Magnetic Track Lighting: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a stylish and functional way to light up your space? Look no further than magnetic track lighting! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this unique form of lighting. Read on to learn about different types of magnetic track lighting, how to install it, and more!

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Magnetic Track Light System

It is a low voltage system for indoor lighting. It consists of an assembly that can hold various light sources while using magnetic attraction.

The magnetic track lighting system can have various lengths and sizes. Additionally, the specifications of lighting differ according to the lighting fixtures.

However, the light fixture should be able to fit into the magnetic track lighting system. You can find these lighting fixtures commonly with LED lights and magnetic lighting designs.

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Magnetic Track Light

What Makes Magnetic Track Lighting Special?

The whole system allows light fixtures to move around without the need for tools. This makes the magnetic track system a much more efficient method of setting up a lighting system. It also uses a clip-on magnet which rules out the need for mounting hardware.

Several people also use it with ambient lighting in their retail store indoors. Magnetic track lighting systems have a steel channel fixed into the wall. 

This allows easy mounting points on the lighting fixture. You need to attach the fixture to a magnet that you can move immediately.

Magnetic Track Lighting

The magnetic track lighting grew popular thanks to the recent lighting trend. For example, several people are using magnetic track lamps and linear lighting fixtures to give the indoors a unique look.

In addition, the light bulbs in these magnetic track lighting systems need to have an equal distance. Otherwise, they would look less attractive.

You can use any combination of lights in the track system but most people completing decoration choose linear lighting in their line voltage systems.

This allows the lighting to move to any position without any auxiliary tools. A rail lighting is also very popular when it comes to functional lighting as it allows evenly distributed lighting.

Users may still need to replace the magnet in the magnetic track lighting over time if they want the fixtures to cast light correctly.

It will also allow your light source to stay in place and track heads to stay in one position. You can check out its installation method and then add it accordingly.

While the magnetic track lighting can adjust in straight lines or various designs in general lighting, we suggest you choose the right magnetic track lighting system. There are several factors that you need to consider before choosing a lighting system.

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Magnetic Track Lighting

Choosing a Magnetic Track Lighting System- Tips to Know

Following are the tips that you need to follow to choose a magnetic lighting system for your home’s electrical circuit and mounting system.

Think of the Spacing of the Track System

The first thing that you should consider when looking for a magnetic track lighting system is the kind of track pieces you want and adding different spaces to it. You can meet the installation requirements only if you take care of the spacing correctly.

The best way to do this is to think of an ideal design for your indoors. It does not matter if you want the magnetic track lighting system for commercial or personal use.

You will need to consider the right design for your indoor space. It is essential to balance different spaces between the light bulbs because it can impact the decoration.

Ideally, the spacing should be 5 inches between each lighting, but you can make changes to it according to the number of bulbs and area that you wish to cover.

You can come up with the ideal design and add upholsterers and furniture accordingly. Spacing shouldn’t be a problem as long as you space them evenly.

Height of the Room

Next, you need to consider the height of the room where you wish to add the lights. It is important to remember that the bulbs can only emit light to a certain height as you would not want to spend all that time setting up the magnetic track lighting on high ceilings only to see that the room does not light up properly.

Therefore, you should assess the height of the room and the light emission of the bulbs that you use.

The lighting tracks have different sizes. For instance, 7-foot length is the smallest size and 10 and 12-foot lengths are also available. Therefore, you must have enough space in the room and on the wall for the magnetic track lighting.

Consider the Right Bulb Type

There are several bulb options that you can also choose like the magnetic track. Halogen lights are a common and efficient choice for bulb types. In addition, you should also consider the kind of fixture you have because it will affect the ease and functionality of the lighting maintenance.

Consider Reflector Panels

Reflector panels are a great way to maximize the light transfer that you get indoors. It provides maximum light reflection and allows the light to disperse evenly throughout the room.

They can also allow the direction spread of light as compared to diffused lighting. The reflectors fit the best in retail stores, where shop owners need to make customers focus in a particular direction.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is a key player while choosing a magnetic track lighting system because it will impact your bills.

It is an important factor to consider, especially if you wish to use the magnetic tracking light for a longer period or if you will keep the lights on for longer hours.

Choosing less energy-consuming light bulbs for the magnetic track lighting system will benefit you in the long run. You should get your track lights checked from a reliable source if you do not wish to have trouble later on.

Remote Options

While this is not a necessity, but adding a remote control option to your magnetic track lighting can help you automate the process.

You can add remote lighting to the track and then switch it on and off whenever you want. These lights also allow users to adjust their brightness and intensity making them equally functional for all kinds of indoor spaces.

Circuit Options

Circuit options can help you control the way your lights turn on and off. For example, you can either go for a series connection, which has all the wires connected to a single system.

Alternatively, you can go for a parallel connection that lets you turn the lights on in sections. It is also helpful as it will save some of the lights in case there is a power surge.

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Track Type

The track-type that you choose for indoors will also have an impact on the overall outcome of the lighting system. Therefore, you must focus on the right track type. A 48 V track type is the most popular for its effective results and designs.

Beam Angle

Not many people know this, but magnetic track lighting can have a beam angle if you use a movable light source in it.

Therefore. you must consider the right angle for your indoors. For example, you wouldn’t want to aim the light towards a mirror as the reflected light will impact how your room looks.

Most of these magnetic track lighting options have a 45-degree angle which helps them provide light at a balanced angle.

Color Temperature

The color temperatures of the magnetic light also matter. You can choose a cooler shade bulb or a warmer one depending on how your preferences.

Most of the retail shops use a warmer tone for places they want the customers to pay attention to. However, others may use monorail lighting and a simple power supply in their magnetic track lighting.

Color Shift

The color shift is not a factor for magnetic track lighting but it can impact the number of times that you need to change the light bulbs.

The color shift refers to the cases where the lights dim out from their stock color and lose their intensity over time.

Keep in mind that the bulbs do not need to stop working for this issue. They can simply dim down, which will affect the amount of light that you receive indoors.

Is it Difficult to Install Magnetic Track Lighting?

It is not difficult to install magnetic track lighting if you choose the right options. Following are some easy installation methods you can choose for your magnet track lighting options.

Recessed Installation

This type of installation is suitable for new buildings as it is simple and easy.

Surface Mounted Installation

This involves adding the lighting on the track without making any cuts on the roof surface.

Suspension Installation

Lastly, suspension installation works best for indoor installations for areas like offices, dining rooms, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.


Magnetic track lighting is a great way to light up indoors in personal and professional setups as they allow users to make changes to their room lighting without making any incisions on the roof.

The track lighting is also available in various sizes and designs, making them ideal for almost any kind of room.

You just need to make sure that you pay attention to the light spacing, height, design, color temperature, beam light, and some other basic factors. It will help you choose the right magnetic track lighting set up for your interior.

We hope that you find this detailed magnetic track light guide helpful and choose the right magnetic track lighting for your next indoor project for construction or update. Make sure you contact our official representatives at RC Lighting for more info. Our services are world-class, and we will ensure to provide you with the customer support required.

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