10 LED Landscape Lighting Trends You Need To Know About (2024)

We have gathered 10 stunning LED landscape lighting trends that can bring diversity to your lighting methods and improve your project’s value and worth. Follow these trends to start a dialogue between the viewers and the landscape. Light up your projects brilliantly!

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Trend #1: Cost Efficiency And Sustainability

The world is moving towards greener and safer solutions. LEDs have evolved ever since they were first used. Now you can save energy and cost huge amounts over some time. Let’s take a closer and more detailed look at how LEDs are cost-efficient for your projects:

Lesser Energy Consumption
LED lighting uses approximately 80% less power than incandescent and halogen lights. Although the LEDs demand a higher initial investment, this money pays off drastically in the long run as they last 15-20 years. You will require a lowered number of replacements which will eventually reduce the overall cost.

If all the lights are switched to LEDs, we can save up to 348 TWh of power by 2027. This adds to a total saving of $30 billion at current prices. Now you can imagine how energy efficient this investment is and for the future of your projects.

For a better depiction, have a look at the table below (source), the cost to light up a 6-foot tree for 40 days using LEDs and incandescent bulbs:

Light typeEstimated cost
Incandescent C-9 lights~$10
LED C-9 lights~$0.27
Incandescent Mini-lights~$2.74
LED Mini-lights~$0.82

A Greener Future

Lesser energy consumption will directly help save the planet. According to a recent study by the US department of energy, LEDs contain no mercury and therefore have little environmental effect as such lighting demands fewer watts and causes lesser greenhouse gas emissions.

You can extract more light for extended periods with much less power. Project managers and contractors are now moving towards following this trend to save money and the environment.

Trend #2: Smart And Intelligent Lighting

Companies and manufacturers are headed towards finding more innovative technological solutions to make our lives easier and more intelligent. The trend is rapidly shifting towards smart and intelligent LED lighting. Now, what is the meaning of smart lighting?

Smart lighting means higher security and control of the lighting with simple remote controls and even voice commands. You can connect the smart landscape lighting to Alexa, and Google Assistant has full control over the functioning of lights. The latest technology allows you to dim, illuminate and turn off/on specific sections of the outdoor lighting as per mood. This also directly saves energy and costs and improves the security of our courtyards and gardens.

Sensors And Solar Powered Lighting

Smart technology also includes the emerging trend of using sensors and solar-powered lighting. The idea of lighting turning off when you leave that area sounds fascinating, right? And imagine saving all the energy money as the sun powers up your patio lights. You will not have to remember to turn off the lights in the morning as they will automatically shut down. Moreover, the installation does not involve a nest of wires and extension cords; you can adjust the lighting timings.

Although solar-powered lights demand a higher investment cost, considering the long-term benefits, it is always the wiser option. Solar LED lights have a long life of 6-7 years. Such lights cannot ignite a fire as there are no wirings to cause short-circuiting, thus, drastically improving safety. Moreover, their off-grid nature reduces maintenance costs to a great extent.

These advantages have upped the game of smart technology in the modern world.


Trend #3: Dark Sky Compatible Lighting

Have you ever heard of light pollution? In simpler terms, the excess light glares at night due to manmade resources that can adversely affect the natural order of life is called light pollution.

It has become a grave concern for stargazers and environmentalists as urbanization rises and new buildings and lighting are installed rapidly. The world is moving towards lighting solutions that can reduce such pollution, and the solution is called ‘dark sky compatible lighting.’

avoiding light pollution
avoiding light pollution

Manufacturers have now designed light fixtures that can drastically reduce the glaring effects and direct the light to the ground. Moreover, designers look forward to improving the replacement and installation techniques to minimize resultant light pollution.

Fixture Types
Designers and manufacturers have developed many shapes and fixtures type for the cause. Such fixtures produce a shielded light that is directed downward only. Which further facilitates better visibility at nighttime.

a. Dimmable LEDs also play a significant role in reducing light glares at night. You can quickly turn down the light intensity according to your needs.

b. Furthermore, you can also reduce pollution by using warmer color temperatures. Blue light is harmful to humans and nature. Companies now opt for ‘warm’ light colors, usually no more than 3000K.

Have a look at the fixtures shapes below that are now trending on the market:

night sky compatible fixture solutions
night sky compatible fixture solutions

Trend #4: Outdoor Integrated Linear Lighting

Linear lights are long and linear luminaires that can be suspended, mounted, or recessed in the ceiling or ground. Nowadays, linear lighting plays a huge role in illuminating the outdoor features in a landscape area. Using various geometries, linear lighting can be used to achieve a variety of lighting styles.

Linear-integrated lights light up the side of the pathways and other elements such as pools, stone benches, fences, the perimeter of the deck and patio, curbs, etc. These lights give off a modern and minimalist feel while improving the public’s safety.

outdoor linear lighting
outdoor linear lighting

Flexible Strip Lights
We have included some project pictures to realize better the beauty these flexible strip lights can offer. They can be used to light up the staircase for better visibility or decorate peculiarly shaped elements in the landscape region.

flexible strip lighting
flexible strip lighting

Trend #5: Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan lighting is for you if you want to give your outdoor project an exotic look that will instantly catch the visitors’ eyes. Moroccan lanterns have a rich history, a convergence of African, Indian, Persian, and European cultures that have resulted in an intricate yet beautiful design idea for landscape lighting.

The details and the complex and symmetric patterns of the Moroccan lamp fixtures evoke a sense of surrealism and otherworldliness. This beautiful invention trends in residential projects, restaurants, museums, libraries, etc.

