Color Your Facade and Landscape with Outdoor RGB LED Lighting

Outdoor RGB LED lighting can not only change the way your space looks but can also create a well light environment for its users. By changing colors to suit any mood or occasion, outdoor RGB LED lights allow homeowners and business owners to instantly transform their homes, buildings and stores.

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Invented by Thomas Alva Edison, the light bulb has been a fundamental tool in our homes for ages. It was only natural that it would take time to create more sophisticated versions of this appliance with higher functionality and efficiency than ever before! One such innovation is RGB Lights, which can change colors to produce specific effects like rainbows or even breathing animations in our lives.

For example, why not use RGB color-changing lights on your patio umbrella if you’re hosting a party outside with friends? Or maybe you want to ensure that no one will sneak up on you while sitting in the backyard at night; set an alarm tone through our app and brighten up the area around you!

What is RGB Lighting?

RGB stands for the colors red, green, and blue. These three components of an LED spectrum produce over 16 million hues in full color – which can be divided into various shades! Some things you might not know: pigment-based colors such as brown or pink aren’t achievable with RGB LEDs either way.

rgb lighting
RGB lighting

What is RGBW Lighting?

RGB White is a light concept that uses four subpixels (red, green, blue, and white). In the regular RGBW format, these are all used at their highest intensity to produce brighter whites than those of an ordinary LED with traditional colors like red or green dominating. The RGB W terms come from (RGB W)white.  

rgbw lighting
RGBW lighting

The Differences Between RGB and RGBW Lighting?

LEDs are an excellent way to add color and light to your home. They can be used with any number of different fixtures, so you’re sure to find one that suits the look of every room in it!

Some types, like RGB LED strips offer incredible customization options, while others, such as white LEDs, give off purer whites when lit all at once thanks to their inclusion within an already existing mixed-colored spectrum; they create shades from greenish-yellow through bluish violet by varying quantities – if three colors (red+green) generate most illumination output is white but at four times input power another semiconductor provides its contribution which results in.

RGB and RGBW lights are distinguishable by their connection ports. RGB LEDs have four pins, while white lighting has five; there is no need for an additional hook on a controller to use these types of LED strips with various forms of color correction when controlling them from afar through remote control systems.

The mounting of RGB and RGBW is the same. When an appropriate controller is employed, installation and initial operation are not complex for either type of system; however, there may be difficulty regulating due to the inclusion of additional functionalities in LED strip lighting, which makes these goods more costly than traditional colored lights but also adaptable if needed at any time without needing constant maintenance like bulbs to do with tungsten filament lamps or neon signs respectively – they can change their color temps easily when something goes wrong automatically too!

Benefits of RGB Lighting

  • Optimal health and relaxation

They are described as emotionally calming and may be helpful to your skin, and are also often used in skin therapy. Blue lights are said to be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which is enough reason! Green lights alleviate stress, while pink ones bring feelings of love.

  • Countless color combinations

How color LED lights are employed is an example of beautiful design. They can be used not only for stages and presentations but also in any other sector that requires a sleek look with added flair – like advertisement displays or business signage!

That is when tailored lighting is most necessary. Often, there is an infinite number of color possibilities accessible. For instance, our RGB under cabinet lighting is available in over 16 million colors. If you cannot locate the color you need, it may not exist.

  • Reduced heat 

You might be surprised to learn that the contrary is true. LEDs use less energy and produce less heat (and are more affordable!). There’s always an advantage to conserving money and resources, like those on your computer screen or some other device!

Where Can I Use RGB LED Lighting?

A variety of applications, including building facade lighting, stage lighting designs, house illumination, and LED matrix displays, are possible with this product. LED lights have become popular because of their efficiency, color spectrum, and extended lifetime. They may be used for night, art, and outdoor lighting. Among other things, these lights are utilized in the electronics and automotive sectors for signs and many other purposes.

rgb outdoor lighting
RGB outdoor lighting

Different Types of RGB LED Lighting

Here is a brief list of different types of RGB LEDs:

RGB LED Wall Washer

Wall washing is a critical feature of architectural lighting because it creates an enveloping or spatial environment. Until recently, this was only achievable with custom optics incorporated into standard luminaires and square designs, but now there’s the option for narrow linear LED profiles to perform well in such demanding applications as wall washing too!

led wall washer rgb
led wall washer RGB

These offer a variety of colors and selectable color modes, allowing you to choose your preferred color. You can also control the brightness, and every color is dimmable. It also has four color-shifting patterns: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

They are made with durable metal housing, and high-impact glass shields them from rain or snow while also ensuring that the light remains stable in all weather conditions, making them great to have around during those dark winter months when you need an extra helping hand! With an IP65 waterproof design, this product can handle exposure better than ever, so your landscape lighting will look brighter no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this time.

