The Best Natural Light Lamp for Modern Offices

Have you ever squinted at your computer screen, even though it's smack in the middle of the day? Or felt that unexplainable fatigue creep in despite your morning coffee being warm? 

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It might not be your workload or caffeine tolerance but the lighting in your workspace. In our quest for the most modern and tech-savvy offices, we often sideline one of the most crucial elements: good, natural light. 

Here comes a natural light lamp – not just a bulb, but a mood-lifter, productivity booster, and a little slice of the outdoors, right at your desk. Let’s delve into why this might be the unsung hero your office has been waiting for.

Understanding Natural Light Lamps for Modern Offices

You’ll be amazed at natural light lamps’ benefits to your workspace. From boosting employee productivity to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, these lamps positively impact energy levels and the overall ambiance. 

Think of them as your trusty companion during those late-night work sessions, keeping your spirits and creativity flowing.  So, as the night falls and tranquility surrounds you, rest assured that a natural light lamp will keep you company and your motivation alive.

natural light in office

The Benefit of Mimicking the Sunlight in the Workplace

Using sunlight-like lamps in our offices can make a big difference. Here’s why it’s a good idea:

1. A More Productive, Creative Workforce:

Let’s chat numbers for a second. A poll involving 1,614 North American employees revealed something pretty cool: access to natural light and outdoor views topped the list of desired office perks. It beat out on-site cafeterias and even premium perks like on-site childcare. Why? Because sunlight does wonders for us.

Workers blessed with natural daylight in their spaces reported a whopping 51% drop in eyestrain, a 63% decrease in headaches, and a 56% reduction in feeling sleepy during the day. Imagine that! Fewer coffee breaks and more time feeling energized and ready to tackle that to-do list.

So, the next time you’re daydreaming at your desk, wishing for some outdoor magic, remember: it’s not just about the view. It’s about how that golden sunlight can supercharge your workday, making you more productive and sparking those creative juices.

2. A Wealth of Physical Benefits

Optimizing lighting has become paramount with the proliferation of personal computers in offices. Here’s a deep dive into the benefits of mimicking sunlight in the workplace.

Adequate natural light in the office contributes to the physical well-being of employees.

  • Preference for Natural Lighting: When workers were asked about their preferred lighting systems, most favored lensed indirect lighting over parabolic lighting. This preference was consistent even among those previously working under parabolic lighting.

3. Improved Mood and Mental Wellness

Our bodies are biologically wired to respond to sunlight. When exposed to natural light, our brain releases serotonin, often called the “feel-good” hormone. This neurotransmitter is pivotal in regulating mood, appetite, and sleep. In essence, sunlight acts as a natural antidepressant, lifting our spirits and enhancing our overall mental well-being.

SAD is a type of depression that occurs at specific times of the year, typically during the fall and winter months when daylight is scarce. Symptoms include hopelessness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and changes in sleep patterns and appetite. The primary culprit? Reduced exposure to sunlight leads to a drop in serotonin levels and a rise in melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

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4 Steps to Choose the Best Natural Light Lamp for Your Office

Here are four pointers to remember when looking for the best natural light lamp for your office.

1. Finding the Perfect Balance

The right lighting can be a game-changer. It can turn a dull, dreary desk into a vibrant, energizing workspace. But with so many options out there, where do you even start? Let’s break it down together.

  • Natural Light Source: First, examine your workspace. Identify where the natural light comes from. With sufficient natural light, you can dim or even turn off artificial lighting during the brightest parts of the day. Consider the placement of windows and how they affect the overall illumination.

  • Artificial Light Adjustments: Modern LED office lights often come with features that allow you to adjust their brightness according to the time of day. They can start bright in the morning and gradually dim as the day progresses. This mimics the natural light cycle, helping balance natural sunlight and artificial lighting.
Finding the Perfect Balance between natural light and artificial light

2. Color Temperature

The color temperature of your office lighting plays a pivotal role in the health and productivity of your team.

