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LED Commercial Bollard Lights Wholesale and Customization

RC Lighting is one of the best suppliers of LED commercial bollard lights. If you want high-quality and well-designed lights, you can put your trust in us. All of our bollard lights are provided with a 5-year warranty.

In case you have your own ideas, we are open to creating new designs with you.

Hot Selling Commercial Bollard Lights

Our LED commercial bollard lights are both functional and aesthetically appealing. We understand how commercial spaces have to deal with heavy foot traffic every day. Through our commercial bollard lights, you’ll satisfy two needs: to provide illumination and mark boundaries.

Since commercial bollard lights are outdoors, all the lights are IP65 waterproof and have UV resistance. This means these lights can withstand the external elements – whether it’s rain or the heat from the sun. You can trust that it’s durable and long-lasting.

You can choose different materials for the bollard lights. From stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and even concrete or stone – choose the best material that’ll complement the overall landscape design of your outdoor space.

We have a wide range of designs for our bollard lights. But if you have a specific design in your mind, feel free to let us know. We are open to creating innovative designs to meet specific lighting requirements.

Why Choose Commercial Bollard Lights from RC Lighting?

RC Lighting has existing partnerships with several professionals in the industry – from architects to landscape artists and facade experts. We’ve been doing this since 2013 and with professionals from all over the world. You can trust that we will deliver your LED commercial bollard lights as per your request.

ISO certified. Our company has an ISO9001 certified production cycle. We have maintained this certification over the years to prove our commitment to deliver the best LED lights to you.

Quick and efficient customer service. You can rely on our impeccable service from start to finish. We work hard to make sure your experience working with us will be completely convenient.

Innovative designs. We try to keep our designs modern and sophisticated. Not only that, but we also make sure that it’s versatile enough to complement various landscapes and applications.

Custom-Made Commercial Bollard Lights for Your Specific Needs

If you can’t find the specific LED commercial bollard lights that you want from our selection, let’s create a custom-made design. Choose the material, size, shape, and color that you prefer. We will gladly help turn your ideas into reality.

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Commercial Bollard Lights Applications

We make sure that the design of our LED commercial bollard lights can complement various landscapes. This is why we have it available in different materials, sizes, and shapes. You can use these lights to illuminate various commercial spaces.

  • Pathways and walkways
  • Stairways
  • Cycling paths
  • Alleys and sidestreets
  • Driveways

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More Than Just a Commercial Bollard Lights Manufacturer

When you work with RC Lighting, you’ll get so much more than what you expect. We will not only deliver the best LED commercial bollard lights. We will also deliver unparalleled service to you.

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Lighting Design

If you want a new design that’s not part of our existing selections, we’ll do it for you. We love getting innovative ideas from clients.

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Lighting Proposal

If you’re unsure about the type of LED lights you want, talk to our experts. You can trust that we’ll give you the best proposal that fits your budget.

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Logistics Support

If you need help bringing your LED commercial bollard lights to your project location, we’re ready to provide that service to you. Just request our logistics support.

installation support

Installation Support

Our engineers are on hand to help if you're having trouble installing the lights. We'll provide you with on-site installation support.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a compilation of the common questions we get from our clients about our LED commercial bollard lights. In case you have other questions, feel free to send us a message. Our customer support is available 24/7 to address your inquiries.

We build our LED commercial bollard lights to have an input voltage of 120v to 277v. This is the standard line voltage for the designs we create. But we can also make them with 12V/24V low voltage, AC or DC.

You can get a quote from our customer service team. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Feel free to use the form at the bottom of this page to send us the specific details of our LED commercial bollard lights. 

Once you’ve submitted all the details, you’ll get a quote in 12 hours or less.

You are free to order just one unit if you wish. We don’t have a minimum order quantity. As long as you give us clear details of your order, we will produce it accordingly.

The typical turnaround time for LED commercial bollard lights is 7 to 10 business days. But if you require a custom-made bollard lights, it may take extra days.

Our existing designs for LED commercial bollard lights use aluminum, stainless steel, wood, and concrete or stone. If you have a specific material that you want to use, let us know. Let’s create a new design.

Yes, we always send samples to our clients before producing the actual orders. We can send the sample in 3 to 7 business days. Once you give your evaluation and approval, that’s when we’ll produce your order.

Yes, we can create custom-colored lights. If you want a specific paint or coating for your bollard lights, you can use our color chart at this link:  https://rclite.com/paint-color-chart/.

All our LED commercial bollard lights come with a 5-year warranty. This is part of our commitment to deliver products that go through 100% testing. You’ll have the assurance of high-quality LED lights.

Request an Instant Quote for Your Projects!

If you want to order your LED commercial bollard lights now, use our form below. Give us the details of your lights so we can send you a fair quotation. Our customer support is available 24/7. You can expect a quote in 12 hours or so.

What our clients say

“The LED commercial bollard lights that I got from RC Lighting are incredible. It’s obviously made of high-quality materials. They are really a delight to work with – very helpful and professional.”

Bernard Gelinas

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