Unlimited applications, from lighting landscapes to illuminating artwork. This durable RGB LED wall washer light is perfect for outdoor use and can even be used as a spotlight on billboards or at nighttime events!

led wall washer 画板 1

RGB Linear Lights

Linear lighting is a type of lamp with the shape of an elongated spike. Often these lights will hang from ceilings or sink into walls and can either be mounted on surfaces such as those found in homes above ground level or sunken underground, where they’re used for mining work environments.

RGB LED Linear light comes in various colors and settings, including automated color changing. It can be operated remotely from up to 20 meters, in open places, or through walls. Additionally, it is capable of controlling many lights simultaneously.

Each RGB LED linear light has a built-in memory module, which ensures that even when the light is turned off, it retains the color and setting last used when turned back on.

These lights are sturdy and ideal for illuminating your shop, billboard display, or outdoor marketing. It’s even tough enough to work in inclement and damp weather.

led linear light
led linear light

RGB LED Floodlights

The primary objective of an LED Flood Light is to brighten up your outside space with a high-intensity light. LED Flood Lights provide a brighter, more intense light to safeguard and protect your outdoor environment. This lighting method is often utilized to illuminate regions for security, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, building wall washing, and areas utilized for sporting activities and other significant sites that need broad outdoor illumination.

It is offered in a range of colors and settings. It is operated by a 24-key infrared remote control, which simplifies the handling and management of the RGB lighting.

These are dustproof and waterproof to IP67 standards, allowing them to function flawlessly in the rain, sleet, and heavy snow. It has a broad range of applications and is particularly well-suited for gardens, terraces, weddings, parties, parks, stages, landscapes, buildings, courtyards, and streets.

Designed to last over 50,000 hours, the LED Flood Light is made with a die-cast aluminum casing and an efficient cooling design that increases its durability. With reliability as their top priority, these lights can withstand and improve performance in any situation!

led architectural floodlighting
led architectural floodlighting

RGB Fountain Lights

Illuminating home ponds, koi ponds, boat docks, waterfalls, and business fountains is possible with completely submerged LED lights or RGB Color Changing underwater LED lights meant for permanent installation underwater.

Underwater light fixtures not only give off a fantastic glow but also have some other neat features too – these products can be used on land as well, making them perfect additions whether you’re looking for landscape lighting near docks, or fountains at home, beaches, etcetera.

Most RGBW fixtures can be controlled simply with a DMX decoder/driver. These waterproof (IP68-rated) LED underwater fountain lights are submersible. They are manufactured to be well-made with a clear glass trim and have a stainless steel housing and trim face.

This underwater pond light is simple to install, and alter the illumination point to suit your preferences; just put it vertically or horizontally on a level surface. Alternatively, you may remove the suckers and mount this lamp to the wall.

It provides an excellent ambiance for aquariums, fish tanks, fountains, swimming pools, garden ponds, and waterfalls, among other things.

led fountain lights
led fountain lights

RGB Strip Lights

RGB Strip Lights combine the three primary colors: Red, Blue, and Green, to generate any hue shade. They may also create pure white light. The controller determines its output.

The lights may be used as accent lighting at home, carefully positioned beneath objects to cast a casting glow, providing an artistic touch. Used as task lighting and decorations in a variety of placements and styles. Their low power intake makes them ideal for household usage; your electricity expenses will scarcely be affected. Only your imagination limits you.

RGB LED strips are the lifeblood of advertising, the most refined approach to catching prospective clients’ attention. Signs and walls, as well as doors and windows. Most commercial ones employ bright colors and dazzling displays. They also work nicely with accent lights to create a relaxing ambiance for consumers.

Billboards and signage have used multicolored lights to convey their message for years. Using RGB LED strips has made this much more straightforward and inexpensive. They save electricity and maybe replace it instantly. They also include complex control systems that let users create as many message versions as they like.