  • Warm Lights: Warm yellow or orange lights are generally better for relaxing and unwinding.

  • Cool Lights: Cool blue or white lights are ideal for waking up, working, and concentrating. Both fluorescent and LED bulbs emit light in the blue and white spectrum, making them perfect for morning illumination. LEDs also allow you to adjust the color and temperature, enabling them to mimic the natural light outside.

3. Understand the Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how accurately a light source reveals the true colors of objects, people, and surroundings. A high CRI value, close to 100, means the light source will depict colors very similarly to how they would appear under natural sunlight. This makes selecting a natural light lamp an essential step toward achieving optimal lighting in your workspace.

high CRI natural light lamp in office

Accurate color representation can be crucial in an office setting, especially for professions like graphic design, art, or any field where color differentiation matters. Moreover, lighting with a high CRI can enhance the overall ambiance, making the space feel more natural and comfortable.

A natural light lamp with a high CRI will not only help in achieving accurate color representation but also complement the existing natural light, thereby uplifting the overall lighting scenario of your office.

4. Expose Your Team to as Much Natural Light as Possible

Not all offices have abundant natural light. While older buildings might boast large windows that flood the space with sunlight, newer constructions might need more window size and placement, leaving certain areas dimly lit.

If your office lacks sufficient windows, it’s essential to invest in lighting that mimics the color and temperature of natural light. This brightens the space and offers sunlight’s psychological and physiological benefits, such as improved mood and productivity.

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Balance is key. If you can access some natural light, complement it with artificial lighting that simulates sunlight. This ensures that every office corner is well-lit, creating a harmonious and productive environment.

5 Best Natural Light Lamps for Workplace

Choosing the right lighting for your workplace can significantly impact productivity and overall well-being. In this guide, we’ve selected the top five natural light lamps that excel in providing quality illumination to enhance your workplace.

1. Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp by Lavish Home

This lamp by Lavish Home is a game-changer. At first glance, you might think, “It’s just a lamp.” But dive deeper, and you’ll see it’s so much more. With its sleek, no-nonsense white design, it doesn’t just stand on a desk; it owns it. And the light? It’s like a slice of the sun right in your room.

This lamp is like a breath of fresh air for individuals indoors. The bendy gooseneck is an excellent feature. Whether you’re lost in a gripping novel, sketching your next masterpiece, or squinting at tiny text, this lamp’s got your back. It’s not just about lighting up a space; it offers a remarkable light intensity.

Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp by Lavish Home


  • User-friendly with an easily accessible on/off switch and warm light.
  • Emulates the brightness of a sunny day.
  • Flexible gooseneck for directional lighting.
  • Available in seven finishes to match different interiors.


  • The design might need to be revised for some modern aesthetics.

2. LED Desk Lamp with 5 Lighting Modes

The LED Desk Lamp is a testament to modern design meeting versatility. Crafted with a full metal body, it exudes a sleek and contemporary vibe. But it’s not just about looks; this lamp has features. With 5 lighting modes and 9 brightness levels, it caters to various activities, from intense work sessions to relaxed reading times. 

The 72 full-spectrum beads ensure the light is gentle on the eyes, reducing fatigue and providing a comfortable ambiance. The touch-sensitive panel and memory function add a layer of convenience, making adjustments a breeze. It’s like a light therapy lamp designed for the modern individual who values style and functionality. It’s a top choice for indoor lighting.



  • Multiple lighting modes, brightness levels, and top light exposure quality.
  • Sturdy metal construction with adjustable features.
  • Non-flickering light for a comfortable experience.
  • Touch-sensitive panel with memory function.


  • Potential for the metal body to heat up over extended use.

3. Full Spectrum Natural Light Lamp by Bell+Howell

Bell+Howell’s lamp is a nod to those who appreciate the finer details in design. With its adjustable gooseneck, this lamp is as flexible in positioning as it is in its aesthetic appeal. It promises to deliver a burst of natural sunlight, even on the cloudiest days. 

