Tunable White LED Downlights

RC Lighting is your tunable white LED downlights manufacturer and wholesaler in China. We are successful downlight distributors to many project managers, contractors, engineers, and designers.

As an LED lighting supplier, we manufacture a wide variety of lights for any type of project. 

RC Lighting guarantees to meet your expectations so let us boost your business revenue and fulfill your dream lighting ideas.

high quality led downlight 3
tunable white led downlights
tunable white led downlights
modern led downlights
Modern LED Downlights
slim cob downlights
Slim COB Downlights
cob led downlights
COB LED Downlights

Hot-Selling Tunable White Downlights

Are you a wholesaler or contractor looking for an energy-efficient option? We know saving energy means satisfied clients for you, so light up your next project using our tunable white downlights.

As a project manager, you make many decisions, and we tick all the boxes in terms of fast delivery, certified quality, warranties, durability, and much more!

We provide tested and guaranteed tunable white LED downlights with spectacular warranties for your reselling or construction businesses.

LED Tunable White Downlights

Wholesale at Competitive Prices

Expect fully guaranteed wholesale prices on volume purchasing. Save the investment cost as well as long-term maintenance costs by using our tunable white downlights.

Our designers and calculators will come up with the most competitive price for your customized order.

Is your project getting delayed? Worry not. We will manufacture your order first to fit your strict schedule. RC Lighting has established unique protocols to cater to bulk orders in less than 10 days.

high quality led downlight 3
high quality led downlight 3
LED Tunable White Downlights

Customized to Your Specifications

We believe every project is unique and requires a variety of tunable white LED downlight solutions. That’s why we will discuss all your needs and provide an illustration of the project beforehand.

Let our designers customize the shadows, accents, and light angles of your architectural project. All at the most affordable rate on the market!

RC Lighting has a long experience in customizing color temperatures, beam angles, shapes, sizes, fixture designs for commercial and industrial applications.

Why Choose RC Lighting?

RC Lighting is founded on the principles of transparency and honesty. We engage in close dialogue with our clients regarding pricing, warranties, and pre/after-sale services before you make the purchase.


Our MOQ is as low as one unit. This is because we have a flexible production system.

Fast Delivery

We deliver within between 7-15 days and can rush the production for time-sensitive projects.

Lower Price

We offer highly competitive prices for all our LED lighting fixtures.


RC Lighting is a one-stop-shop for all your OEM/ODM requirements.

Customer Service

Our 24/7 online customer service is always at your disposal.

5 Year Warranty

Get a 5-years warranty on all our tunable LED white lights.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We have a big clientele all over the world. Let’s see what they are saying about us.

“I’m glad that I chose RC Lighting for my recent most architectural project. The durability and efficiency of their tunable downlights have helped me cut down massive bills, which seemed impossible before. My clients are happy with the work, and I already have many other projects in the pipeline because of the services that RC Lighting helped me with.”
Jyotish Singh
Lighting Designer
“We have worked with many LED suppliers, but many failed to deliver in time. RC Lighting fulfilled its promises and helped us complete the project way before the deadline. Our team has finally selected a downlight distributor, and we’re looking for a long collaboration! Thank you, RC Lighting.”
John Doe
“The team at RC Lighting is expert in customizations and designing projects. They communicate everything upfront and are transparent with their dealings. Our newest tunable downlight project has attracted many customers just because of the spectacular lighting design. Also, we saved tons of money compared to our last gigs. Our team will surely contact them again.”
Jane Lester
Lighting Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions our clients ask regarding tunable white LED downlights are answered below. In case you have more questions, contact us right now and clear your confusion.

What does tunable white mean?

Tunable white light is a smart dimmable LED that lets you change its color temperature in real-time. These lights are controlled using apps on smartphones or smart controllers. As a result, users can precisely control CCT and Kelvins.

Some tunable white lights offer a small color range. However, recent LED technology lets you alter between both warm and cool whites.

White tunable lights comprise two controllable LEDs, one for warm white (around 2500K) and the other for cooler white (5000K-6000K). The outputs from both LEDs are adjusted to achieve to desirable white shade. 

What is tunable lighting?

Tunable lighting technology lets the users change the color temperature of the lights at any time with a simple push of a button. These lights consist of more than one LED enclosed in a unit, each for a different color. The final color output is a mixture of these LED colors that are adjusted using a micro-controller.  

Tunable lights are divided into three categories:

  • Dim to white tuning
  • White tunable lights
  • RGB tunable lights

Each represents different colors options and applications.

What does RGB tunable mean?

RGB or Full-color tunable LEDs offer an unlimited colors option for a user to select from. You can find 3-color system (red, blue, green), 4, 5 and even 7-color system tunable LEDs for a much-advanced application. Such lights are usually controlled by complex protocols such as DMX and DALI.

Full-color tunable LEDs not only provide varying shades of white but also CCTs of different colors. This makes it applicable in many applications such as theatre, museums, and restaurants.

Are tunable lights dimmable?

Yes, the latest LED tunable technology also provides dimming features. You can change the colors of the LED and dim the light at a particular Kelvin to any percentage. This all can be controlled using simple controllers such as an app on a smartphone.

What is dynamic white lighting?

Dynamic white lighting allows you to change the white color temperatures (~2000K-6000K) to match the ambiance of your lighting area.

By controlling the colors using DMX or any other controller, you can achieve warm shades in afternoons or cool colors in daylight. Such LEDs help create a dynamic effect in an area, as opposed to single-color LEDs that can emit only a specific color.

What are the benefits of tunable white downlights?

Tunable white downlights offer many advantages compared to basic one-color LEDs. Some are listed below:

  • A range of white colors: Tunable white downlights can create both warm and cool lighting effects in a room, depending on the daylight and mood of the audience. You can create a candlelight or daylight environment using your mobile phones.
  • Highlights objects in the room: You can adjust the color and CCT that would best highlight the objects placed in your room. For task lighting, go for cool colors, whereas if you’re lighting a retail shop, warmer shades will suit the theme.
  • Save money: Instead of using several LEDs of different colors you can invest in one LED that does a complete job. This saves money and improves efficiency.
  • Effects psychological behaviors: Cooler colors increase productivity and visibility, whereas warm shade relaxes the mind. You can change the colors depending on the mood of your visitors/audience.
  • Alleviates Medical issues: Health experts suggest changing the Kelvins to treat sleeplessness, jet lags, distractions, and certain eye disorders.

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Download our catalog to check all of our products and data sheet, select the right lights for your projects.