Such lighting fixtures can also be designed to hold candles to elaborate the beauty even further. You can hang the Moroccan lights on the trees and pillars in your backyard, patios, and lawns. Moreover, some lamps can also be placed on the floor instead of hanging. Create mesmerizing effects with these beautiful light fixtures and increase the value of your décor with this latest trend.

stunning moroccan lamps
stunning Moroccan lamps

Trend #6: Classic Lanterns

If you want to establish a rather traditional and classic look in your landscape, then you should look at the various lantern styles that can pull off that look. Lanterns never run out of grace. They have been around forever, and they never cease to accentuate the area due to the brilliant allure and aesthetics they have to offer.

Decorative lanterns come in a multitude of shapes, designs, and colors. We can find paper lanterns, magic lanterns as well as glass lanterns. The options are never-ending.

Lantern fixtures can be made to hand on the landscape’s poles, trees, and tall elements. They can also be placed elegantly on the sides of the stairs.

As mentioned before, the trend is now moving towards solar-powered lighting. You can easily find solar-powered lanterns to enhance the outdoor sitting area. 53% of customers now prefer solar-powered products.

Glass Globes
The most trending lantern style is the traditional glass globe that gives a nostalgic look to the glass bulbs of the 1800s.  These glass lanterns are now making their way into contemporary landscape design ideas.

glass globes
glass globes

Trend #7: Brass and Copper Scones

The more brass and copper, the better! Some of the most stylish trends include brass and copper fixtures that are prettier and not to mention durable. People want versatility in their designs, and copper/brass fixtures do justice to this thought. You can achieve a retro and chic allure, attracting the public significantly.

The outdoor-indoor style spaces require lighting fixtures that can create a cohesive look. Brass and copper fixtures give a warm and friendly indoor feeling to the outdoor areas of the residency.

Copper vs. Brass

Both materials are excellent choices for fixtures. However, in some instances, copper takes the lead.

  1. Copper can easily last longer than brass. It has a high resistance to water and weather, making it best for outdoor applications.
  2. Another advantage of copper over brass is that it is highly eco-friendly. Copper can be recycled and maintains its value throughout time, contributing to its unparalleled sustainability.
copper hanging outdoor lamps
copper hanging outdoor lamps

Trend #8: Outdoor Bollard Lighting

Bollard lights will always be in trend for outdoor lighting projects, and their popularity is increasing. It is the best way to illuminate your garden areas, driveways, backyards, parks, and public and commercial areas. Bollards are short-heightened masts usually placed on the sidewalks, the start, and end of the pathways, to improve security at nighttime.

Choosing the Right Type of Bollard Lights

There is a vast variety of bollard lights that you can choose from according to your existing space, style, and design. It is best first to analyze your project and the current other lighting fixtures to find the one bollard light type that complements the whole area.

  • The different types of bollard lights come with varying reflectors, resulting in a different ambiance and mood. These reflectors can also be customized to change the light’s direction and intensity.
  • Place the bollard’s lights in a zig-zag pattern rather than straight for a visually pleasing effect. You can put them at the periphery of a geometric region to enhance its visibility in the nighttime.
  • Check the voltage of your landscape lighting. You can also find line voltage and low voltage bollards lights on the market.
  • Depending on your application, you may want to explore solar-powered or controlled bollard systems. Such lighting fixtures are best for commercial purposes.
Bollard Lights
bollard lights

Trend #9: Ground Lighting

Well-lights or in-ground lights give off an aesthetic and trendy look that will never go stale. These lighting fixtures are embedded in the ground and are not visible, which makes them superbly aesthetic. The small profile makes them ideal for creating excellent lighting styles without drawing attention to the lighting fixtures.

There are various ways to install in-ground lighting. We have gathered some trending ideas for you to consider:

  • You can easily illuminate the pathway and passage using inground lights. It creates a mesmerizing look and improves the security and safety of the area.
  • Well-lights can accentuate certain outdoor area features, such as shrubs, trees, benches, flag poles, and fountains.
  • Light up the stairways and driveways but choose the well light that can withstand the weight of a person and a car.
  • Underwater well lights are used for ponds, swimming pools, and fountains. Flaunt your garden pools most pleasingly.
marble tile playground in the night backyard of mansion with flowerbeds and lawn with ground lamp and lighting in the warm light at dusk in the evening.
In-ground lighting

Trend #10: Projection of Images or Videos on the Ground

This is the newest and most unique trend that can easily capture the attention of a broad audience. Companies are now opting for projecting still images and mesmerizing videos on the pathways, sitting areas, and nearby facades, creating dynamic art on mundane grounds. Manufacturers build high-quality, robust lighting fixtures that can throw highly realistic images on landscape regions. Symbols, logos, short messages, and fun patterns are now being designed that can create a magical environment and fascinating effects. Furthermore, the images and videos can be changed regularly.

projecting pattern on the ground
projecting pattern on the ground

Formation of Lighting Textures 

Nowadays, some fixtures are designed to deconstruct the light and create pleasing and contrasting patterns on the grounds. Varying filters and reflectors are installed to create the effect according to the client’s demands.

The designers have permanently opted for eliminating the ‘pointillistic’ frame in projectors to create a homogeneous and smooth light. However, this effect is being re-created to bring about textured lighting effects.

In some fixtures, the refractors can be controlled to change the blurriness of light on-spot.

decontruction of light
deconstruction of light


We can say that following the newest trends can increase the value of your projects. People love to see and experience new things, and you ought to incorporate such lighting designs to stay on par with the competition. Landscape lighting has evolved and unfolded many options that are highly in demand now. Contact RC Lighting and get a quote for your upcoming projects now!

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