How to Choose the Best Office Desk Lamp

The article aims to guide readers through the diverse array of office desk lamps available, focusing on their design, functionality, and impact on productivity. From understanding task lighting to picking the right lamp design, this guide will provide all the necessary insights.

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lighting fixture in workplace

It’s very important for us to have a comfortable office or study space as the workload is a lot and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable space to work in. One of many things that are required on your workstation is a desk lamp.

It’s vital for you to have a perfect desk lamp for your desk as it not only improves your productivity but also causes less eye strain and headaches. So it is crucial to choose the right desk lamp. hopefully, after reading through this article, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

The Role of Task Lighting in Offices 

In the modern office, the role of task lighting is pivotal. It goes beyond mere illumination; it’s about creating an environment where productivity thrives.

What Is Task Lighting?

Task lighting is using light to complete certain tasks, which could be reading, writing, or anything that requires visibility. It is used to add light to certain areas to make them more visible and to reduce eye strain and headaches. Types of task lights include but are not limited to, desk lamps, swing arm desk lamps, overhead spots, table lamps, and even book lights.

Benefits of Effective Desk Lighting

Good desk lighting helps you complete your tasks easily and comfortably. Effective desk lighting can bring a lot of benefits to your work as well as your health.

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1. Lightens up the Mood

Sitting for many hours trying to complete your work can get quite frustrating and decrease your productivity, but having the right desk lamp lighting can, to some degree, get you in the right mood and help you work on your craft more effectively.

2. Prevents Eye Problems and Headaches

If the light distribution on your desk is equal and brightness levels are not too bright and not too dim, this environment would be ideal for your eyes as it would not cause any strain, and you’ll be able to complete your work and not have any eye problems or headaches to worry about after that.

3. Helps to Focus More

The right environment in your workstation is very important as it helps you to focus more on the task at hand, and effective desk lighting helps to build that environment.

 Types of Office Desk Lamps

Based on the types of bulbs, desk lamps can be distinguished into 5 categories:

  • Desk Lamp with Halogen: If you are the type of person who spends long hours on his desk, then this desk lamp is ideal for you. This bulb consumes a lot less energy, typically 20 to 30% less than a standard bulb, and is long-lasting as well; a typical halogen light bulb can last up to 2500 hours, while a standard light bulb can last up to 1000 hours. Also, its strong white light reduces eye strain.

mid century modern industrial counterbalance halogen desk lamp

  • Desk Lamp with a Broad Spectrum: For all the interior designers and graphic designers out there, look no further as this lamp is the best desk lamp choice for you as it covers all the colors in an electromagnetic spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared. Not only that, a full-spectrum desk lamp can also reduce headaches, eyestrain, and overall fatigue that one can experience in his or her job.

Desk Lamp with a Broad Spectrum

  • Desk Lamps with LEDS: LED lights have become very popular recently, and people are using them to decorate their rooms, gaming setups, and even cars. Using these Lights in your desk lamp can be very useful for many reasons. Firstly, they emit significantly less heat than any other light and give maximum light output.LED light is a focused light, meaning it emits in a specific direction and does not spread in all directions. It would be a smart investment to have these lights in your desk lamps.

  • Desk Lamp with Fluorescent Light Bulb: Fluorescent desk lamps are more effective than ordinary lamps and last almost 11 times longer. They provide light to larger areas, so they can be very effective if you have a large desk space. This sort of desk lamp also comes in various sizes and styles, so you can choose any style according to your liking.
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8 Steps to Select the Perfect Desk Lamp 

There are many things a person should consider before buying a desk lamp. Although everyone has a different workstation, they have to take into consideration the same steps to buy the perfect desk lamp that is best for their workstations. (H3 and bullet points are for reference only. We welcome you to write better content and improve formatting.)

First, Considering the Purpose of Use

1. Placement

The main purpose of a desk lamp is to provide enough light for you to carry out your tasks; if you have bought a very expensive and great desk lamp for your home office or study place but due to less area on your desk, you cannot perfectly place it on your desk, than that would be a waste of money.

There are many desk lamp types to fit your workstation. if you have a small desk, then a small desk lamp would suit you the best, or you could use a desk clamp to fix the desk lamp on the edges or some other place to your comfort so you have more space available.

2. Design

If you are a student or you have a home office, you have to spend a great chunk of your day on your desk, so it is very important for you to decorate it properly and according to your comfort.

Now, of course, people want a desk lamp that will look stylish in their office. Many desk lamps today are modern or sleek, but you can also look for options that match your taste, whether traditional, boho, eclectic, or something else.

office desk lamps

3. Light Power

As mentioned before, the basic purpose of a desk lamp is to produce light for you to carry out your work easily, so when choosing a good desk lamp, you have to take into consideration the light power. A good desk lamp would be one that comes with multiple brightness settings so that you can change it according to the brightness and how much light you need, causing less strain on your eyes.

4. Size

Desk lamps shouldn’t be so large or small; they should be tall enough to easily cover and make all your work on the desk easily visible.

5. Adjustability

You should be able to control the direction of light, where you need it, and where you don’t. So the ideal choice would be to choose an adjustable lamp with an adjustable head, an adjustable arm, or a flexible metal neck so that you can position the light instead of moving your work in the direction of light.

adjustable desk lamp

Next, Consider the Cost

Of course, you have to consider the cost, and spending large amounts of cash wouldn’t be right for a desk lamp. Hopefully, after reading through this section, you will have a clear idea of which good desk lamp to buy according to your budget.

