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RC Lighting provides various LED decorative bollard lights for commercial and residential landscape pathways and gardens. Our bollard lights are made with high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, concrete, wood, etc. We provide a 5-year warranty for all of our bollard lights. We can also provide custom bollard lights for your projects according to your requirements. Ask for a quote now!

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We have developed a team of experienced members, handling all the departments efficiently. Our QC team makes sure the decorative bollard lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and highly sustainable. To develop solid credibility we have CE, RoHS, UL/ETL certifications, making us super-reliable.

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LED Decorative Bollard Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The attraction that lights provide has always been used to lure the public and tourists in a region. Decorative LED bollard lights are a sure way to skyrocket your business by creating a unique aesthetic value in the landscape. This guide will answer FAQs such as benefits, uses, installation tips, and types of decorative LED bollard lights to help you choose better.

Table of Contents

What Are Decorative LED Bollard Lights?

Decorative LED bollard lights are short, upright, and thick lighting fixtures in cylindrical or square shapes. These short poles consist of LEDs as the lighting source fixed at the top or sides of the structure. Decorative bollard’s primary purpose is to create an aesthetic ambiance in the landscape. These bollards play a significant role in decorating the area.

Benefits of Installing Decorative LED Bollard lights

Decorative bollard lights are most prevalent in exterior projects due to their beautiful and distinct designs, types, and features. The lighting decoration created by decorative LED bollard lights is unmatched. Not only this, but bollards also provide many other benefits, as mentioned below:

Enhancing the visual appeal

Decorative LED bollard lights are mainly used to increase the beauty of the exterior. Such lighting bollard fixtures are manufactured in intricate designs, colors, and styles. These are mainly used in outdoor events, wedding lawns, parks, recreational and residential areas.

Safety and Security

Decorative bollards with lights increase the landscape’s visuals and provide comfortable and high illumination necessary for developing a safe environment. The public frequently visits a well-lit area, and it also helps reduce the probability of vandalism and theft in the outdoor project. Such bollards are widely used to illuminate pathways, driveways, gardens, patios, sidewalks, streets, and roadsides while increasing the project’s aesthetic value.


LEDs are the most efficient lighting solution than their counterparts, such as HID, metal halides, and fluorescent lighting. You can easily save up to 50% of the energy using LED bollard lights while illuminating at 100% illuminance for many years. Since LEDs dissipate lesser heat energy, this also cuts down on maintenance costs and increases the bollard lights’ life.


Decorative bollards with lights impart durability and strength. Manufacturers certify these products. Decorative bollards are weather and temperature-resistant. Mostly these fixtures have high IP ratings to fight the pollutants and moisture in the environment.

What Are The Different Types Of Decorative LED Bollard Lights?

Decorative lighting bollards are found in various types based on material, sizes and shapes, and functionalities.

  • Designs: You can find decorative bollards in a plethora of different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can even get a customized design depending on the theme of your application. Cylindrical and squared bollards are the most common types. However, bollards can now be formed into various geometrical configurations.


Optic design types consist of Louver, Type V glass reflectors, and cone reflectors. Each design spread the light differently. Louvers point the light downwards, thus creating a comfortable illumination. Type V reflectors spread the light at 360°, creating a high level of lighting.


  • Material: Decorative LED bollards are manufactured with stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, etc. Decorative steel bollard lights provide a modern look that is best for formal outdoor events or places such as business meetings, the gardens of a corporate building, schools, and universities.
  • Functionalities: Based on functionalities, bollard lights can be further categorized. You can go for smart control and motion sensors to control the units. Decorative LED solar bollard lights are also prevalent nowadays.

Where Are Decorative LED Bollard Lights Used?

Decorative LED bollards are used everywhere where illumination and aesthetics are required. You will find them in commercial, residential, and maniple areas in various applications.

Security Applications: Decorative LED bollards provide high illumination in driveways, pathways, and staircases of outdoor projects. They can be seen in streets, terraces, parks, and garden areas.

Decorative Applications: All the applications where aesthetic is necessary and illumination can utilize decorative bollards such as outdoor wedding events, party lawns, playgrounds, and residential applications. Metallic decorative bollards are best for stylish, contemporary, and modern look, whereas wooden bollards are best for outdoor informal sitting such as restaurants and home gardens.

How to Choose Decorative LED bollard Lights?

Decorative LED bollards lights are easy to choose once you understand the audience and purpose of your project. For different project types, different audiences are attracted, and a different purpose is served. The lighting used plays an essential role in enhancing that required ambiance.

Step 1) Analyze your project area.

For deciding which bollard light to buy, measure your area’s dimensions and calculate the number of bollards required to illuminate it fully. You can take help from a senior designer at this step. The analysis will help you find the best spacing, brightness and color temperatures, and other LED specifications. The finalized spacing will help you choose the best bollard size and shape.

Step 2) Selecting a bollard type.

Consider the climate of the region where you want to use bollard lights. Find the CL/RoHS/ETL certified lights with a high IP rating that will resist weather conditions and other air pollutants. You can opt for solar decorative LED light with intelligent control functions to control the lighting during the day.

Step 3) Finalizing the specifications.

Use warm colors where comfortable illumination is required, and decoration is the primary purpose. A high number of lumens is necessary to provide adequate illumination to the public. Select the beam angles and optic design according to your needs.

How To Install Decorative LED Bollard Lights?

It is advisable to consult an experienced technical or civil engineer to help you install the bollard lights. Make sure you equip yourself with protective gloves and a shield. Power off the electricity sources unless the installation is complete, and you are ready to light up the bollard lights.

Step 1) Creating a base.      

For preparing a solid foundation, dig a hole approximately 2 feet deep and 1 foot in diameter. The measurement depends on the dimensions of the bollards, the local code, and the soil’s quality. The hole should be deep enough to hold the cement in place properly.

Step 2) Wiring

Switch off the power supplies while dealing with the wires and connections. Connect a supply lead of approximately 3 feet from the base to the top of the bollard lamp. Now carefully bury the cables from the source to the pit, leaving a small extra wire length on either end.

Step 3) Anchor

The next step is to insert the cement anchors into the pit, pour cement into the hole to settle it, and allow it to dry to create a stable foundation. To hold the foundation horizontal, use the leveling tool.

Step 4) Fasten all the screws and light up your bollard lights

Now place the bollard fixture on the base and carefully tighten all the screws. Fix the LED lamp on the top of the bollard and close the cap. Light up the bollards.


Decorative LED bollard lights can accentuate your gardens, pathways, patios, and other commercial projects most uniquely and dazzlingly. Boost your business using these splendid landscape features and create a dialogue between the visitors and the spectacular bollard lighting. For more information regarding the decorative LED bollard lights, contact RC lighting.

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