8 Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios

LED lights will add great style to any outdoor patio. You can adjust their brightness and change their colors, plus these lights won’t use as much energy. But you’ve also got to look at how you’re going to arrange those lights.

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You’ve got many options to consider when looking for outdoor lighting ideas for patios with your LEDs. You can add lights to many places in various forms, with each choice producing a unique look. The options you have are versatile and can work for many of your needs.

Outdoor Pendants

Pendant lighting is a staple that can work in many places around your home. For example, you can find pendant lights in your kitchen to produce a focal point in the room.

You can use outdoor pendants if you have a roof surface or another covering around your patio. A pendant can go over anything you wish to emphasize in your patio, whether it’s a seating area or a game table. You could also use a pendant light over a grill or other cooking spot if you have one.

Pendant lights can produce significant shadows, as they are hung well above everyone in the area. Since the light is higher up, they can create shadows in moments. The design provides a more dramatic look.

But there are a few things to do when getting outdoor pendant lights ready:

  • A pendant light should hang about 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling.
  • The base for the light should include a good shield around the LED bulb. The shield will focus the light on the spot you want to support.
  • You can arrange multiple pendant lights around your patio if you wish, but they should be spaced out evenly to where they will not crowd one another. You can place them in opposite corners of the patio, for example.

The outdoor pendants around your patio will add a nice touch if you use them right. They will highlight any spot in your patio and make for a more inviting spot for gathering.

outdoor pendants
outdoor pendants

Minimalist Chandeliers

A chandelier can add a sense of luxury to your outdoor patio, but it shouldn’t have to be too elaborate. You can use a minimalist chandelier to add a classy look without being overwhelming. You can find many other designs for a chandelier, but the best ones won’t require too many LED bulbs.

A minimalist chandelier will come with many features:

  • It will include a metallic body that can be stained or painted to blend with the rest of the patio.
  • The design can feature a unique theme. You could go for a nautical-inspired design or use a weathered Mediterranean look to your setup.
  • The width won’t be too intense. A good goal is to have a chandelier about half the width of a table or other furniture piece it will go above.
  • The chandelier won’t have as many lights as an elaborate indoor one. It may even have one long light.
  • The design will include an airy design that supports the open-air feel of your patio. The design won’t feature as many metallic parts, so it will support an open look.

The essential part of getting any chandelier for your outdoor patio is that you don’t get something too intense or elaborate. Look for something lighter and airier if you want to add one of these features to your patio.

minimalist chandeliers
minimalist chandeliers

String Lights

You can add string lights to any part of your outdoor patio. String lights entail multiple bulbs connecting through an electric wire. The bulbs are traditionally identical in size and shape.

You can include string lights around the edges of your patio to create a border. The lights will illustrate the patio’s boundaries, producing a more inviting look that lets people know where they can find the night’s action.

You can use various supports for your string lights. The posts around your patio are always useful, plus you can anchor them to the ends of your roof if necessary. You can also add them to your deck railing, or you could add hooks and staples to a stucco or brick surface. Anything that will remain stable and can handle the weight of your string lights will work, although these lights are already light enough to handle most things.

The string lights should also be anchored to not swing around or potentially become loose from their space. The lights should stay in their place during all conditions, including when it is windy outside. There should also be a mechanism where you can take these lights down and store them somewhere when the weather gets too intense or rough. The design should provide enough help for keeping the lights safe without possibly being damaged due to weather-related issues.

string lights
string lights

Path Lights

You can emphasize the pathway to your outdoor patio with a series of path lights. You can add path lights on the stairwell leading to a patio, or they can go around a walkway that leads to the space. Whatever you choose should create an inviting look that welcomes people to your patio.

Path lighting will appear low and near the ground. The pathway will include multiple lights that connect through underground wires. The design prepares a safe approach to reach your spot, plus it can add a classic design.

You can also arrange these lights in many patterns. You could add them in a straight line, but they will look more dramatic and interesting if you produce a slight curve to them.

