. Lighting in churches should be done in ways that not only enhance the church's beauty but also properly illuminate the whole area.

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However, the unique architecture of a church requires a more sophisticated lighting setup than what you would typically see in a commercial or residential space. This ultimate guide will help you to know how to use LED lighting to create illumination in churches.

Church Lighting Basics

There are a few basics to keep in mind when choosing LED lighting for a church. First and foremost, you have to know the floor area and ceiling height of the church. The dimension of the platform or stage is also an important thing to note.

Then LED lighting fixtures with the right color temperature and intensity should be chosen accordingly. It can have a significant impact on the environment of a church. Because too bright light can disrupt the mood of the audience.

On the other hand, too dim light will make it difficult to see things clearly and navigate around the place. Nowadays video recording is common in churches. So it is important that the church interior has sufficient visibility.

Why Pick LED Lights for Church?

There are many reasons for choosing LED lights for proper appropriate lighting and proper illumination in churches. The main reasons are given below:

Church illuminated with LED Lighting

Lasts Longer

The bulbs of an LED lamp have a longer life span compared to any other bulbs. The average lifespan of an LED light can be 100,000 hours or more. So, you should be able to use LED lighting elements for almost 11 years without any worries. For this reason, such light can be used in churches without worrying about changing the light for a long long time.

Saves Energy

LED fixtures are made to consume less power compared to other types of lights. LEDs consume about 80% less power. For church lighting, a common stage light is the PAR 64 light. If such lights are made from incandescent lamps then they will need 1000 watt power. LEDs on the other hand will only need 75 watts to operate.

Produces Less Heat

We know that energy can not be created nor destroyed. For incandescent bulbs, the electrical energy is converted into more heat energy compared to LED fixtures. In other terms, LED fixtures produce less heat. So when it comes to energy savings, LED fixtures to consume considerably less power. It also reduces maintenance costs.

Light Categories for Church

To create illumination in churches with LED church lighting, there are so many options of lighting elements. These lighting elements mainly depend on various architectural elements and other things. However, the categories of LED church lights are described below:


The floodlights are also called soft-edged lights. The reason is this type of light can produce smooth areas. Moreover, it can cover a wide range. Putting such light output gives a soothing wash light feel to church lights which are quite flattering when the audience looks at them.

Floodlights are better for use as outdoor facade lighting as these lights can be motion activated. But these lights have the ability for illuminating curtains and so setting up these lights is a little challenging.


Spotlights are just the opposite of floodlights. This means spotlights are known as hard-edged lights, unlike floodlights which are called soft-edged lights. The control system of this light is easy because of the crisp edge and the stand.

There are many kinds of spotlights such as moving head spot, follow-spot, and ellipsoidal spotlights. In churches, LED spotlights can be used to put focus on a particular spot. For example, when a speaker speaks on the stage, the spotlight can focus on the speaker.

Key Lights

The key lights are the type of LEDs that gives a warm white light output. Such light is perfect for all types of skin color. So, this light should be used in churches for worship spaces, pastors, or preachers.

Moreover, this type of light is perfect for video recording. Nowadays, lectures and other activities in churches are recorded or videotaped so that they can be used later for education or teaching purpose. In such cases, these LEDs are perfect.

Beam Lights

Beam lights are different compared to all the other lights stated so far. Beam lights are used to focus on a particular point within the spotlight. As mentioned earlier, LED spotlights can be used to put focus on a particular spot.

After focusing there, beam lights can be used inside the spotlight area where a more particular object or a person can be highlighted. So, different churches need different beam lights based on the task of the LED beam light.

Wash Lights

Sunday services are the most important services in a church. In this case, it is very important to pick the right LEDs to illuminate with church lighting. In this case, LED wall wash lights are a perfect choice.

Because, when it comes to creating an amazing background, wash lights with LED colors are pretty good. Moreover, the color and the hue can easily be changed for this type of LED. For this reason, you can have a huge color range for the background.

LED Fixtures

The lighting within a church should be bright enough for the audience to see each other in the time of congregation. Also, the people on stage should be visible clearly for video recording and live stream purposes.

For covering all these areas, modern LED fixtures are the best solution. Not only do such lights save energy and generate less heat but also show the natural skin tone in live stream compared to any other lights we find or see in the market.

DMX LED Lights

Churches nowadays are using DMX technology for controlling LEDs in house lighting duties. They are quite convenient as house lighting can be easily controlled by the operator while lighting up the church at the same time.

DMX LED lighting has versatile color options and the lighting can be configured creatively with specified time intervals as well. Therefore, it is an excellent stage lighting element. It is also good for the live stream of the program.

LED Video Panels

If a program is occurring in a big church, then it is normal for the audience at the last end to miss the activities on the stage. In this case, a big screen helps to show the activities by live stream. Live stream screens are hard to watch with all the church lighting.

But it can be easier if the live stream screen has LED panels. Because LED video panels can help to damp the light that reflects the live stream screen. So, in big churches, it is a good idea to use LED panels for live stream screens.

Various Positions for Church Lighting

Illuminated Church at night

Now that you know which LED is perfect for what type of task in churches, it is time to learn about the position of lighting in churches. Different lighting positions in churches are described below:

Back Lighting

This type of lighting is typically used at the back of the stage. It is a great lighting technique for giving a unique aesthetic look. LED fixtures as backlighting are a good choice for variation and power saving.

Although, using only a backlight without any other lighting design is not a good idea. Because these create a halo effect. It is better to use a backlight with other lights such as the side light, front light, etc.

Front Lighting

This is the primary lighting source for any church. For providing appropriate lighting to the congregation people, the front lights are usually placed in the rigs. The most common positions for these lights are trusses, beams, or overhead of the congregation people.

Too many front lights is not a good idea because it damps the other lights. To create a perfect environment, it is best to keep a balance combination of front lights with other lights.

Down Lighting

Down lighting aka foot lighting design is used instead of or along with the candles in the church. This is basically the position on the foot of the stage where different colored effects are used to give an attractive look to the stage.

Side Lighting

This lighting position is located at an angle at the bottom or side of the stage. This is mainly used to give more coverage area to the lights at the down lighting position. If the lights are set on a vertical boom at any side of the main stage this is also called the side lighting position.

High-Side Lighting

If lights are placed on the sides of the ceiling of the church then the position is known as high-side lighting. This position is important because it helps the congregation people clearly see the facial expression of the pastor, preacher, or people who are on the stage to worship.

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