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solar led bollard lights

Solar LED Bollard Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Solar LED bollard lights are the energy-efficient and green lighting solution that uses the sun’s power to illuminate the night, saving a lot of electricity. Here is a thorough rundown of solar-powered led bollard lights, their types, uses, and installation tips to get you started on your lighting project. Let’s get right into it!

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What Are Solar LED Bollard Lights?

Solar LED Bollard Lights are short ground-mounted poles that use onboard solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity that lights up the LEDs. Solar bollard lights do not require an electricity network. They are a self-sufficient and highly energy-efficient lighting solution that saves you a lot of money and time. Commercial solar-powered bollard lights are easy to install and require low maintenance costs.

Benefits of Installing Solar LED Bollard Lights?

The savvy project managers are now moving toward solar bollard lights because of their advantages in terms of energy and cost-effectiveness.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The aesthetic beauty that a solar bollard light provides is unparalleled. You can choose between a myriad of options that can go perfectly with your desired modern, contemporary, or traditional outlook of the project such as brick, cement, wooden, metallic, or stone effect bollard solar lights. Due to the solar panels, no wires are installed which makes it easier to handle, further enhancing the beauty of these bollard lights.

Safety and Security

LED Bollard lights are the most important lighting feature in commercial, residential, and other areas that require high illumination for safety and security purposes. They are a useful component in parking lots, driveways, public parks, and streets to decrease vandalism and crime rate. The public prefers a safe environment that is adequately illuminated so a properly lit area boosts business and attracts visitors effortlessly.

Compact and Easy to Handle

Solar-powered LED bollard lights use solar panels to collect solar energy, they do not require wires and a lighting grid which makes them compact, easy to transport and install. The installation is safe and reduces the risk of any hazards and accidents. The ease of handling makes this option viable for many projects.

Highly Energy Efficient

Harnessing the sun’s light for lighting up the earth is the most prevalent solution for energy saving and achieving cost efficiency. Sunlight is the most widely available source of energy, using it means saving tons of energy.


Environmentally Friendliness

Solar energy is safe, renewable, and infinite. Using solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint making it the best environment-friendly option for your projects. Project managers from all over the world are now opting for long-lasting and cost-reducing options. Solar LEDs are gradually gaining interest and popularity in the lighting industry.


The high investment cost of solar LED bollard lights has always been a barrier for businesses that were inclined toward this solution. However, with the advancement in technology and design improvements, such lights are affordable and can quickly pay back the investment in about 5 years.

Compared to AC wired lights, you can easily save up to 50% of energy with solar lighting. The lithium-ion battery used in fixtures in polymer encasing can efficiently last up to 10 or more years.

You will cut down on electricity bills and reduce the maintenance cost. The savings obtained in the long-run usage compensates for the initial heavy costs.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar LED Bollard Lights?

Solar bollard pathway lights are now made into various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials to cater to all the outdoor projects’ needs. You will find a plethora of options to choose from.

Sizes and shapes: The LED solar bollard lights are either cylindrical or square, with different heights and widths. Many different types of solar bollard lights are available, including modern versions, contemporary designs, and traditional lantern styles for pathways, driveway, patios, and residential garden areas.

Material: Solar bollard lights outdoor fixtures are made from high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials such as wood, concrete, and stones with PU or Acrylic attractive diffusers.

Where Are Solar LED Bollard Lights Used?

Solar LED lights are now taking over commercial, residential and municipal areas rapidly owing to the benefits they have to offer. Here are some of the outdoor applications where solar bollard lights are widely used:

  • Pathways and roadsides
  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Streets and parking lots
  • Residential backyards, patios, gardens, driveways, etc.
  • University and school campuses
  • Outdoor decorative events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

How to Choose Solar LED Bollard Lights?

Out of a hundred good options, you have to select the best solar bollard light for your outdoor project. Here are a few important tips to help you find your favorite solar bollard path lights.

· Make a layout

For selecting the quantity, brightness levels, colors temperatures, and design of a bollard light, it is advisable to make a layout of the project. You must analyze the dimensions of the area to conclude how many lights will be best for the applications and what will be the final spacing.

· Power Storage and Battery type

Power storage is the most important feature in a solar LED bollard light that measures how efficiently the light converts solar energy into electricity. Good power storage means that your light will recharge quickly and can effectively continue illuminating the surroundings. A high-capacity battery provides good power storage. Usually LED bollard lights use Lithium-Ion Battery. Manufacturers also use Ni-Cd, NiMH, etc.

· Working Temperature

It is best to analyze the climate of the region before choosing solar bollard garden lights as climate can affect the working of solar lights. The batteries can fail due to a high temperature and damp environment. Choose the LED solar bollard path light that has a high or low-temperature tolerance depending on the application.

· Color temperature and lumens

Different application requires a different level of illuminance, color temperatures, and style. For a softer and decorative event, use a warm colors LED solar bollard pathway light. If you require high illuminance for security then go for cold colors and a high-performance light with up to 120 lumens.

· Weather-resistant

Check for the IP ratings of your solar bollard garden lights. A high IP rating is necessary for outdoor applications.

How To Install Solar LED Bollard Lights?

Always remember to wear personal protective gear to prevent any accidents while installing the LED bollard lights. It is advisable to seek help from a trained electrician if you are not experienced and are hesitant.

Since the solar pathway bollard light set is compact, self-contained, and does not include external wires it is quite easy to install and requires minimum to zero maintenance.

Step 1) Dig a hole

The first step is to dig a hole in the ground. A bigger hole may be required to create a sturdy mount if the ground soil is poor and loose.

Step 2) Pour concrete

Now pour the concrete in the hole and fix your bollard light in the concrete while it is wet.

Step 3) Cure concrete

You have to make sure your LED solar bollard light is straight and vertical. Now let concrete cure properly.

Step 4) Ready to Shine

The solar LED bollard light is now installed, and you can turn them on to illuminate your projects.

How Long Do The Solar LED Bollard Light Batteries Last?

A high-performance and the good quality battery lasts for 5-10 years. Moreover, a good battery will provide 4 nights of power backup at highest the illumination.


With the rapid advancement in technology and lifestyle, you must consider switching to solar LED bollard lights to save cost, energy, and time. Harnessing renewable thermal energy offers many advantages as discussed in the guide above. It is undoubtedly a smart investment that pays off tremendously in the long run.

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