There are a few tips to utilize when getting your outdoor path lights ready:

  • Keep the path lights about five to eight feet apart from each other.
  • Balance the lights out along your walkway. Keep from having the lights on each side being directly across from one another. The design produces a dramatic look while lighting up more features.
  • The lights should be tall enough to be noticeable. They can be about 18 to 24 inches off the ground.
  • The lights should also illuminate the walkway without spreading to other spots. You can use shaped lights that feature shields that ensure the light moves out over the walkway, creating a more defined look to the walkway.

As for how many lights you will use, you can utilize as many of these as you wish. You could stretch out from one end of the backyard to the other if you desire. But the wiring and connection you use should be safe enough to where the light is easy to configure and secure.

path lights
path lights

Wall Sconce

A wall sconce is a light that goes on the wall on one side of the patio. The sconce can work when you’re trying to highlight something near your wall. Maybe you have a table where you’re serving food at your patio. A sconce can illuminate the spot where you’re serving the food.

You could also add a wall sconce to the side of a door. The sconce will highlight where a person can enter the house from your patio. The sconce also adds a nice decorative touch to the door while adding a nice design.

One popular part of wall sconces is that they can be designed in any way you see fit. You’ve got many choices to find for a wall sconce:

  • Some sconces can support two-way lighting features. The setup allows the light to move in multiple directions, usually to the top and bottom at once.
  • Sconces can be short, but you can also order a wall-length sconce if you wish. The wall-length design will produce omnidirectional light in most cases.
  • Your sconce can feature a visible LED bulb, but you can also request one where the bulb hides inside the body. The hidden bulb look produces a modern style.
  • Two sconces can go in one area when you’re trying to flank a spot with enough light.

The best idea will still be to install these sconces about five to six feet above the floor when possible. The height is good enough to make the sconces visible, plus they will add more light to your space when managed well.

wall sconce
wall sconce


You can also add exterior spotlights to your outdoor patio when you’re trying to emphasize specific things outside the area. Spotlights can go a few feet from your patio and will create enough light to highlight the outside part of the space.

Spotlights often work in gardens, and they can work in landscaping features near your patio. Whether you have a garden next to your patio or some alternative groundcover item around the space, you can add spotlights in these areas.

The spotlights should feature enough of a beam angle to make your patio visible. A smaller beam angle produces a narrow beam, adding more light in the smallest space. A wider angle spreads the light out, plus it is not as intense all around. You can choose a beam angle based on how well you want something to look. Be sure whatever you choose is easy to handle and that you’re not choosing anything that might otherwise be too bright or distracting.


Recessed or Deck Lighting

Not all outdoor lights for your patio have to stick out. You can also add recessed or deck lights around your patio to add a nice touch.

Recessed lights feature small openings that produce light in areas where traditional LED bulbs may not fit. You can find these lights in many spots:

  • On the side panels of the steps leading to the patio
  • In the boards or surfaces on the ends of the patio
  • Throughout the ceiling, including on the ends or corners

Deck lights are not intended to be the main source of light around your outdoor patio. They are accessory lights that will add a brilliant touch throughout the patio without being too distracting. The design should be comfortable and unique so where everything won’t be too bothersome.

You can get your deck or recessed lights ready in many spots around your patio. But you must ensure you know how to install them right. You might need to access the spots underneath your patio, or you might need to replace some of the boards and surfaces around your space.

low voltage led step lights
low voltage led step lights


Patio lanterns may sound like classic items that aren’t as interesting as other lighting options, but they can look outstanding when you use them right. A patio lantern can be about a quarter of the size of any surface you place it on, particularly for when you’re working with a table.

You can also find a patio lantern in various shapes and patterns. Some lights will feature open bodies where the light will come out of every end. Others may have shields that will ensure the light moves in one direction.

Lanterns can be as detailed as you want, but they should blend in well with the entire property when possible. A contemporary look can add a nice touch to any lantern. A modern design can feature an LED bulb that looks like a candle or a vintage bulb. Anything you use can add a nice style to your patio.

Don’t forget about the power source for the lantern. Some lanterns are connected to an electric grid, while others do not and will require battery power. LED lanterns are available in both forms, so look at what you can find before choosing something that fits your interest for a spot.



All these tips for outdoor lighting for your patio can help make this part of your home all the more visible and appealing. You can make an evening on your patio more memorable when you have lights that add a good touch while creating an inviting space. These lights can make any event with your friends and family enjoyable and festive.

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