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LED Swimming Pool Lights Manufacturer and Supplier

RC Lighting offers the best submersible underwater swimming pool lights. We have an outstanding reputation for being a supplier and manufacturer of high-grade LED lights. So if you’re looking for high-quality LED swimming pool lights, we’ve got a great selection for you – from single color to multi-color designs.

If you’ve got a unique design in mind, let us know. We are open to innovative ideas.

Hot Selling Underwater Swimming Pool Lights

Our underwater LED swimming pool lights do not just boast high-quality lighting solutions. It’s also very functional. It can enhance any water element in your outdoor space. Find out more about your designs and get a quote now.

We only source high-quality materials to create these submersible LED swimming pool lights. Each one uses stainless steel IP68 waterproof materials. The LED lights are in a watertight case that can withstand underwater pressure. It’s perfect for any type of swimming pool.

These pool lights use RGB/RGBW color-changing LED lights. It can give life to your outdoors as the light refracts on the water’s surface to create movement. The design allows you to move it in another direction so the light enhances the mood of the surrounding area.

Our underwater LED swimming pool lights are also perfect for various applications. It’s not just for swimming pools. It can be useful for other water areas in your garden or outdoor space, like koi ponds, fountains, tiered waterfalls, hot tubs, etc.

Why Choose Swimming Pool Lights From RC Lighting?

Since 2013, RC Lighting has had multiple partnerships with architects, facade experts, and landscape artists. So if you have lighting requirements for your swimming pool, you can trust that we will deliver it for you. Even if you want a design that we don’t have, we’re open to innovative ideas.

Energy-efficient LED swimming pool lights. The LED lights will allow you to enjoy energy-efficient light fixtures. It will give the illumination that’ll make your swimming pool look visually appealing without consuming a lot of energy.

100% testing and quality. Quality is very important to us. You will only receive light products that go through our strict production process. Every single product will undergo 100% testing before delivery.

Expert customer support. From our first interaction, the whole production, approval, and quality testing, you’ll only get professional service from us. We’ll gladly share our expertise to make the process ideal for you.

Custom-Made Underwater Swimming Pool Lights for Your Specific Needs

Different projects usually need different solutions. We can make custom-made swimming lights according to your requirements.

led lighting manufacturer
swimming pool lights

LED Swimming Pool Lights Applications

The design of our underwater LED swimming pool lights allows movement so you can change the direction of the light beam. Combine this with our multi-color options, this makes them versatile enough for different water applications.

  • Swimming pools
  • Koi ponds
  • Garden waterfalls
  • Hot tubs

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Contractors, Installers, Resellers & Distributors

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More Than Just a Swimming Pool Lights Manufacturer

RC Lighting offers way beyond high-quality underwater LED swimming pool lights. The service you’ll get will come from our wealth of experience and expertise. You’ll get assistance from the start of our partnership until the very end.

lighting designs

Lighting Design

Whatever design you have in mind, we are ready to turn it into a reality. Give us your specific lighting requirements and we’ll deliver them.

lighting proposal

Lighting Proposal

If you’re not sure about what lighting solution fits your requirements, our team of experts is ready with the best proposals for you.

logistics support

Logistics Support

You can trust us to handle the logistics of your lighting order. We can transport the goods from our warehouse to your project location.

installation support

Installation Support

Our engineers are ready to help with the installation of your swimming pool lights. They can go to your location and assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions about underwater LED swimming pool lights, we have a list of questions we frequently get from our clients. You can also get in touch with our customer service 24/7 if you need further clarifications.

Every single LED swimming pool light that we create uses stainless steel IP68 waterproof materials. This is the highest on the IP rating scale. 6 refers to the protection it provides against solid particles and 8 for water. That means our underwater LED swimming pool lights are dust-proof and waterproof.

Get in touch with our customer service to get a quote. They’re available 24/7. Make sure you give them the complete details of your lighting requirements so they can give you the most accurate quote.

You can order one unit and we’ll accept it. Give us details like wattage, color design, beam angles, and other requirements so we can produce it as per your request.

We can complete your underwater LED swimming pool lights in 7 to 12 business days. If we factor in your location, it can take up to 15 business days - depending on how far your location is. For custom or bulk orders, we’ll have to discuss this before you finalize your orders.

A typical swimming pool light uses low voltage to keep it safe for swimmers. Since we use only LED lights, we can meet this low voltage standard without compromising the brightness that will illuminate your swimming pool.

Yes, you can get a sample from us. We will ask you to approve it before we produce your whole order. The sample usually takes 3 to 7 business days to put together.

Yes, we can make RGB/RGBW color-changing LED swimming pool lights. If you have other needs, just give us your specifications and our customer support will source the right material to meet your requirements.

We value the quality of every product we create for our clients. This is why we are confident in giving a 5-year warranty. We follow strict production standards and our manufacturing site is dust-free and uses state-of-the-art equipment. Before you receive your LED swimming pool lights, they will go through 100% testing.

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Are you in need of high-quality underwater LED swimming pool lights? Ask for a quote now. Give us the complete details in the form below and we’ll send you the best quote as soon as possible.

What our clients say

“RC Lighting is one of the most professional suppliers I have had the pleasure of working with. They were able to produce the exact underwater LED swimming pool lights that I wanted.”

Gary Harvey

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