RGB strip lights are particularly useful in autos. They may be placed in vehicles, motorbikes, and even road bikes. To generate a stream of colorful lights within the wheels, they may be put up inside the automobile or the wheels. They may be used for head and tail lights or increased visibility.

rgb strip lights
rgb strip lights

RGB Landscape Spotlights

Designed to highlight columns,  pool enclosures, dormers, second stories, tiny trees, and sculptures, these lights provide appropriate light to your architecture and landscape. Landscape lighting enhances the attractiveness and warmth of a property. It demonstrates your concern for the beauty of your house and property while also improving the value of your home. Your outside environment will be more comfortable with landscape lights.

Although LED lights are more costly to purchase initially, they are well worth the investment in the long term. This is because they last far longer than halogen lights, ranging between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. You may be sure that your landscape lighting will last much longer than a year.

Typically constructed with a thick aluminum shell and a glass lens cover, these are resistant to rain and snow. IP65 waterproofing significantly increases the durability and long-term usage of outdoor lights. The fin-shaped metal body efficiently dissipates heat and protects the lights from overheating during extended use, extending their service life. The RGB spotlights can be fixed on the wall or sunk into the ground with the included metal stakes.

led landscape spotlights
led landscape spotlights

RGB Christmas Lights

RGB effects and lighting must be included to maximize your display’s potential. In many circumstances, RGB pixels may control every bulb on a strand or strip separately, allowing you to generate any color you can imagine with a single bulb.

The string light can change color in 16 different ways. The subject can be used in different modes and patterns like Waves/Strobe/Asian/Fade/Jump/Mode, the change in speed will match all methods and models. The color-changing string lights are lovely mood lighting and may be used in various ways to decorate for a celebration or game day. Add color to your festivities with RGB LED Bulbs or lights easily.

How to control RGB LED Lights?

Various controllers can control RGB LED light strips. LED controllers will vary from single-zone RF to multi-zone DMX controllers with capacities of up to 500.

Using RGB LED controllers is much simpler. They independently control each color’s strength of the red, green, and blue channels. For a purple hue, turn up the red and blue channels while turning off the green.

There are several RGB LED light strip controllers available. Their numerous subtypes are listed below:

1. RF LED Controllers

The best way to regulate and customize RGB LED lights is through radiofrequency. You may choose analog or digital, wired or wireless, with a range of up to 20 meters! They’re compatible – thus convenient for any situation.

2. RGB LED Inline Controllers

Inline controllers are a great way to add function and flair while transforming your lighting. What’s more, these cute little guys can do so much! With the ability to control the color or brightness of an entire strip with just one touch each time you want something different up in here – who needs dimmer switches when we’ve got this?

3. DMX LED Light Controllers

A DMX controller gives you total control over your lights. It used to be bulky and heavy, but not anymore! The app on your phone or computer will let you dim the stage lights right at home in minutes without ever having to leave behind what’s happening onstage – all from wherever it is that suits YOU best!!

4. DALI LED Controllers

DALI is a great way to create a more unified look for your space. These controllers can be used in public places like offices and hotels. They can program lights from different color presets or change their brightness level so they always match what you want them to!


Buy RGB Outdoor Lights from RC Lighting

At RC Lightings, we are always searching for ways to enhance and support the lives of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with the most outstanding possible lighting solution. The LED lighting solutions manufactured and distributed by our company are known for generating distinctive lighting experiences in both indoor and external environments.

Lighting designers and contractors throughout the globe know they can rely on us to provide high-quality LED strip lighting. Quality components are equally as important to us as excellent customer service.

We are ready to help, whether you need a bespoke or off-the-shelf solution to your lighting problem. Send an inquiry now!


LED lights can be used for various purposes. Some are more appropriate depending on the space you want to illuminate or protect from intruders, but they all have pros and cons.

 If you’re unsure which type of light will work best for your needs, contact RC Lighting today! We’ll help guide you through options based on your priorities and price- cost savings or optimal lighting quality. We cater to easy shipping options and manufacture and distribute many brands.

Let us know what kind of outdoor LED light solutions you need so we can design a beautiful light solution just for you. Order today and add to color your world with outdoor RGB led lighting!

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