6. Material

The material of the desk lamp determines how long it will last, so it is important the material be of quality. Aluminium is a great material, but it can get expensive usually, the price is in the range of 200 to 300 dollars.

Desk lamps made of plastic are also available, and they are less expensive, within the range of 20 to 50 dollars, if you want to buy a lamp for the basic purpose, which is to provide light and see no point in spending so much money then this is the right choice for you.

7. Types of bulb

The type of lighting you want in your desk lamp is important as you want to be as comfortable as possible and avoid eye strain.

choosing the bulb for desk lamp

If you are willing to spend some dollars, LED bulbs would be the ideal choice. Other than LED bulbs, halogen bulbs or fluorescent bulbs would be a better choice as these are less expensive and have greater light output.

8. Efficiency

If you want to choose the perfect desk lamp, you must have a bulb that is the most efficient. LED light bulbs are the most efficient of all the bulbs.

They can work up to 50,000 hours, have many lighting temperatures and lighting options, plus make your dorm room or office space a lot cooler.

Which Light Color Temperature Is Considered the Best Desk Lamp Lighting?

There are three types of lights: warm light, cold light, and natural light. Each light is useful depending on which work you are doing.

Say you want to relax and just read a book, then the best light to use would be of a warm color temperature, which would be in the range of 2500K to 3000K.

If you want to set the tone of your workplace to something comfortable, then set the color temperature of the desk lamp to around 4900 to 6500K, which is that of natural light.

Say you have an important exam tomorrow, or your boss has given you a lot of work that he wants by tomorrow. You would need to focus to get done with your work on time, then set your desk lamp color to blue light, which gives a temperature in the range of 6500K. This brightness and color temperature create the best environment for you to focus in.

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The Best Desk Lamps of 2023

Now you know the types of desk lamps and what you want to look for when buying a desk lamp, here are a few desk lamps that are considered the best desk lamps of 2023

1. BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp

This lamp has a built-in LED wide light, which means that it can cover large areas so you can see everything properly across the desk.

You can adjust the tone depending on if you are trying to concentrate or read a book, and it is adjustable as well. If you want to learn more about this, watch this video.

2. Lepower Metal Desk Lamp

If you are looking for an affordable desk lamp that will help you in your office place, then this lamp is perfect. This lamp comes with the feature of a flexible neck, so it can cover every angle you need.

This desk lamp does not come with built-in LED lights but comes with the feature of a replaceable bulb. Thus, this gives you flexibility to add a bulb of the temperature and light of your liking.


3. Dyson Solar-Cycle Morph

This lamp is an LED desk lamp with a lifetime of more than 150,000 hours. This lamp has a wide range of movements, automatically turns off when you are not present in the room, and automatically adjusts warmth. You can also control this lamp through the Dyson app.

But this lamp is very expensive, and the physical controls of this lamp are quite tricky to understand.

dyson lightcycle morph cover

Trending LED Office Lamps

How efficient an office lamp is depends on its functionality and performance. Led lamps are preferred over incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs in an office space due to their many advantages mentioned above. Here are a few examples of trending office lamps.

1. Uplift LED Desk Lamp E7 With Clamp

This lamp extends to almost 37 inches, and you can easily position it out of the way of your workplace. you can even fix it on an edge, making more room for your workload, or just add a lamp base to place it on your desk.

The lamp’s arm has three pivot points, so you can adjust the height and the angle, but the only problem is the head of the lamp can’t be tilted.

2. 360 Lighting Flynn LED Desk Lamp

This lamp offers all the features that are required for a productive workspace. It has a 12-inch wide head that illuminates large areas and can be adjusted to any angle with the help of a dual-segment arm.

360 Lighting Flynn LED Desk Lamp

The head can also rotate to an angle of 240 degrees, so you won’t have any issue adjusting to the light direction. There are a total of four brightness levels to choose from depending on the amount of ambient lighting present in your room.

The lamp also has a pull-out dock to help you place your work iPad or phone at a comfortable viewing angle. The lamp also has a 6-foot-long power cord, which is plenty of length to reach a wall outlet easily.

3.EppieBasic LED Desk Lamp

If you have a lot of gadgets on your desk, such as a laptop computer screen, then this desk lamp is an ideal choice for you. This lamp is designed in a way that it clamps on the edge of the desk behind the computer and has a tall gooseneck of 27.5 inches to arch over your computer screen.

The LED lights brighten up the keyboard and your work area without causing a glare on your computer screen, decreasing the chances of eye strain. It also automatically adjusts its brightness and color temperature according to the ambient lighting in your room.

EppieBasic LED Desk Lamp

4. Industrial Dimmable Desk Lamp

This lamp comes with two USB ports, so while you work, you can easily charge your phone or whatever device without getting up and hindering your flow of work. This lamp also has a 360-degree adjustable head so you can easily position it without moving the whole lamp.

Also, the LED light bulb gives a comfortable, relaxing, and cozy soft glow with no flicker, no dazzle, and less strain on the eyes. It also comes with a touch sensor technology that allows you to power the lamp on and off and control the brightness and color temperature.


Now, every person has a different desk lamp in mind for their office or study desk, but hopefully, after going through this blog, you will have enough insight into what to look for when buying a desk lamp. If you are looking to decorate your workplace with LED lighting, then feel free to check our website.

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