Whether you’re engrossed in a gripping novel or sketching your next masterpiece, this lamp ensures perfect lighting conditions. And with a bulb lasting up to 5,000 hours, it’s a companion here to stay.

Full Spectrum Natural Light Lamp by Bell+Howell


  • Consumes less power, reduces environmental impact, used as a night light.
  • Emulates the brightness and warmth of natural sunlight.
  • Adjustable gooseneck for precise lighting direction.
  • A long-lasting bulb ensures longevity.


  • It might be too tall for some desk setups.

4. Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp

The Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp is more than just a light source; it’s a statement piece. Standing tall at 63 inches, this floor lamp is designed to bring the essence of a sunny afternoon into your workspace or living room. It’s not just about illumination; it’s about creating an ambiance. 

Whether you’re a graphic designer needing to see true colors or someone who simply enjoys reading, this lamp promises clarity and comfort. Its design is versatile, fitting effortlessly into modern or traditional spaces. And for those long winter nights or early mornings? This lamp is a beacon of warmth and energy.

Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp


  • It is ideal for tasks requiring accurate color representation.
  • Suits various decor styles, from modern to traditional.
  • Imitates noon sunshine, boosting energy and reducing tiredness.
  • A sturdy base prevents any tipping hazards.


The design might need to be more complex for those seeking a more contemporary look.

5. Vansuny Clip on Light LED Desk Lamp

The USB-powered clip desk lamp is a versatile lighting solution for modern workspaces. Equipped with three lighting modes and 11 adjustable brightness levels, it caters to various tasks, from reading to intensive work. Its flexible gooseneck and clip-on design ensure precise lighting while saving desk space. 

The lamp’s 48 LED beads also provide soft, flicker-free light, making it gentle on the eyes. Its energy-efficient design and user-friendly USB power source make it eco-friendly and convenient for users of all ages.

Vansuny Clip on Light LED Desk Lamp


  • Offers multiple modes and brightness levels.
  • Clip-on design maximizes desk space.
  • Provides soft, non-flickering light.
  • Remembers last-used settings.
  • Consumes up to 85% less power.


  • Requires a USB port for power.
  • Might not fit thicker table edges.


What Is the Best Light for an Indoor Office?

You’d want something that feels as close to natural sunlight as possible. LED lights tagged as “daylight” or “full-spectrum” are your best bet. They give off a vibe similar to that lovely midday sun, which can boost both your mood and work efficiency.

Is it Safe for Our Eyes to Use Lights that Try to Copy Sunlight?

Absolutely! As long as they’re designed right. These lights aim to bring the good parts of sunlight indoors, minus the harmful UV rays. But it is always a good idea to pick high-quality ones that promise a steady, flicker-free glow. Your eyes will thank you.

Can I Find a Lamp that Feels Like Actual Sunlight?

Yes! There are lamps out there that are crafted to feel just like sunlight. Look for ones labeled “full-spectrum” or “daylight.” They’re especially handy when you miss the sun, during those long winter months, or in a room without windows.

ones labeled "full-spectrum" or "daylight."

What Kind of lighting Should I Go for If My Office doesn’t Have Windows?

You’d want lights that compensate for the missing sunlight in spaces like that. Full-spectrum LED lamps are the way to go. They not only brighten up the place but can also lift your spirits and energy. It’s like having a slice of the outdoors indoors!


That’s all! You now have the information you need to use natural light lamps in your office. Understanding the requirements and benefits of natural light lamps is crucial in selecting the product for your needs.

There’s no question that light lamps offer advantages and can greatly enhance the working atmosphere in an office. This guide also recommends natural light lamps for your office space.

So, if your office environment lacks productivity or focus, it might be worth investing in natural light lamps. Regarding high-quality options, rclite is a company you should consider. They offer a range of premium lamps that can meet the demands of your office working environment.

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Our meticulously designed lighting solutions aim to mitigate common lighting issues such as eye strain and the impacts of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Experience a substantial reduction in daily health complaints and foster a conducive environment for your well-being. Contact us to customize a dedicated natural light lamp for your office!

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